How to Clean your PC


Now that we all know how much bacteria resides on your keyboard, it’s probably about time that we cleaned it along with our monitor and PC. Sure, we all probably wipe the monitor occasionally but that is where most people, including me, stop.

Rick Broida of Lifehacker and CNET fame wrote up a good tutorial that explains the this often neglected task.

“Dust balls can dramatically impede the airflow inside your PC, raising case temperature to dangerous levels, but a nest of cables can also have the same effect. (They also simply get in the way, making it difficult to quickly replace and install components.)”

Here is what he covers:

  • Why you need a clean PC
  • Computer Cleaning Supplies
  • How to Clean a Keyboard
  • Monitor Cleaning Tips
  • Clean your Computer’s fans
  • Computer Cleaning No-No’s
  • Get better Airflow in your PC

How to Clean your PC at CNET

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