How to Block Phone Numbers on an Apple iPhone

By Jay White

May 2, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Blocking phone calls on the iPhone is now a simpler process than in the past, since this popular smartphone comes with built-in call blocking features. There will always be telemarketers and others you don’t want to talk to, and blocking calls on the iPhone is the most effective way to end that everyday annoyance. Blocking only takes a couple of minutes when you have the latest version of the iOS mobile operating system.

<strong>Call Blocking With iOS or Later</strong>

Starting with the iOS 7 release, the iPhone now comes with built-in blocking tools under “Settings.” This utility allows you to block text messages and Facetime calls from certain numbers as well. No third-party apps are required, and you’ll also no longer need to pay extra each month to your cell plan carriers for call blocking.

To block a certain number, navigate to Settings –> General –> Phone –> Blocked. Then you’ll be prompted to select the number you want to block from a list of recent calls. The number’s owner won’t get any notification that you’ve blocked his or her number.

<strong>Using Your Cell Carrier to Block Calls</strong>

If you have an earlier version of iOS, you can download a separate app called iBlacklist that will block selected numbers from your iPhone. This app is only available from a third-party vendor and only works on a jail-broken iPhone, though this process is fairly simple. This particular app comes with downloading and installation instructions, and its interface prompts you to select a new number to block in much the same way as the iPhone settings in later iOS versions.

Another option is to buy a number-blocking feature for your iPhone through your cell carrier. The extra cost for this tool varies by carrier, and you may need to navigate to your account home page in order to select the number to be blocked. This option is usually one of the last choices for iPhones whose hardware doesn’t allow upgrading to the latest operating system.

<strong>Using the Do Not Disturb Setting</strong>

A final alternative is to use the “Do Not Disturb” setting under your iPhone’s general settings. You can adjust this setting to allow calls only from specific numbers while excluding those numbers you want to block from your iPhone. You can also set this mode to be turned on only at certain times of the day.


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