How Much Does It Cost To Resize A 14 Ct Yellow Gold Ring One Size Larger?

By Jay White

May 15, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Gold Ring

The body continues to grow throughout your life. A ring set in a certain size might not fit you later in your life. How much does it cost to resize a 14 ct yellow gold ring one size larger?

Resizing Depends on Ring Characteristics

Professional jewelers will admit that resizing rings is a natural process. The exact price of the resizing will depend upon the method, type of ring, gems, settings, prongs and size.

The two primary methods for resizing rings are 1) Stretching and 2) Bridging. There are advantages and disadvantages to either method. The bridging method can be done with most rings, the stretching method is not possible with some rings.

The stretching method might require heating the metal to make it softer. Gold is already a very soft metal. The jeweler might need to remove jewels that are heat-sensitive – pearls, opals or emeralds.

If you have prongs holding the gems in place, this stretching method may misalign the jewels. The stretching method also tends to weaken and thin the gold metal shank.

The bridging method involves a piece of gold metal being cut or added to the ring. The crescent pieces are then re-soldered to the required size to create the full circle once again.

Of course, if you resize it bigger, the jeweler must add some metal that might weigh a gram or so. If you resize it smaller, make sure you keep the gold metal. It has value. Or you can sell it to the jeweler to defray the resizing charge.

One-of-a-Kind Emotional Keepsake

For a priceless wedding ring or family memento, you want to make sure that it stands the test of time. Experts suggest you find a good jeweler respecting the value you place on your ring.

You should make sure that the prongs holding any gems are well-aligned. The angles might be off by a small fraction. Use a toothpick to try to move gem – you don’t want to be able to move it.

Your final bill for resizing will depend upon the ring shape, gemstone setting and hand engraving skills of the jeweler. If you purchase extra gold for the bridging method that will cost more money. Otherwise, a general 14 ct yellow gold ring resizing of one level should be anywhere between $50 to $150.

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