How to Chill a Hot Beer or Soda in 3 Minutes


July 7, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

So my father and brother-in-law were over this weekend for a barbecue. My fridge was stuffed with appetizers and salads so I was only able to fit a 12-pack of beer. Normally, this would have been enough so I didn’t worry about it. After a couple hours, the stash was depleted; the old man got into a groove and well, so did we.

I did have some more beer in the garage but the 90+ degree Chicago heat had rendered it useless for at least an hour. Now what? These guys all had designated drivers and, in all honesty, they wanted more beer. Little did I know, the old man had a trick up his sleeve that I had never heard of.

If I had a video camera ready, I would have taped this because it was pretty cool (sorry, no pun intended there).

Here is how he took beer from 80+ degrees to (seemingly) 40 degrees in about 3 minutes.

    1. He took 6 hot beers from my garage and he placed them into a steel pot from the kitchen


  • He tossed in enough ice cubes to completely cover the beer



  • He then filled the pot with water



  • Next, and this is the trick, he tossed in (what must have been) 2 cups of table salt.



  • He took a large wooden spoon and stirred this thing up to be sure the salt dissolved.



  • He placed the concoction into the freezer and in 3 minutes we had ice cold beer.


Frankly, I wish I knew about this little trick years ago. Apparently this works for wine, soda, or anything. The addition of the salt does something that I am admittedly not qualified to explain. If we have any experts that want to weigh in, feel free. I do however know that this works.

Written on 7/07/2007 by me, Jay White, the founder of Dumb Little Man and an all around average guy. Photo Credit: hizonic



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