How to Get Super Glue Off Your Skin

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

<p>Super Glue and other glues with the primary ingredient of cyanoacrylate are well known for having the strongest, fastest glue bonds in the world. This leads to unfortunate accidents when fingers become stuck together or to objects. Luckily Super Glue bonds can be broken with acetone, found in many common brands of nail polish remover.</p>
<p>Start by immersing the glue-bonded areas in warm, soapy water if possible. Try to roll or peel the bonded skin apart using a spatula or teaspoon. Do not pull the glued areas apart, as this may tear the skin. Remove any cured glue. Apply the acetone fingernail polish remover with a Q-tip or cotton swab and continue to roll the skin apart.</p>
<p>You may need to remove particularly tough Super Glue by gently working on the acetone with a soft toothbrush. In some cases, you may need to soak the affected areas in acetone to soften tough or thick areas of Super Glue before you start the process of rolling the skin apart. The process may take several applications and a good deal of patience.</p>
<p>If you find the nail polish remover evaporates too quickly to soften the Super Glue, mix one part acetone nail polish remover with one part WD-40 to create a thick mixture. Apply the gel heavily to the affected area and let it set a few minutes to soften the glue. Once the Super Glue begins to loosen, gently roll the glued areas back and forth to loosen the adhesive, but do not try to pull the skin apart. Continue to roll until the glue releases.</p>
<p>Once the glued areas are free of the adhesive, wash the areas with soap and water and apply a plentiful layer of quality hand lotion. Acetone removes natural oils and fats from the skin, so restore moisture and avoid cracks with a protective layer of skin cream.</p>
<p>To avoid using acetone completely, mix two tablespoons of common salt in your hands with a little water and make a paste. Rub the mixture into the glue-affected area until the Super Glue begins to release. Keep rubbing the salt and water mixture on the affected areas until all the glue is gone. You may need to add small amounts of water to keep the salt paste at the right consistency.</p>

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