How to Create an Impressive AWS Portfolio

By danny hooks

May 31, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a widely used cloud tool, and professionals who know about it are in high demand. When you plan for AWS Careers and job opportunities, a solid portfolio showing employers your skills and experience is essential. AWS Training Courses you completed can significantly add credibility to your portfolio. This blog discusses tips for making an impressive AWS portfolio to showcase your skills and

The Importance of an AWS Portfolio

  • It is necessary to know why AWS Portfolio is so crucial in your career.
  • Showcase Your Skills – This gives possible employers a visual representation of your skills so they can see what you can
  • Highlight Your Experience – Add the projects you worked on and the issues you resolved in your previous job.
  • Demonstrate Continuous Learning – It shows your commitment to staying current with AWS technologies and best practices.
  • Make Yourself Stand Out – A good portfolio can help you in the job market, and it helps the recruiters choose you from
    among the other candidates.

How to Create an Impressive AWS Portfolio?

  • Start with a Professional Website
  • Your AWS resume should be easy to find and well-organised. A professional website can be added to the portfolio. You can easily create a website with platforms like GitHub Pages or WordPress.
  • Pick a domain name that reflects your identity as a worker. It could be your full name or a combination of your name and job title, like
  • Choose a clean, straightforward design that makes your information stand out. Focus on readability and make it in an organised way.
  • Your portfolio should be easy to find, with clear areas for each part (e.g., Projects, Certifications, Blog, Contact).
  • Getting an AWS license shows you know AWS features and functions well. They are known worldwide and can give you more respect in the job market.
  • Make an area for your AWS certifications. List the name of each certification, the date it was received, and a short summary of its meaning.
  • Include the digital badges that AWS gives you. You can put these on your website and link to your proof page from them.
  • Your AWS projects must be highlighting here. They show that you have real-world knowledge and can solve problems effectively.
  • You should include a previous project report explaining the issue, plan, and answer. The report should also draw attention to the AWS tools and services you used.
  • Adding screenshots, design diagrams, and workflow charts to your projects can help people
    understand them better.
  • If necessary, add links to your projects’ GitHub folders. Make sure your code is well-
    documented and straightforward to understand.
  • Case studies give you much information about how you solve problems and how your work
    affects people.
  • Use the same structure for the introduction, problem statement, approach, solution, and
  • You can include numbers and figures showing your projects’ success (for example, 20% less cost or 30% better performance).
  • Your portfolio can look more trustworthy with suggestions and testimonials from coworkers,
    clients, or mentors.
  • Ask for references on LinkedIn and put them on the website for your portfolio.
  • If you’ve worked on AWS projects for clients, get their permission to use their comments on
    your site.
  • Videos are a fun and exciting way to show off your projects and skills.
  • Make video tours of your projects that show the problem, how you solved it, and the steps you’ll take to solve it.
  • Make videos showing how to use certain AWS services or solutions you’ve set up.
  • Being active in the AWS community can help your career and allow you to meet new people.
  • Forums and Groups – You can join AWS sites and LinkedIn groups and post there.
  • Attend meetups and webinars to learn more about AWS. You can share your work and learn from others.


You must invest your time in creating a great AWS portfolio. There are various ways to build a strong portfolio and showcase your skills and experience. To add value to the portfolio, consider AWS courses from The Knowledge Academy and explore more opportunities.

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