How to Block Unwanted Calls Through Verizon Wireless

By Jay White

February 11, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

There are many reasons you would want to block an unwanted call. This can include excluding a regular pattern of calls from an unwanted business, or removing a person from being able to reach your phone. There are a number of ways that this can be done, several of which can be done via a verizon phone.

1. Do Not Call Registry:

To begin, start with a visit to the national do not call website, located at This website is designed to keep telemarketers from ever calling you in the first place. The call lasts you ten years, so if you did this long ago on this cell number, you will need to do it again.

2. Call Blocking Features:

You can choose from a menu of call blocking features on a Verizon phone. Here is the run-down of what they are, and how to set them up:
<li>Anonymous Call Block– This will tell anyone who has blocked their number that if they want to reach you, they must first hang up and unblock their phone. To activate, press *7</li>
<li>Call Block– This is an older service that is not available to new customers. However, if someone has already created a call block account for you, then you can add numbers to the list. There is a total of either six or twelve numbers you can block, depending on when you got the service. </li>
<li>Do Not Disturb– This is another remnant program that was once available but is no longer. It would put your phone on a temporary block where you wouldn’t receive calls from anyone but a few important numbers. This way, you could enjoy the theater and know the only calls you would get would be from the babysitter.</li>

If you still find that this is not enough, an active call screening combined with blocked call rejection should be enough. This will allow you to watch for callers you don’t want to hear from, and avoid people trying to sneak in under the guise of a blocked caller. Here are a few tips to keep from getting surprised:

Don’t Pick Up Without Knowing Who it is, and let it go to voicemail when you don’t know. People will understand when you call them back.

Keep a good list of contacts, so that your phone tells you who, and not just what number, is calling.

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