How to Clean Ugg Boots

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Since the early 2000’s, UGG boots have been a fashionable, comfortable way to treat your feet. These hallmark boots come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, but the most iconic version has a sheepskin lining and a suede outer coating. Though this is naturally created to repel some dirt, the best way to clean UGGs may seem tricky to some. Here is the best way to keep these boots looking new during years of use:

1. Prevent the Problem: Pre-treat the outside of your boots. Find a suede conditioner that helps to keep it waterproof, and repel stains, liquids, mud, and dirt. By doing a twice-yearly boot conditioning, at the beginning and end of each cold season, you will keep the chances that your boots will be super dirty down to a minimum. Until you use them to go splash in a mud puddle, of course.

2. Cleaning the Outside of UGG Boots: UGG sells its own recommended brand of spray cleaner and conditioners, one for the outside of the boots, and one for the inside. If your outside is dirty, first dampen the boot with plan warm water and a cloth or sponge. Next, spray on some of the cleaner, and scrub the boots until the dirt or stain has been removed. When it comes time to dry the boots, stuffing them with newspaper will help them to dry faster. Do not place them next to a heating source or put them in any form of drying device, like a dryer or a hair dryer. Finally, restore the nap of the suede by giving it a good brushing in one direction only with a suede brush.

3. If it is the insides that need cleaning, the directions are similar, but with the inside- water and sheepskin cleaner can be put inside the boot, wrung out and dumbped until the color that is dripping out is clear. Don’t fill the boot with water, just gently spray enough that you can give the sheepskin its own “shampooing.” When you think it is dry enough, then fill the boots with newspaper like above. It is likely that you have made the outsides wet when you clean the insides, and because of this, an inside cleaning should most often be combined with an outside cleaning so that everything looks good when you are finished.

4. Drying can take up to a day, so be prepared to go without your UGG boots for a bit.

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