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How to Boost Testosterone: Science-Backed Ways

There’s more to testosterone than its role in giving men their manliness. The internet is filled with questions like “Can low testosterone make you cry?”.

But, away from the unwanted hype, there’s a bigger picture. Testosterone hormone plays an indispensable role in regulating the well-being of humans.

Plus, its association with health issues and overall health necessitates getting access to the right info and apt treatment. Therefore, how you keep yourself informed about testosterone determines the course of the treatment.

So, read on and explore what you need to know about low testosterone levels.

How to Boost Testosterone

how to boost testosterone
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Testosterone is an important sex hormone in men. The Leydig cells in the testes produce testosterone.

But, it all starts in the brain. The hypothalamus part of the brain instructs the pituitary gland about the body’s requirement levels of this hormone. It is followed by the pituitary gland instructing testes.

The majority of the hormone is produced by testicles. The remaining is produced by adrenal glands.

Healthy testosterone levels, as considered by a test, are 300 to 1000 nano-grams per deciliter. But, the levels of testosterone seem to vary with age.

Its correct level in male babies is 75 to 400 ng/dL. But, in adults, it ranges from 240 to 950 ng/dL.

Also, testosterone levels vary with time of the day. The daytime testosterone levels are highest.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

Anything below 300 ng/dL is deemed low testosterone level. In this regard, age seems to be the common culprit. The levels drop by 1% to 2% every year following middle age or 40.

With age, the pituitary regulation gets weak, and protein sex hormone binding globulin increases. So, coupled with decreased hormonal production, the level of free testosterone decreases.

Sleep apnea can also decrease its levels. Besides, there are other conditions causing testosterone deficiency. It can be segregated into primary and secondary hypogonadism.

The former encompasses multiple causes given below.

Apart from inherited conditions, external ones can cause primary hypogonadism. These include cancer therapy, mumps infection, and testicular injuries.

Secondary hypogonadism covers diseases or conditions affecting the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. These include tumors, tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, and AIDS.

What are the Signs of Low Testosterone Levels?

The signs are many ranging from deteriorating mental health to decreased sperm count.

Apart from these, low levels can cause reduced hours of sleep. It can also lead to changed sleeping patterns.

However, it can be difficult to determine the level of testosterone production from symptoms. Because the impacts overlap with other health conditions, explains Dr. Desai, an M.D. based in Illinois.

A blood test, along with studying symptoms, is used to diagnose low testosterone.

Does Low Testosterone only affect Older Adults??

A low level of this hormone is commonly associated with older adults. But, this being synonymous with old men is just a myth. It can occur in younger males.

Also, the myth of testosterone therapy increasing sperm count is something not to be relied on. Yes, the therapy can improve physical and mental health. But, it is found to lower the hormone level.

Are Men Only Supposed to Concentrate on the Testosterone Level?

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It is a wrong conception to only consider this hormone as a health parameter for men. Females also naturally produce testosterone. This hormone plays an important role in female bodies.

It is associated with reproductive and sexual health. Also, it influences the health status of bone and menstruation.

Its normal level in women to range from 15 to 70 ng/dL. Higher levels are treated with metformin or glucocorticosteroids. But, doctors generally don’t advise testosterone therapy for females owing to its uncertainty of long-term effects.

How to Boost Testosterone Level?

Natural remedies

Natural remedies are the best to raise testosterone levels without major side effects.

Include healthy diet

Some reports link consuming vitamin D with increasing testosterone naturally. This is naturally available in foods and is considered a natural testosterone booster. Besides, zinc seems to be promising for the same.

Moreover, a balanced diet containing carbs, proteins, and fats can maintain optimal hormone levels. It also improves lean muscle mass.

Healthy weight

Being overweight can cause a reduction in testosterone levels. Younger men with obesity were found to have reduced testosterone as compared to the ones with normal weight.

This sheds light on the importance of weight loss and tracking weight. That brings us to our next point.

Staying fit and active

Healthy men with an active life have normal testosterone levels. Moreover, physical activity helps in losing weight which can boost testosterone.

Also, to boost your testosterone, you can opt for high-intensity interval training. It has been found to be more effective compared to simple running exercises.

Besides, weight lifting, endurance training, and strength training can act as testosterone boosters. But, it’s better to seek guidance from your personal trainer or wellness professionals for designing your training regimen.

Exercise, irrespective of its type, counts for boosting this hormone. But, one should not overdo it.

Also, increased physical activity necessitates higher or optimized nutrition intake. Otherwise, it leads to negative body composition that is detrimental to testosterone levels.

Improving sleep

Restricted sleep is more powerful compared to normal aging for causing a reduction in testosterone. Moreover, disturbed sleep patterns decrease testosterone.

This implies getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Health tips like these can be easily integrated into daily life.

Stress management

Increased stress can lead to negative health impacts. It increases the level of the hormone cortisol.

This hormonal change poorly affects immunity and metabolic processes. It causes erratic changes in testosterone levels.

Moreover, low testosterone is considered to be a significant impact on stress responses in men. It is associated with poor heart health.

To reduce stress, one can opt for yoga and other strategies. These stress management techniques comprise natural yet sustainable ways to increase testosterone levels naturally.

Removing alcohol and drugs

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism links alcohol with altered hormone levels, including testosterone.

Alcohol and drugs negatively affect the testosterone synthesis pathway. Needless to say, avoiding these help in making positive changes.

Evaluating the medicinal impact

Several medicines cause a drop in testosterone levels. These include common ones like pain relievers.

So, if you have been diagnosed with low testosterone, check the side effects of the medicines you are having. It is wise to consult healthcare experts regarding this.

These natural techniques require no expenditure and can be followed easily. Overall, focusing on healthy living and general health can go a long way in boosting testosterone or preventing low levels.


Aromatase inhibitors can cause significant increases in testosterone levels. This prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

To improve testosterone levels, estrogen blockers like clomiphene citrate are also available. These prevent the inhibitory action of estrogen in testosterone production.

However, these medicines come with side effects and restricted effectiveness.

Testosterone therapy

This encompasses many forms to increase testosterone. It includes gels, skin patches, and injections. Oral hormonal pills are considered to be negative for liver health.

So far, it has received mixed responses. It does have pronounced positive results like improved health and sex drive.

Also, it improves bone and mental health. But, it can cause an increased risk of heart disease.

Besides, clinical endocrinology is yet to have more evidence to consider it completely safe.

Natural Remedies


One of the most impactful supplements is Ashwagandha. Natural medicines containing this increase testosterone, as proven by many studies.


Being an important micro-nutrient, it has an indispensable role. One such role involves association with this hormonal production.

The optimum level of zinc or its supplements can help in producing more testosterone.

Apart from these, there are other testosterone supplements.


5 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

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Rock Hard Formula

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Alpha Xtra Boost

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Huge Male Secret

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Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Mita ManGreens

Mita Mangreens is a green powdered formula contains natural ingredients in scientifically studied dosages. It contains Ashwagandha, beetroot powder, and a herbal medicine called Tongkat Ali.

It contains fenugreek and forskolin, both of which positively impact hormonal production. The powdered formula most interestingly contains orange zest that imparts a nice aroma and flavor.

Also, it is easy to prepare and drink.

These ingredients not only improve overall health but also addresses poor libido. This product has no additives that may cause addiction.

Shop at Man Green’s Official Website.

2. Best Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction: Rock Hard Formula

The Rockhard Formula supplement contains a blend of herbs like goji Berry, nettle root, and eucommia bark, among others.

It has no toxic effects like allergic reactions and dizziness. It encourages healthy levels of testosterone production. Thus, it acts as a sustainable way of hormonal elevation.

Shop at Rock Hard Formula’s Official Website.

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3. Best Libido Enhancer: Alpha Xtra Boost

Compared to the other two, this Alpha Xtra Boost supplement contains different ingredients. It has pacific kelp and fennel seeds, among other components.

It is safe yet effective in regulating hormonal production. Moreover, the creator claims the plant ingredients are grown without any herbicides.

Shop at Alpha Xtra Boost’s Official Website.

4. Best Supplement for Increasing Energy Levels: Huge Male Secret

This natural formulation supplement, Huge Male Secret, contains cayenne pepper, and ginkgo biloba. The Chinese ginseng root encourages testosterone production.

The other supporting components like Damiana and Tribulus Terrestris improve sex drive. The supplement also positively impacts blood flow in the testes and treats erectile dysfunction.

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5. Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplement: Barbarian XL 

The Barbarian XL natural supplement containing Boswellia resin extract, Ashwagandha, and Tongkat Ali. Besides, it includes red ginseng and Shilajit.

Moreover, its incorporation of zinc and vitamin D makes it a full-fledged natural treatment. Apart from increasing natural hormonal production, it eases the symptoms.

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How Can You Combat Low Testosterone-Induced Weight Gain?

This hormone encourages muscle growth and prevents fat accumulation. So, its reduced level aligns with increased body weight.

The risks associated with hormonal therapy prevent its full-fledged or large-scale use for reducing weight. On the other hand, natural supplements may have limited efficacy.

One can use natural ways of increasing the hormone. Besides that, going on a diet and exercise to lose weight still proves to be safe and effective.


Testosterone, being a primary hormone, is associated with important functions. This implies keeping track of normal testosterone levels.

Making healthy lifestyle changes can boost testosterone naturally. Besides, supplements can be used to increase this hormone.

Mita ManGreens is considered the best among natural formulations. It contains scientifically balanced concentrates.

It addresses deteriorating health. Also, it boosts energy levels bringing back normalcy in life.

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How To Boost Testosterone FAQs 

How severe can the impacts of low testosterone become?

It is not always associated with severe cases. But, if the impacts seem uncontrolled, it calls for quick treatment.

In severe cases, it can cause osteoporosis or poor bone health. Besides, a low level of this hormone can seem problematic for couples trying for conception.

Is reduced testosterone necessarily a bad thing?

Lowering testosterone is not always negative, like in cases caused by medicines for prostate cancer. So, people opting for testosterone therapy need to check the condition of cancerous growth.

Contrary to popular belief, lower testosterone may not always cause infertility. People concerned with the association between reduced testosterone and conception can concentrate on natural ways of increasing the hormone.

Can one avoid a reduction in testosterone levels?

There are full-fledged ways to avoid low testosterone levels. However, prevention gets difficult if inherent conditions like undescended testicles are involved.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps in keeping the effects of low testosterone controlled. In individuals without chromosomal or inherited conditions, healthy living goes a long way in avoiding reduced testosterone levels.

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