How Much Do Models Get Paid To Pose In Playboy?

By Jay White

June 7, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how much do playboy models get paid

Models who pose for Playboy and other publications where they are expected to show substantial amounts of skin are not customarily paid a set or fixed rate. In many cases, modeling fees tend to be negotiable; one of the few exceptions in this regard is the fee that a Playmate of the Month (PMOM) can expect.

Playboy, the media empire founded by American business mogul Hugh Hefner in 1953, is known to pay their PMOM models $25,000. For this fee, the PMOM will have to do more than just disrobe and look sexy in front of the camera. There may be promotional material created for websites as well as personal appearances for marketing.

The Playmate of the Yewar (PMOY) is selected from the 12 PMOM models by Mr. Hefner, who also consults magazine ratings and reader polls to reach this decision. A PMOY received $100,000 in addition to a car and even a motorcycle.

At this point, it would be in the best interest of the model to retain a savvy agent who to help her negotiate further media engagements and contracts.

It is important to note that models have other pictorial opportunities outside of the PMOM and PMOY. The modern Playboy media empire consists of several Internet properties that cater to different interests. Modeling fees for the Playboy Cyber Club will depend on the level of performance required.

These days, digital video is a major business focus, and thus models who are interested in acting out sexual scenes may be able to negotiate their fees; in many cases, modeling for the traditional print version of Playboy pays more than for the online features.

Now that Playboy is a major player in the vast online erotic industry, models have more casting opportunities. More discreet pictorials that involve less exposure will result in reduced fees for the models. An example in this regard would be a topless group shot for the many college-themed features; such an engagement would only net a few hundred dollars.

When the models have celebrity backgrounds, their Playboy modeling fees may increase substantially. To this effect, we know that Hollywood darling Jennifer Aniston once declined the handsome offer of $4 million.

Perennial bad girl Lindsay Lohan famously turned down $750,000; nonetheless, she smartly negotiated and later accepted $1 million. Long after she left her Playboy life behind, actress Jenny McCarthy would return as a refined lady for a tasteful pictorial that paid her $140,000.

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