How To Earn $120 A Month Donating Plasma

By Jay White

June 7, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Donating plasma is a way of earning extra money while also providing a much-needed service for others who need the transfusions due to illness or serious injury. Most plasma banks allow you to make donations twice a week and pay a minimum of $20 per donation. The process takes about three hours for your first visit and about two hours for each following donation. If you’re in good general health, you shouldn’t have any problems passing the initial screening as a potential plasma donor. One of the most common reasons for being excluded as a plasma donor is below-average blood pressure, so it’s a good idea to ask your physician about your donating plasma if you have this condition.

<strong>Finding and Locating Your Nearest Plasma Bank</strong>

Most major cities and towns have at least one plasma donation bank. The easiest ways to find it is to search your local online business directory. Some plasma banks allow walk-in appointments for your first visit, and others require you to schedule an appointment. You’ll usually need to bring one form of picture identification and your social security card. Some plasma banks may also require you to bring a recent piece of your mail to prove you’re a local resident. Some plasma banks may also not be in terrific neighborhoods, so leave any non-essential valuables at home if this is the case.

<strong>Taking the Physical Exam</strong>

Most of these exams are brief and consist of submitting a urine or blood sample and answering a few basic health questions. A few plasma banks may have more extensive ones. Be prepared to answer questions about every tattoo, piercing, or healed scar on your body–even scars from childhood accidents, the details of which may be hard to remember if you’re older. Some examiners may also ask detailed questions about your sexual history. If you happen to lose more than a few pounds in between plasma donations, also be prepared with an explanation if you visit a plasma bank that takes your height and weight at every visit.

Extracting the pint of plasma and separating it from your red blood cells can take about one hour on average. Drinking plenty of water before each donation will help the process along. Avoid any alcohol or caffeine for at least a few hours after each donation. Once the plasma bank has your information entered into their databases, you won’t be able to donate at another local plasma bank before your next scheduled time because all local plasma banks can share this information.


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