How to Effortlessly Attract Your Dream Life by Designing Your Perfect Average Day

By Henri Junttila

September 21, 2012   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Are you happy with the life you’re living now?

Do you think there’s room for improvement?

There always is, isn’t there?

Having a clear vision and knowing exactly what your ideal life looks like will get you moving towards your dream life faster.

I’m not talking about cars, houses and lots of money. I’m talking about what you REALLY want, think experiences, friends and so on.

We tend to think in vague terms and not really know what we want. We just know we want something better than what we have.I know I’m guilty of this. I’ve always found it hard to write things down, but once I’ve done it, I feel clearer and much more motivated.

The Definition of a Perfect Average Day

When I say perfect average day, I want you to think about a day that you’d want to live right now. There’s no need to go into what ifs, because we can’t predict the future.

Just have fun when you’re doing this exercise. Your focus should be on getting this done. Even if it is half-assed, you will get a lot of benefit out of it.

What to Do Before You Start

Set aside some quiet time and make sure you don’t get interrupted, because the last thing you want is someone disrupting your flow.

This may take you anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on how detailed you get. The more details you can dive into, the better!

And remember, there are no limitations whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money to do something or don’t live where you want to live. Write down exactly what you want. Let your heart speak!

What Does an Average Awesome Day Look Like?

Go through absolutely every single detail you can think of. Write down what you want your thoughts to be as you go through your perfect average day.

What do you think about when you wake up? What do you think about when you’re having lunch? What are you having for lunch? What are your last thoughts as you fall asleep?

Absolutely everything has to come out. This really gets your mind going, because you have to think about what you truly and deeply want.

Do you want to have kids? Do you want a spouse? If so, what is your spouse like? Why does your spouse like you? Why do your kids like you?

Something that helped me is to look at this like writing a story. You are the puppet master and you get to come up with your dream life.

Questions to Get You Going

It’s easy to get stuck and sit there staring at a blank piece of paper. If this is you, try interviewing yourself. Start asking yourself questions on what you do at different points of your day.

Here are a few questions to get you going:

  • What do you think about when you wake up?
  • How do you think?
  • What’s your mindset?
  • How do you deal with obstacles?
  • Who do you wake up with?
  • Do you have kids?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you think about?
  • Where do you eat lunch?
  • What do you eat?
  • Who do you eat with?
  • What are your friends like?
  • What do you work with?
  • Who do you work with?
  • What do you do for fun?
  • What do you do for fulfillment?

The list goes on and on. The point I want to get across is this: get as detailed as possible. Go through every minute of your average perfect day in your mind. But don’t try to get it perfect. Just get it done.

This is why I said to allot some alone time when you’re doing this. The more details you can go through, the more you will be telling your brain what you want.

When you do this, be ready for surprises, because you probably don’t know what you want. You may think you do, but you don’t. At least not in great detail.

You May Not Always Know What You Want

The scary part about this exercise is that you may realize that you’re heading in the opposite direction of what you truly want.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the money, the cars and all those THINGS. We’re human and we like bright, shiny objects and gadgets.

This is normal, and it happens to me all the time. That’s why it helps to re-focus and do an exercise like this from time to time.

But whatever you do, stop making excuses and take action.

Now it’s your turn. Start writing right now and get this on paper, because if you don’t start now, when will you?

Written on 9/21/2012 by Henri Junttila. Henri writes at Wake Up Cloud, where he helps people turn their passion into a thriving lifestyle business. When you feel ready to take action, get his free special report. Photo Credit:
Henri Junttila

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