How to Burn a CD from iTunes

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Though the age of digital music has come, there are still a number of reasons that a CD can come in handy. Many cars don’t have a way to stream digital music, but have working CD players. Making musical gifts for some family members are also more powerful if you use the music format that they are most familiar with. To burn a CD from iTunes, you need only a few things. You need to have a computer with a CD/DVD drive. This is less common than it once was, so if you have a newer computer, it is important to double check. Second, you need a blank CD. Finally, you need to have an iTunes account with a library of songs that you want to burn. Once you have gathered these things, burning is pretty simple.

1. Make a playlist:

Choose the “make a new playlist” portion of iTunes, and name it appropriately. Once this new playlist shows up on your left-hand menu list, go back to your library. Highlight the songs that you want to add to your playlist. You can drag the playlist songs one by one or in a group to the playlist title on the left. Once all the songs that you want are in the playlist, you can switch to it, and drag them up or down into the order that you would like to see.

2. Check Your Playlist:

Once you have chosen your songs, do a double-check of all the songs on the list to make sure that they all work. This step is less necessary if you use them regularly on the iTunes account. However, if you do not, or have just uploaded the music, then it’s a good idea to be sure the music doesn’t have a glitch in it, and the CD will have everything that you want.

3. Burn Your Songs:

Go to the iTunes menu, and choose preferences. There is a burn button that you can find there. It will ask you the disk format, and you can choose “audio CD”. There is a check box labelled sound check. Make sure this is filled, so that songs from different places don’t play on your CD at all different volumes. Choose the playlist that you just put together, and wait for it to burn. Once it is done, the CD will eject from your computer, and you are free to label it and test it out.

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