How to Buy legit Software on eBay


January 16, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

I swear that I am a relatively smart guy – I just attract troublemakers. In the past I’ve touched on some ways to spot shady eBay sellers. This afternoon, my lunchtime (brown bagged it to save money by the way) reading routine brought me to Amit at Digital Inspiration.

A lot of you may already know Amit, he has millions a ton of subscribers. Today he did a nice job listing 10 things you can do to make better software purchase decisions on eBay. For the average person out there, this is a great read that will keep you from major headaches.

Here are a couple that I could absolutely see myself falling for:

    • Read the item description very very carefully. Make sure that it is not the academic version of the software which are generally available at significantly discounted prices but only students, faculty members and educational institutions are allowed to buy them. 
  • Most software titles now require you to activate the installation over internet before you can use them. Also, vendors may have their own policies with regards to transferring ownership of software. You should always confirm these things before the purchase. 

Get the rest of the 10 tips at Before You Buy Software on eBay at Digital Inspiration.


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