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How to Google from your Cell Phone

A few months back while traveling for work, I had some time to kill in between meetings. Unfamiliar with New Jersey, I used the Google SMS service to locate a Costco (because I admit to being a browser). I entered the search on my cell and within 1 minute, I had the address and phone number of 2 Costco’s in the vicinity.

This morning the Cool Tools site shares how to actually use the service:

The steps (given by Google):
1. Start a new text message and type in your search query
2. Send the message to the number “46645” (GOOGL)
3. You’ll receive text message(s) with results

One of the tough things is understanding what to enter and what Google understands. Here is a few samples:

To get business listings:

To get driving directions, use any of the following combinations as your query:

To get answers:
Sample queries:

There are a ton of things you can do. If you want to read up on more options, go to Google SMS.
Visit Cool Tools for more, well, Cool Tools.

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