18 Ways On How To Let Go Of Someone You Love

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Not all relationships end up being like Romeo and Juliet. At different times in our life’s we overcome or outgrow our partners. At this point, you can no longer empower or fulfill your partner’s dreams and desires.

We, therefore, have to move on with our lives.

Holding back someone we used to love prevents us from achieving our goals and growing healthy, mentally, physically, and emotionally as a person.

I know it’s hard to let go of someone you love but it will be for the best of both of you.

Photo Credit: unspalsh.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

The old memories, old texts, old albums, and physical items that belonged to your significant other are some of the precious things we tend to cling to.

The feeling of not having these items with you can really seem to be difficult for us, hence hurting our mental ad emotional health indirectly.

The fear caused by these emotions and feelings causes more damage than good, but is this really true? According to the many studies that have been carried out, those who were barely preoccupied with their ex have better well-being psychological than those who were deeply connected.

Do you want to let go of someone you loved for the rest of your life? Read throughout the article and learn some of the ways of how to let go of someone you love?

🏺 Here are the 18 Ways On How To Let Go Of Someone You Love 🏺

1. Make the fantasy disappear.

Dr. Vilhauer, advises individuals undergoing this process to let go of all and any fantasy one might have. It is very crucial to always put your focus on something else, despite the great moments you both had.

They had to come to a stop for a certain reason.

When you are trying to figure out what’s best for yourself and you find yourself recalling some of the best days you had with your partner, it is important to try and focus more on the most painful events you incurred during your relationship.

This, however, brings your mind back to a neutral state and helps you figure out the truth of what your relationship was like. Always accept the reality and move towards improving yourself.

2. Allow yourself to let go, through learning the lessons.

The moment you sit back and figure out the causes of your break up then you will be doing yourself a favor by trying to move on easily. This helps you think of that person as your past endless of your resent and future.

3. Go back to your family and friends.

During this crucial time, you wouldn’t want to be alone, therefore it’s advice you move back to your parent’s home or close to your family for emotional support.

Going back doesn’t entirely mean going back to live with your parents but engaging yourself in family activities that will help you keep your mind off the break-up.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

Friends, on the other hand, engage you in their co-curriculum activities like going out for hikes, movies, parties, and many other fun activities.

By doing this you are allowing yourself to have some fun and keep your mind entirely off the break-up. This will show you that you don’t however need someone to be happy.

You could always ask for emotional support from your family and friends just like they would depend on you when the same thing happens to them.

4. You might want to ask yourself if the relationship is worth keeping.

One of the best ways to stop relationship anxiety is by having a look at whether it is worth keeping in the first place. How do you get to find out?

Take a look at whether the person you are with is the best and right for you, most of the time the answer might be no.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

Although it may not always be that clear to know whether you should or should not keep your relationship, you can always refer to Dr. Weiss Robert’s article on the “12 crucial Questions About your Relationship.

This will help you figure out whether its worth the keep. In this article, you find some questions like:

⌕ Does your partner support you?
⌕ Do both of you invest in your relationship?
⌕ Do you enjoy each other’s company?

5. The first thing you should have done is cutting off any communications with your ex.

Today’s psychology advises people to first cut off contact with their exes. This helps you move on easily.

The best thing you’d ever do to yourself is if you loved someone so deeply and felt that that attachment can’t be broken, then it would be better to cut off communications with that person.

Giving yourself some space to heal after that tough time would be a rough road and tough one. You can allow yourself to heal faster and if it does matter that much to you, you can opt to have a friendship connection with that person.

But before that, avoid any conversations with that person.

6. Take good care of yourself through self-care.

When you are experiencing emotional pain it is very hard for you to take good care of yourself. You are always lazy and not in the mood of doing anything.

When you don’t take good care of yourself it is hard for you to let go of the issues disturbing you.

You will always be able to juggle up your emotions but it will always be difficult and almost impossible to control what you are going through. Your actions will always influence your emotions either positively or negatively.

You can always take good care of yourself by basking out in the sun, going for facials, taking pedicure and manicure therapy sessions.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

You can take yourself to the spa or massage sessions. It helps to enlighten your moods naturally. It also helps to make you feel less anxious.

7. Find something that will distract you.

When you are undergoing a break-up it is best to engage yourself with mindfulness activities that promote that positive energy boost.

Watching movies, doing yoga activities, listening to music, going farming, skydiving, and other co-curricular activities can keep you distracted from your ex.

woman in black tank top sitting on brown wooden log during daytime
Photo credit: unsplash.com

With this kind of approach you are able to help yourself grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

These activities help you to avoid the persistent directive thoughts of your ex, therefore, causing a lower emotional response towards your ex.

8. Always have faith that you will find someone better than your ex.

People come and go in our lives and it is a situation that we all have to accept and adapt to. Some come into our lives as a lesson, others in form of happiness, and others come to ruin it.

It is not always a smooth path for each one of us to find our true love with one go but if you are lucky enough you will get one.

One key way of letting go of someone you love is socializing with other people to keep the thoughts of break up away from our minds.

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Finding someone new will always be a difficult and rough road. This is something that needs enough time to build the bond.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

There are more than billions of people in this world, letting go of that one person shouldn’t be that hard. Among those many people you will be able to find someone better and someone who will treat you right like you deserve.

Always be positive and have faith that things will be fine and okay with time. Believe that you will be a kind person that will love you.

9. Be social and try out new stuff.

You should always give yourself a chance to meet new people and try out new things in this life. It is not always about love and finding Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. Enjoy your life when you possibly can.

Become an outgoing person. Visit your dream places, try out new foods, new activities and enjoy yourself.

You can opt to join a community club or even become a volunteer in church activities. Through this, you are able to mingle with people and get to know how others deal with their emotional breakdowns.

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

Being adventurous gives you the ability to know what type of activities interest you and also your new friends can guide you through the new you and help you grow as a person.

10. Become more active on what you like most.

Since now you don’t have anyone in your life, you are free to go all out on your interests and passions. You have the capability to focus on your passions.

If music or singing is your passion you can try out singing in public at karaoke nights or even in events. Take your passions to the absolute next level.

This keeps your mind engaged and focused on what you love rather than regretting what you have already lost. Your passion can become your new career, you will never know.

11. Have positive affirmation thoughts and spoken words.

Our minds are built to think widely and make positive and negative thoughts. At this time we want to think and speak out loud the positive affirmations fluently.

Some of the things you can encourage yourself with are:

⌕ I will always be happy even without my partner around.
⌕ I will find someone better. Someone who loves me and appreciates me for who I am.

These are just mere samples of the positive affirmations that you should have if you are or not experiencing a break-up.

12. Change that story in your mind.

Research says that a lot of your reality is shaped by your perceptions. Every time you think that something is true or false, your actions and mind will always create a way for you that makes it true or false.

It is the same case as to we think that we can’t live with someone then that kind of perception is created in our minds and made true. It may sound to be a petty thing at the moment but its all a reality. When you change the story to you can live without that person then everything becomes okay.

When you change your mindset to being positive you will home and dry and it will become very easy for you to move on and let go of that person. Focus on reality and make dramatic changes for your benefit.

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13. Give yourself the chance to be mad, sad, cry, or whatever feeling you have build up.

It’s absolutely okay to feel sad, mad, and angry when someone has left you. Studies show that when one cries out their troubles it is easier for them to let go of the past and move on quickly.

Let the tears flow, feel that pain inside of you. This will help to reduce the pain that you might be going through. When you cry you emit chemicals that cause you to have stress so one of the benefits of crying is releasing stress.

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

The first time I broke up with my first love I let myself cry, feel mad, and sad for a while. It helped me overcome that feeling. It is not okay to pretend that you are okay, be honest to yourself and feel the grief.

14. Have that virtue of forgiveness and find it in your heart to forgive the person but only for good reasons.

When you forgive someone it helps you let go of all the bad things this person has done to you. You are able to live by yourself without any anger.

You’re happier than before. This method has been proven to have helped a lot of individuals who are undergoing break-ups.

Forgive someone from a place of empathy as professor Kathy Belicki says. Take a step back and look at why that person acted the way he did. Belicki argues forgiveness in this way leads to more serenity.

15. Do what will help you let go.

The research was done on mending a broken heart that found just doing something you think will help you feel better can lessen your pain. It goes to show how powerful your mind can be in shaping your reality.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

16. Reflect on the bad habits of your ex.

Certain ways have been designed to cope with a break-up. There is no particular method or way that is an assured or sure bet that you will overcome it but you can find ways to reduce the hurt. The first one being regularly thinking about your former lover’s bad habits.

This made all the good things that made you miss your ex, subside. Its a way of avoiding the good embracing the bad to forget the memories. Even though it may not be a good coping mechanism, it works for the short term.

17. Acceptance

Acceptance is a very important stage in getting over your ex. It’s okay to still love your ex and not feel like anyone is judging you or you are lying to yourself. Accepting that you loved your partner and that it won’t be easy to get over them is a step towards getting over your ex.

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

18. You can always opt for a rebound relationship.

It has been proven that rebound relationships help a lot of people get over their true loves very fast. it gives you the option of feeling better again. It is advisable to take some good quality time before deciding to date all over again.

Some may choose to wait for one or two months before dating again and others just immediately. Yes, it is a good way to get over someone you used to love but don’t you feel as though you have rushed things.

Also for how long one decides to start dating again depends on how long they were dating with their previous lover. In short, just do what you feel is right for you.

◈ Ways to stop thinking about someone for good ◈

► Always distract yourself with something.

The absolute best way to stop thinking about something is to find something that can distract you.  You can opt to do some physical exercise, listen to music, watch movies, start a youtube channel, go hiking, or even play an instrument.

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

This will help keep your mind off the break-up or someone. Your body, mind, and spirit are connected therefore a trigger of one can cause great trauma. You will always enjoy doing something physical and it will keep your mind engaged and away from the thoughts that would be torturing you throughout the day.

► Talk it out with someone you trust with your personal issues.

We normally say a problem shared is half solved. When you share your thoughts with someone you get to reduce the burden and pain that drains you out your energy. That pain is withdrawn from your heart and you can get to go about with your normal activities.

When you talk with someone you get to hear their side of the story and their perspective on your struggle. It will be useful if you share out with someone that you share some good connection with and you are absolutely free to tell them your point of view and how exactly that situation is affecting you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This alleviates the stress that comes with you having to think about someone or something you wish you hadn’t thought of.

► Engage yourself with some mindfulness exercises.

Meditation and yoga would be perfect mindfulness exercises that you can adopt in your daily life activities. These activities require no interpretations and judgments of your current emotional feelings or senses.

You are able to engage your whole body, mind, and soul in the environment’s atmosphere helping you decrease the rate of stress and allowing your body to feel relaxed.

These kinds of exercises require a lot of practice and they are time-consuming. The more you engage yourself with them you are able to quickly forget the break-up and move on easily.

During this moment you are able to channel your thoughts into one major activity and that is the current ongoing activity. If you happen to find more interesting mindfulness exercises you can opt to adopt them as well.

► Change your thoughts or reframe them.

I know it might be a struggle to stop thinking of someone you have been with for a long time. If you ideally want to stop this then it’s the high time you change your thoughts and process the new thought.

Always finding a resolution to your problem alone can be hard.

You should always consider and keep reminding yourself that you are in control of your thoughts and how you handle them will affect your life.

Keep your mind filled with positive and moving thoughts. Always recall that these are mere thoughts and you can decide to ignore them or let them eat you up the whole day.

► Choose to write your thoughts down.

I found myself writing down everything that affects me. This will help you remove all the anger and sadness in one paper.

This is similar to talking to someone but if you do not have a trustable partner or friends your paper and pen can become your friends for the day. Write down everything that is affecting you and making you not stop thinking about it.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

This helps in clearing your mind and taking out disturbing thoughts. After doing all this throw the paper, burn it, or even shred it into pieces.

You will not be able to access these thoughts anymore and hence you won’t be able to remember what was disturbing your heart.

► Remove everything that reminds you of them in your home or apartment.

The first thing that I should have started with is this. Having a load of items of your past keeps you from not moving on with your life. Get up and get rid of everything that reminds you of them.

Nicholas Hardy said, “Our thoughts are generated by triggers that remind us of an actual experience, individual, previous event.” It can be inform of anything, gym, clothes, restaurant, or even gifts.

Always keep in mind that I am not saying you separate yourself from things that you love. But during the healing period, it would be better if you abstain from those places as much as possible.

◉ Tips to let go of someone you love so you can get back to living the life you want ◉

⫸ Make a positive mantra to counter the difficult contemplations

How you converse with yourself can either push you ahead or keep you stuck. Frequently, having a mantra that you advise yourself in the midst of enthusiastic agony can help you reevaluate your musings.

For instance, says clinical therapist Carla Manly, Ph.D., rather than stalling out in, “I can’t really accept that this happened to me!” attempt a positive mantra, for example, “I’m lucky to have the option to track down another way throughout everyday life — one that is beneficial for me.”

⫸ Make actual distance

It’s normal to hear somebody say that you should remove yourself from the individual or circumstance that is making you be disturbed.

As indicated by clinical analyst Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D., that is not an impractical notion. “Making physical or mental distance among ourselves and the individual or circumstance can assist with giving up for the straightforward explanation that we are not mulling over everything, measure it, or being helped to remember it so much,” she clarifies.

⫸ Accomplish your own work

Zeroing in on yourself is significant. You need to settle on the decision to address the hurt that you’ve encountered. At the point when you ponder an individual who caused you torment, take yourself back to the present. Then, at that point, center around something that you’re thankful for.

⫸ Practice care

The more we can carry our concentration to the current second, says Lisa Olivera, an authorized marriage and family advisor, the less effect our past or future has on us.

⫸ Be delicate with yourself

In the event that your first reaction to not having the option to relinquish an excruciating circumstance is to scrutinize yourself, it’s an ideal opportunity to give yourself some grace and sympathy.

Olivera says this looks like dealing with ourselves like we would treat a companion, offering ourselves self-empathy, and staying away from correlations between our excursion and those of others.

“Hurt is unavoidable, and we will be unable to ready to stay away from torment; notwithstanding, we can decide to treat ourselves merciful and affectionately when it comes,” Olivera clarifies.

⫸ Permit the negative feelings to stream

In case you’re dread of feeling negative feelings is making you keep away from them, relax, you’re in good company. Indeed, Durvasula says that on multiple occasions, individuals fear sentiments like anguish, outrage, frustration, or trouble.

Maybe than feeling them, individuals simply attempt to close them out, which can upset the method involved with giving up.

“These negative feelings resemble riptides,” clarifies Durvasula. “Allow them to stream out of you… It might require psychological well-being mediation, yet battling them can leave you stuck,” she adds.

⫸ Acknowledge that the other individual may not apologize

Sitting tight for an expression of remorse from the individual who hurt you will dial back the most common way of giving up. In case you’re encountering hurt and torment, it’s significant you deal with your own mending, which might mean tolerating that the individual who hurt you won’t apologize.

⫸ Participate in self-care

At the point when we are harming, it regularly feels like there is only stung. Olivera says rehearsing self-care can appear as though defining limits, saying no, doing the things that bring us happiness and solace, and paying attention to our own requirements first.

Photo credit: unsplas.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

“The more we can execute self-care into our regular routines, the more engaged we are. From that space, our damages don’t feel as overpowering,” she adds.

⫸ Encircle yourself with individuals who top you off

This basic yet incredible tip can assist with helping you through a great deal of hurt.

We can’t do life alone, and we can’t anticipate that ourselves should get past our damages alone, either, clarifies Manly.

“Permitting ourselves to incline toward friends and family and their help is a particularly great method of restricting detachment as well as of helping us to remember the decency that is in our lives.”

⫸ Allow yourself to discuss it

At the point when you’re managing excruciating sentiments or a circumstance that hurt you, allow yourself to discuss it.

Durvasula says once in a while individuals can’t give up on the grounds that they believe they aren’t permitted to discuss it. “This might be on the grounds that individuals around them presently don’t have any desire to catch wind of it or [the individual is] humiliated or embarrassed to continue to discuss it,” she clarifies.

In any case, working it out is significant. That is the reason Durvasula suggests discovering a companion or specialist who is patient and tolerating just as able to be your sounding board.

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⫸ Allow yourself to excuse

Since trusting that the other individual will apologize can slow down the method involved with giving up, you might need to chip away at your own pardoning.

Absolution is crucial to the recuperating system since it permits you to relinquish outrage, responsibility, disgrace, trouble, or some other inclination you might be encountering and continue on.

⫸ Look for proficient assistance

In case you’re battling to relinquish a difficult encounter, you might profit from conversing with an expert. Once in a while, it’s hard to execute these tips all alone, and you need an accomplished proficient to assist with directing you through the cycle.

❂ Why is letting go so painful? ❂

It is scientifically proven that when you are in love with someone, you’ve gotten used to them and all you do is think about them and how wonderful they treat you and make you feel healthy and happy, then when you break up with this person the feeling leaves you more hurt and emotionally damaged.

Your brain at this time has picked up the new norm of happiness and all it expects you to be is happy with your soul mate. This is why we always miss people we love every time we are not around them.

We tend to miss the part that that person has been physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically attached to us in a different way.

There is no time we don’t dream of the good things that these people bring into our lives, and every time you think of that person, your heart feels at peace and it makes you smile but when you have that one time feeling that you might lose them then it breaks you.

The thought of that bad scenario makes you feel like you’re losing something precious that you’ve been guarding for so long.

This is why it’s so hard to let go of someone we love. Losing someone you love either through death, an accident, or they leave with no apparent reason, can be so tragic.

It will definitely take you time to accept the fact that that person is gone and will probably never come back. Your brain plays with your psychology and gives you the assumption that the person will come back or you’ll see him/her again.

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

This feeling comes all of a sudden and accepting it becomes difficult.

Some of the things you used to do with your significant other become hard to be done alone. The feeling of losing them forever gives you the imagination of losing all the good memories with them and finding it hard to ever find a partner similar to them.

You are basically afraid that you will never feel the same again with anyone else.

After a few days of being through this event in your life, your daily habits start changing drastically, and all of a sudden you feel an emptiness in your heart and all of you.

This happens since the person you loved is not around anymore and it forces your brain to start afresh by changing its priorities to the new normal and regular things you’ve been doing.

Through this, you will start missing the person less and less as you start moving on with your life. When you finally let go of them you get to experience the true feelings that they used to portray when you were blinded by their love.

Your innocent heart expects you to accept the fact that they’ve left and it expects you to move on without fear.

Without having all this, your life would be sorrowful free, you wouldn’t be mourning but since it has hit you at that unexpected time then you have to accept where life takes you.

Having experienced this feeling it would be better and you’d be able to guide your friends or family when they experience the same thing. “Life is not only about having what you like its also about making who we are.”

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

Having said all that always try to understand that everyone has their own choice, we can’t dictate their part of choice. Even if you can they will not be happy being with you.

So, accept people as they are, accept life as it comes, let your heart feel the feelings, and accept as they are

❣️ When should you let go of someone you love? ❣️

At times we are stuck in a relationship where our needs are not met and it takes us time to see this.

So let have a look at when you should let go of someone you love.

✏️ When your needs are not being met.

We are at times in relationships where our significant other is less keen on what needs we would want them to accomplish.

Some people love emotional support like wanting some quality time with our partners, materialistic support like always getting up to date with the fashion trends, and even money support like managing your needs.

We all have different requirements that need to be met in a relationship. When they fail to meet your requirements you feel unsatisfied. As Wadley says, “it’s crucial to have good communication skills in your relationship.

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

This helps your soul mate to understand when you need your needs to be met and if they are unable to meet them at least they’ll show some signs that they are trying. If they are unable to meet your needs then it’s time for you to move on and find another partner.

Again, Wadley says that our mentality views always waste us by giving you assumptions that you might not find someone better hence making your stay in an unhealthy relationship where your needs are not met fully.

Don’t let your mentality thoughts waste valuable time for you. You can opt to take that time and find someone who will give you all the needs you require.

✏️ When you’re seeking those needs from someone else or other people.

When you achieve something in your life like get a promotion, or even when something bad happens to you, like an accident or a family emergency, who should always come to your mind as the first priority in a healthy relationship?

The answer to this simple question should be your partner with nothing to argue about.

Having your best friend or a trustable colleague to tell these things isn’t a problem but always turning to them for support should be a red flag to you about your relationship.

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

This might be a good sign that you’re not getting the kind of support you need from your partner.

If either of you two is seeking emotional or physical support from other people like guy best friends or girl best friends then it’s a clear indication that it should be the appropriate time to end the relationship.

When two people are together they are meant to support each other all the time doesn’t matter how small or huge the need is.

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✏️ When you are scared to ask your partner some things. 

It is a natural feeling to feel ashamed or uncomfortable to ask your soulmate or talk to them about things that you may need.

Though communication is key in every relationship since it helps keep the relationship healthy and long-lasting.

When you are scared to ask your partner some things it clearly shows that you two aren’t open enough for each other. You barely trust each other with your things.

People might think that you are seeking attention and sound too needy but suppressing how you feel to your partner can clear out that feign and dissatisfaction content out of your fear.

When you hide your true feelings from your partner on their behavior and how they treat you as a person you are likely to stay stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

If you get to this point of life in your relationship then its the high time you start moving on with your life

✏️ When your family and friends don’t support the relationship you’re in. 

At times we date people our friends and family don’t approve of. In the first years of dating, we will see this as a minor issue and ignore the fact. Progressively with the relationship, you get to see what they actually meant and time would have passed so fast.

It is always crucial to be with someone that your entire community loves and supports your relationship. If this doesn’t happen it should be a clear red flag indication that he/she ain’t meant for you.

Photo credits: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

A dating coach once said”  If the people who love and support you see that the person you’re in love with isn’t making you happy, it’s a good idea to listen to their opinions

If you opt to push away your friends and family’s concerns about your unhealthy relationship then it’s best you don’t crawl back to them again for their help.

Being in this kind of relationship where nobody supports you two, gives you a vice that you wouldn’t want to have in your life. You will begin to lie to your friends and family and in the long run, you will end up isolating yourself from them.

The reason you would do this is that you would be trying to evade their major concerns for you and probably they are right about your partner but you can’t see it from their point of view.

Don’t let relationships make you choose a person over people you’ve grown with.

✏️ You have the feeling that you’re obligated to stay in your relationship.

Most people in this generation are obligated to stay in relationships that don’t seem to ever work out. They have invested their time, energy, and effort to maintain and keep that relationship.

This kind of situation is similar to the money investment phenomenon called,” sunk cost effect” whereby an investor leads a continuous unsuccessful investment with bad decisions and yet he/she knows the effects.

This is way different from people’s relationships. You can not compare or necessarily equal success to a healthy relationship. Investing in a relationship requires more time and energy and support from both parties.

If one party contributes more to the relationship they will feel obligated to keep that relationship going. If both of you aren’t willing to work things out or contribute to fulfilling each other’s needs then there is no point in keeping the relationship.

✏️ When you have been working hard for your relationship for more than a year.

Relationships shouldn’t make you sweat all the time and worry about sustaining them or even keeping them going. If someone is truly meant to be with you then everything should flow on itself.

You are not entitled to work on a relationship for more than a year, always rectifying and reminding your partner of what you like and don’t like. Everything should have a good flow.

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

It is normally said that when two people have grown fondly of each other and even managed to get married then the connectivity between these two is inseparable and they are capable of working out their problems.

However, if you have been trying things out with your partner for more than a year and things don’t seem to work out then it’s the high time you get moving on with your life.

If you find yourself spending much time making indecisive decisions then you will never find your true soulmate and be able to move with your life smoothly.

There is no point in forming a strong bond with someone that you feel you’re contributing too much for the relationship to work out.

That difficult decision of not wanting to break up with your partner will lead you to have miserable, lonely, regretful, and indecisive decision-making in your life.

✏️ When you don’t feel the same way for your partner- when you don’t like them.

This may sound counterintuitive but you can be in love with someone you do not like. I know it sounds unreal to love someone yet you do not like them.

At times when you experience difficulties in your relationships and you find it hard to go through that process with your partner then it’s because you do not trust or like them enough to share your situations.

There is no perfect couple in this world. All couples go through ups and downs, disagreements, and issues in their lifetime.

People in loving and healthy relationships get to know that at a given time in their life they will get over their soulmates and get annoyed with each other.

Some claim that they can go through that process hence they’d want a free happy life with no issues with forgetting that everyone has different types of flaws.

Photo credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

This causes one to end up not liking their partner back. That’s why we say that you can love someone and like them back because of other indistinct flaws.

It is never easy to walk away from someone we love no matter how hard the situation is. Chrysler says, “listen to the logical part of your brain, instead of submitting to the euphoric chemical reactions that love can cause.”

✏️ When your partner is always abusive.

At times we have been stuck in an abusive relationship in the name of loving that person. Being in a relationship where your partner doesn’t respect you and initially flogs you or beats you then you should consider that you are human too and you have a right to deny the actions from your partner.

Some people love intimate relationships where they are highly dependable on their partner and through this, their partners take advantage of them by claiming that that’s their way of portraying their affectionate.

Abusive relationships according to researchers held by the National Institute of Mental Health say that more than half of the women stay in abusive relationships and experience physical violence, extortions, and isolation from society.

If at any given time you experience this then it’s high time to move out of that relationship. It’s not always healthy for your mental growth.

📝 Conclusions 📝

In conclusion, we can say that moving on from a break-up is always a hard step that everyone goes through in their life. People will always come and go in our lives but we have to accept what life brings into our tables.

Taking a step back and reorganizing our life once again would be our every move when someone we love leaves. It is painful to watch them go but we can always keep the memories fresh as a diary. During these moments in your life, it is advisable that you stay connected with your close friends and family for emotional support.

you can engage yourself with some physical and mindfulness activities that will keep you distracted from the break-up. What I would advise anyone going through phase is that let that feeling of sadness, anger, and crying overwhelm you.

it will help you reduce the amount of stress you might experience if you ignore the feeling. Don’t let that feeling drain you. Be strong and have a positive mind that in faith you shall get someone better than your ex.

⚜️ Relevant Questions ⚜️

Q: Can someone leave you if they love you?

A: Yes they can leave.

Some people will just say I love you with no feelings attached to them. This always comes as just a mere telltale to them and it is an actual sign that they do not love you.

There very many various descriptions of love according to every individual. People carry their own definition of love into their relationships. When they claim to love you but eventually leave, it may also indicate that their definition did not match yours.

If you are talking about romantic love, then they may have been in the honeymoon phase, and depending on their immediate feelings that they considered to correlate to feeling love for someone.

I consider love to be a decision rather than a feeling. The thing we mistake for love when our heart skips a beat as we think of a special someone is an initial attraction or desire. Love is a self-sacrificing act for someone who appreciates you for being you.

Q: Why can’t I stop thinking about someone?

A: because your feelings towards that person are strong and unbreakable. People from long-term relationships tend to take a long time to heal from their break-ups.

the bond separation makes them become weak. At times you will find that you can’t stop thinking about them because the type of relationship you both had was strong.

Q: Why is it so hard to move on from someone you love?

A: When do not let go of the feelings that you have for your ex, it becomes even harder for you to move on. If this person used to treat you right and they happen to leave you it might be difficult for you to move on.

You will have the obligation to break off that bond between you and your former lover for you to find it easy to move on with your life. It will be harder for you if you keep thinking about them and how they treated you.

Q: How do you know when a relationship is really over?

A: There are many ways that you can identify when you don’t feel the relationship anymore.

⌕ When they treat you lie an option in their life.

⌕ When they abuse you.

⌕ When you feel as though it’s a one-sided relationship.

⌕ When your partner is ignorant of the little things that make you happy and sad.

⌕ When your partner does not give you attention.

⌕ When your partner acts shady.

⌕ When your partner ignores you and forgets your most important days together like anniversaries or special events like valentines.

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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