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How To Get A Guy To Like You: 20 Sizzling Tips and Strategies

As women, it is always a mystery how to get a guy to like you. It really isn’t rocket science as guys are really simple on how they think and process relationships. They like simple things like attention, flirting and spontaneity. All this coupled with some tips and tricks can make him fall over you and keep you on his mind.

Even if you like him and desire him a whole lot, you should still let him work for you. Even though you get a guy to like you, you should not be doing too much to get him but tease and tempt him enough to want to keep pursing you. If you do not keep piquing his interest then he may start taking you for granted. With this said, you can learn a few of the tips and tricks needed to keep the guy chasing you.

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☗ 20 tips on how to get a guy to like you ☗

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1. Guys love adventurous women

Guys love when their woman is adventurous, it gives them excitement and makes them anticipate what will happen next. A guy likes to be kept on his toes and the more activities you can do with him, the more you will keep him intrigued.

Some examples of this could be:

This really just requires you to make an effort to create different experiences to make him feel special. This will get you the guy you want and create the basis of a great relationship. Also, having new experiences together is a great way to enjoy life together and creates a solid basis in a relationship. It also makes dating fun and helps to create a mutual connection.

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2. Make him feel good

This is something that is known by women for a long time. All men love to feel good especially when you let him know you like spending time with him. Talk to him, stroke his ego, make eye contact and let him know you are interested.

When you give hints and let him know you want to be more than just a friend, he will love to know you are interested. This is a great tip to allow the right guy to fall for you. It is just how the male psyche is built, to build him up to make him feel confident will allow him to feel comfortable with you and gain you his respect.

Now, it is important that you do not pressure him, let him feel like he is in control while leading him with your hints. There is a delicate balance with this as you do not want him to think you are desperate but you need to give him enough space but enough hints to allow him to contemplate you being his girlfriend.

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3. Make eye contact

Eye contact is one the most seductive ways to get him to like you. It can make a guy go crazy when you look him straight in the eyes when you interact and say things to him. It creates a connection that is terribly underrated and makes him feel good when you dedicate all your focus to him.

Eye contact also helps to show him how intense you are. That allows his mind to roam and think about how focused you are on anything you do.

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4. Men like physical contact

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book as men love physical touches from a woman. No matter what kind of person you are, you will like when someone physically interacts with you as this creates a connection and in some ways helps to build confidence.

It does not necessarily mean anything sexual, it can be as simple as placing your hand on his shoulder when joking or removing dust from his clothes. Playful touches can initiate feelings and passions letting him know your level of interest.

Touching will enable him to feel comfortable especially when you make it a habit as it can be reassuring to him. This will act as a green light to show him to keep going and encourage him to pursue a relationship with you.

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5. Make him want to spend time with you

This is some advice that you are going to want to practice almost daily. A man will want to stay where he is comfortable and feels relaxed. Feelings for both men and women are important, this is what helps to guide our behaviors. Definitely for a man, he is probably going to follow what he feels 9 out 10 times than what he thinks. Let’s be honest, to get a guy to like you, he has to feel you first then his mind will catch up.

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6. Ask him for help

A man loves to know that you need him in your life. Whether you started as friends then leading to dating, it is a good idea to always play to his ego. His ego can be stroked by you depending on him for things. These things will make him feel confident and boost his interest in you. Maybe, just maybe, you will make him like you more as he sees that you need him around.

If you find something he likes to do and let him know this, his interest and confidence will be heightened once he knows you need him around to do this. Also, when you give him respect and make him feel depended on, this helps him to make him feel like a man.

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7. Talk to him

A man loves when you talk to him and me him feel like you respect him and you consider his feelings. Things like talking about the future or just general talk about life or advice will help to boost his confidence. It can even just be a fun conversation and this will help to put a smile on both your faces. Try to make him understand your thought process which helps to build relationships that girls want.

Sometimes relationships can seem hard but it really just requires knowledge of self and your partner so it gives the relationship a sense of direction. If you really like him, keep focused on the person and discuss your passions with them. This enables you to deeply connect and love them and allow them to see you as a real person and allow them to connect and really like you too.

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8. Focus on your appearance

Your appearance is something that can boost your confidence. A man will love when his woman takes care of herself and makes her appearance top notch. It also helps to lead him to compliment you and make him proud to call you his girlfriend.

There is nothing else for a man than to see his girlfriend looking appealing and for him to know that you also show interest and want him too. Men find confidence sexy in relationships so for you to know one of the secrets to keeping his interest, you should exploit it!

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9. Dress-up

You do not have to be a supermodel for you to feel like you are sexy. Clothes can be fun and completed related to your confident state of mind. Whether you aim to date for love or any other related feelings, dressing up will definitely make you feel good.

I am also sure your man will like and respect you for all the effort you put into your appearance. Try to make an effort to look good at all times, when he sees you going out of your way to take care of yourself, this will make him appreciate you

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10. Laugh at his jokes

Even if he is not funny, this can make him feel a sense of being special to you. This is one of those things in relationships that make you want to be around each other for assurance. During a conversation, it can definitely make him feel like you want him when you support him and make him feel important to you. Him making you smile will make him walk confidently into a relationship with you.




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11. Blow his mind in bed

Sex is another important part of relationships. Once you know what your partner likes, then you will know how to compliment him and how to put a smile on his face. If you are an amateur in this space, you can do research by watching a video or reading an article on what men like. Men aren’t too hard to please in bed, once you are adventurous and open to trying new things you should be able to make things spicy in the bedroom.

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12. Show interest in his interests

As humans, we tend to be attracted to persons who have similar interests as we do. Girls can use this to spark conversation and make the guy want to spend time and share his interest with you. Make him want to share and show you what he is interested in. This can create a sense of attraction once you share in different things that help you build friendships and possibly look to the future together.

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13. Expose your all to him

Exposing your all don’t necessarily have to mean physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Passions, feelings, talks of the future will make a man feel like you are opening up to him. When you have exposed your all to him, this will make you most vulnerable to show him all that you feel. When you engage in deep conversation, this will definitely add points for you to build your relationships.

Once you feel and express what it is you are thinking, this can make your relationship stronger. Women are also interested in hearing what men feel and to date and love a man is all about reciprocating ideals with the person to make it work.

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14. Goin depth and be honest

It has been shown that once you are honest with each other this can help to build the relationship and allow you to be confident with each other. It is a great way to ensure you are both on the same page especially when looking forward to the future.

When a girl likes a man she will express herself and her expressions can let him fall for her. Guys love a girl who is confident and someone they can share and seek advice from. Maybe, this could be you?

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15. Be honest with your feelings

If you think you love him make him know. Some advice may tell you not to open up to him but as a girl with a guy you like, make sure you express your feelings. This could lead you to get the person you are interested in. As a woman, for some guys vulnerability is attractive.

Want to make him fall for you? Could this work for you? if you are interested in the person, go ahead and let them know you are interested. What could you lose?

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16. Test him out

Do little things to test the relationship to see how he will react. Are you dating or are you just friends? Test the waters a little bit to see how he reacts to some things. If you are sad for example, he would want to make you happy if he is genuinely interested. If you lack something, he would want to make you get what you need to be satisfied. Anything a guy likes he would want to improve your life and make sure his woman is good.

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17. Leave thoughts with him

When pursuing a relationship, you want to connect on many levels. Talking, dating, and spending time together are good ideas to make the relationship work. Making memories are important and doing special things to compliment each other seems to be a good way to get things going.

It could be as simple as your walk, your talk or even your smile to brighten up his day can make him think of you. The more you know about your partner, the more things you can connect over and make thoughts linger with him.

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18. Flirt

A little bit of flirting never hurt anyone, as a matter of fact, it may let him know what you are thinking. Almost any guy loves flirting and this may be an effective way on how to get a guy to like you. Make a guy think about you by saying things that get you to think about him instead of someone else.


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You can even elevate this to sexting which can take your relationship to higher heights. It can allow you both to forget life outside and focus on life and a future with you both.

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19. Show him how to be the man you like

Another important step in a relationship is to show each other what type of man or woman you want to be with. This article can show you many things but does not ever discount what you want to get out of your relationship. Show him what you want or you may get something else.

It is important to give him a sense of what you like and what you expect. An example, ” I am born in August which is the summer, so I like a man who is thoughtful and will take me on a boat ride or a picnic”. Give him examples of how you want him to love you.

20. Do meaningful activities

Engage in activities that are fun and allow you to feel each other out to see what you both like. If you know what you both enjoy and like, then this is a great way to understand how to love each other and how to put a smile on each other’s faces. Girls like thoughtfulness and guys like this too. Men and women speak different languages so meet halfway to see what each other enjoys so you can let him know how to treat you.

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🔹 How to make him chase you 🔹

There are several things that a girl can do to make a guy chase her for a relationship. It is a good idea to check an article to see how to move from being friends to dating to being in a full relationship. We will explore 5 things to make a guy go crazy over you and make them fall for the person you are.

1. Be Mysterious

Once you save some of yourself from him, you can make him like you even more. You can tempt him with some areas of your life so you can pique his interest so he would want to get to know this person. Why give him everything all at once? Let him work for access to different parts of you so he can appreciate it as he gets it.

You can keep the male psychology active by giving him some parts of you and teasing him with different parts of you that he may love. To date, you are to know you, to fall for you could be interesting for him. Leaving some amount of mystery around you would raise his interest and make him want to spend more time with you.

2. Playing hard to get

When you are on a date, a woman usually plays hard to get. This may be an interesting way to allow a guy to fall for you. This is a move that can allow you to gauge the interest of the guy. If you play this right, he may place a high value on you and again you are using male psychology to make this effective. If he still keeps going hard for you, no matter what you do will prevent him from going the distance for you.

Playing hard to get can include hiding out from him sometimes or just remaining mysterious in some areas. This will be a tease for him and you will see if he continues to pursue you and test if his interest level will remain the same.

3. Do not chase him

Do not chase him at any time. If you do, it may seem as if you are desperate and for girls, this is not a good thing. A man will not necessarily keep going after someone he can access at any time. Sometimes you have to walk and tease him with your self and let him express what he would want. It will not interest him to go after a girl that is willing to give herself away easily.

Chasing him will be an instant turnoff, he will see you as easy and a guy will not like or be interested in that. You guys could be talking, moving towards dating, or getting serious but acting easy will kill the deal for guys. It’s not very attractive for women to be easily accessible as a guy wants to pursue what he wants.

4. No sex right away

Do not be easy with sex. If you have sex too early in the relationship then it is going to give the wrong signals. This is especially problematic as if he gets this too early especially before he respects you, he can easily lose interest. It may seem harsh but if you want a guy to chase you, let him wait and want things over time.

Sex is much better when it is anticipated and built up over time. The longer you make him wait, the better it will be. Even over time, you can learn what he likes and what he does not like. This can be very useful once you have learned many things that he likes to do then you can put it into action right away.

5. Learning to flirt

There is a subtle way to do this to keep a guy interested. This is good if you know what he likes, then you can use this to your advantage. How to get a guy to like you will involve you doing things that continually tease his interest.

Flirting is a love language that will get a guy interested and this guy will just keep following you. Someone else may be on his mind but if you step your game up and make you’re flirting highly effective, it will be guaranteed that he will keep you in his mind and will keep him coming back to you.

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🔰 The moves and words to notice you 🔰

1. Exude high energy and positive body language

When you look at anyone who gets what they want is it the shy person or the confident person in the room? When you exude high energy and positive body language you will be sure to garner some attention.

Simple things like open arms that are uncrossed or a smile are things that will be attractive to guys. This will be more welcoming than folded arms or turning away from someone. Openness will attract guys to want to talk to you as they will see you as being open to conversation and their approach. This gives guys some amount of confidence as they think you are approachable.

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2. Get Creative

When you are creative in life, you can be a genius in spontaneity that can blow his mind while you are dating. This pushes your relationship to higher heights and makes his life more interesting. Know what he is into and what his interests are, once you play on these areas you will let him know you are thinking. Once you show him you think of him, he will definitely notice you and he can fall for you.

Creativity can also be a love language that a guy can speak as he will always be surprised. This will make dating exciting and especially if you are outdoorsy, you can make life outside interesting. We are talking about exciting things like skiing, hiking, racing cars or just about anything that can come to mind. If you can keep his adrenaline rushing, you will be sure to have his attention all the time.

3. Smiling, eye contact techniques

Women have many techniques to their advantage to get a guy to like them. Smiling can be a flirtatious technique to get a guy to notice you and get a man to respect and notice you. Some advice is to use this technique sparingly, as this can drive a guy crazy when he thinks you are interested. Maybe, you are just trying to feel him out to see where his head is at but this can be an effective way to communicate to see how he reacts.

Even if you are not the hottest woman in the room, eye contact and smiling can get you halfway to know if the guy is into you. Feel him out to see how he reacts and this is good to see if he would like you. Guys love interacting with women in this way and if he is interested more than likely he will come over and compliment you.

4. Pay attention to his friends

Some women may not know this, but they may think once they are into a guy, they must focus on him alone. This isn’t so, you should also pay attention to who he is with as well. He would want his friends to feel welcome as well, this is an effective strategy. He would not want them to feel like a third wheel, so give his acquaintances some attention as well. Put them at ease and make them both feel comfortable around you. This will make him see you as caring, welcoming and make him want to be around you.

5. Be yourself

Sometimes getting a guy’s attention could be as simple as you being yourself. You never know, he may just like you for who you are. Show him your interests and what you like to do. Share with him your experiences and where you are going in your future. He may just be enthralled with you and want to join the ride.

Also, in different situations you just being yourself can be attractive to him. It may be good to know how you react in different situations to understand you. Let him see how you are so he would know what you bring to the table.

⚜️ How to flirt the right way ⚜️

1. Confidence

Confidence is a plus that any man will like to see in his woman. This is a sexy trait when he can watch you walking and see you being very confident in yourself. This is a way to get a guy interested in you and one of the most effective ways how to get a guy to like you. This is a way for a guy to consider that he wants to have you in his life.

2. Show interest in his life

Who doesn’t like compliments? Many people love to speak about themselves and when you get the chance to show some interest in them you should talk to them about their life. Ask them relevant questions to show your level of interest and they should appreciate how much attention you are paying to them. This can be a way to lead to more conversation in the future and can help to build your dating life.

3. Bring attention to your lips

This is an effective way while you are talking to bring attention to your lips. If you can make your lips look pouty and accentuated with lip gloss or chapstick. When you are around your crush, you can do these things that allow your lips to look fresh and definitely when you are talking, pout at him and let him dream about those lips.

You can get a guy thinking about you if you wear certain shades of lipstick that compliments your skin color that can also go with your makeup. If you spend time fixing yourself, he will appreciate the effort you put into putting yourself together.

4. Constant smile and be nice to him

When you see your crush coming around, show that confidence to him and make sure you constantly smile with him. Being nice also helps as this makes him feel welcome and coupled with your appearance he will love and may tempt him to want to be more than friends. Make him look you up and down and with your great attitude will leave a mark in his mind and let him constantly think of you. No matter how small it seems, a great smile can make a guy really likes you. Don’t underestimate the power of your smile.

5. Let him see you checking him out

This can be a scary thought but this can let you score many points with him. Give him flirtatious looks to make him know you are definitely interested. If you guys are friends, this could be a less than obvious way to show your friend you may want to date. Let him see that you like him and may want to talk to him more. Some of the greatest love stories come from people starting as friends. This can even give him the confidence to talk to you as well, you may never know if he is checking you out as well. If he sees you checking him out, you may just give him an excuse to approach you as more than a friend.

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🔎 What do guys like in a girl 🔍

1. Clothes

Guys love a girl who can put themselves together in a neat and sexy way. When a woman is well groomed this will make a man appreciate what she is doing and how she put herself together. If in all situations you dress appropriately and have a good dress sense this is great. When you make yourself look beautiful this is well appreciated as a man will like being with someone who has great fashion sense.

2. Smelling Good

Having a wonderful fragrance is a great way to make a guy think of you. When you smell good, you can use this to your advantage as your smell can linger with him and let him think about you long after you have gone. Maybe you spray the fragrance on your neck, on your wrists, and behind your eyes and this is a way to make your fragrance long-lasting.

This is also a good opportunity to have different fragrances as well. This can be used on different occasions and you can test which works best for you. When you go around him with the different smells you can see which one has the most effect on him.

3. Motivational

Women are normally highly emotional and guys may not appreciate that at times. He may want a woman that can be emotionally intelligent and able to approach situations with a level head. This can be a woman who can inspire and encourage her partner or friend to be the best they can be. She can give the advice to motivate him and this can increase his interest and make him like her even more. This type of woman can be very inspirational and will say the right things at the right time to encourage him with little or no issues.

4. Be a little naughty

A little naughty thought or approach from a woman is something that a man will like. A naughty woman will be a turn on and this will be something that can really work in your favor. Teasing your man is one effective way to make him think about you in a way that is not very obvious without it being too much. The touches and thoughts do not have to be sexual but some simple nonsexual touches can send a message to him. This could be that I like being around you and I like you so spend time with me.

5. Passions

A woman with interests that she is passionate about is something that can impress a guy. Whatever hobbies or interests you are involved in can make a man admire you and get a guy to be crazy about you. This is a good way to cultivate things to do in a relationship and also creates avenues for you to share in these interests. It is also a way to make him support you in whatever you are doing and you can see how much effort he will put into you to support what you like to do.

6. Being kind

This is an important attribute that a woman can have that will get a guy to like them. Definitely starting as friends, with the aim to start a relationship, this is something a guy may look on and take into consideration before pursuing you. He will see how you treat others and how warm you are when interacting with them. This can attract him even more and let him think just how you might be in a relationship with him.

7. Thoughtful

This is something that can score big points for a woman with a guy. If he sees who thoughtful you are, this is a big plus for men. A woman who thinks straight and knows exactly what she wants and goes for it is completely sexy. She can make her decisions and be confident in it and be willing enough to allow him to enter into her thought space to share in her decisions and future. This is a big thing in a relationship and just maybe the thing that gets a guy to like you a little more than friends.

8. Femininity

A guy usually likes a woman who is soft and feminine, this is a trait that a man desires in his woman. She should be gentle and caring which is something a woman would expect a guy to like. Today’s society has a lot of strong women and nothing is wrong with that, however, while being strong, still embrace your feminine side and do what makes you feel confident and happy to attract a man.

9. Sense of Humor

This is actually a quality a guy likes in a woman. This seems to be a high quality that is valued by men. So this means that a guy will not only like a woman to laugh at his jokes but a woman who can make them laugh too. It is a great feeling to have a similar sense of humor with someone so the time you spend together can be fun and more meaningful. This kind of positive interaction will help to make the relationship more exciting and pleasurable.

10. Playfulness

This is another great quality that can get a guy to like you more. A woman who is playful is one who may not take herself too seriously and possibly not be afraid of what people think of them. They may be laid back and invariably this can cause them to have more confidence. You will not mind laughing at yourself and you will be open to being silly and fun. This is almost guaranteed for this guy to remember you.


We have seen many things that a guy will like in a woman and some of the moves a girl can use to get a guy to like her. Overall, one of the most attractive qualities that a man will find sexy in a woman is confidence. This is important to keep this quality in check and make sure it does not borderline arrogance.

This is something men find very attractive and if that line is crossed, no matter how beautiful and successful you are, this will be an instant turnoff as that is not a good trait to have. Do not be selfish, self-absorbed, or have a heightened sense of importance. A woman should be caring, understanding, and welcoming. This will make him want to introduce himself to his family.

A man likes to talk and especially when you are friends moving on to dating. Friends can do many things together to build their relationship by going out and trying new things. This is someone who is adventurous and doesn’t mind trying new things. No matter how pretty your face is, you must have qualities that blow his mind. This will make him think about you and want to be with you all the time.

Also, this article explores a woman being sexy. flirty and naughty. These are a combination of traits that can get your relationship going. These qualities will help to keep your relationship exciting and fun.

When you have executed some of these things that are contained in this piece, you can then test if the guy likes you. If the guy smiles when you are around, this will be a good indicator that he likes when you are in his presence. Even if he is having a bad day, you will make it better for him. This is a great test to see how he reacts when you come around.

Does he make an effort to talk to you and be with you? This is another way to verify how he feels about you. If you are highly rated by him, you will see when goes out out his way to spend time and to be with you. This normally would entail him doing something out of his way to get to know you better.

When you are making the effort to be with him and he is too is a beautiful thing. Once you try to meet halfway in the relationship there would be things that are common between you both. If he is making an effort to bond on these commonalities, this will be a good indicator that he is interested in you.

Another thing, while you are flirting with him it is another indicator when he is responding and flirting with you is well. If he is into you, it will be simple to get a guy to flirt with your effortlessly.

Talking to a guy is an important part of how to get a guy to like you as he will learn more about you. As you explore each other, this is another good way to see if he remembers what you tell him over time. Things you like, things about yourself, or just random things. If he remembers what you told him before, there is a great chance that he finds you interesting and may want to pursue something with you.

If the guy is attentive to you, this will also indicate that he is into you and feeling what you are doing. If you apply some of the ideas explored in this article, then you will see how he reacts and where his mind is at. Attention from a guy is a great way to get a guy to express himself. He may not be able to express himself in words but definitely, in his actions, you will see if he likes you are not.

Additionally to his actions, his body language will show how he is feeling and what he is thinking about while he is around you. If he leans towards you while he is near to you, then it’s highly likely he is interested. Possibly if he is fidgety around he is possibly nervous around you. This could indicate many things but you can be cognizant of how he behaves to see what he is about.

Physical contact is another good thing to pay attention to when evaluating how far you are with a guy. If he loves to touch you and be near to you, this could be indicated that he has feelings for you. Things like touching your hands, shoulder or hugging you can be a good indicator that he likes you and love being around you.

Another good indicator to see if he is interested is to see if his friends or family know about you. If his loved ones are interacting with you then more than likely you are his number 1 and really indicate whether the relationship is going somewhere.

Advice and motivation was something that was also offered as something that men like in a woman. If you provide that kind of support to him and he values what you say, this will be shown in how he reacts to this advice and how he shows how your opinion will matter. If he looks to you for the support and advice this will be a good quality that you can be assured he is into you.

Does he notice when you make changes in your appearance? Your perfume? Your hair? These are things that you can pay attention to to see if he is observant and really takes an interest in you. This is very clear that he is into you if he notices these little things that you do to enhance your appearance.

Do your wins make him happy? Is he genuinely happy for you? Does he remember your birthday or other special days to show you how important you are to him? If he makes a special effort to be with you on these special days, this will indicate that he is into you.

Finally, does he make you happy? If he does, this is one of the most important things to ensure you have landed a guy that is going to make you happy. While you are working to get a guy to like you is also important for you to be happy as well. It makes no sense for you to put out all this energy into trying to get a guy and he is not reciprocating.

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Related Questions

Q: What to do to avoid rejection

A: Avoiding rejection will include not putting yourself out there too much. There are guys to meet and actions you are doing while trying to figure out how to get a guy to like you. The best thing to do is first test the waters by doing some of these things that the article has suggested to see if he is into you.

These are good things to try on your prospect without you doing too much to get a guy to like you. Once you test the waters you can gain confidence to know if you should move further. There will be indicators to see if he is interested and if he is, then you can be certain to move forward and will be less likely to face rejection.

Q: How to get him to text/chat to you first?

A: You can flirt with him and tease him when he comes around you. Give him enough to remain mysterious but definitely make it interesting so he would want to know more. This is what makes a guy go crazy, once he is interested and you are making him think about you, this will be the ultimate tease.

Once a guy is teased and interested, you will push him to want to reach out to you as he will want to be around you. Once this is established, he will try his best to get to you. If he cannot take it anymore, then he will eventually reach out via text or phone call.

Q: How to get a guy to open up?

A: A guy can open up to you once you have established a deeper connection via your relationship. Once this deep relationship is in place, there will be soulful connections where you talk and discuss things such as love and life. When you have these discussions, this will lead him to feel comfortable discussing his feelings once you will not judge him and use these feelings against him.

If you are a motivational person that will look to build him up will be more welcoming for him to share what he is feeling. Once he feels comfortable then he will feel open to sharing and will be willing to discuss with you for he knows you will be there to lift him up.


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