How Do We Know When We Have Enough?


January 7, 2008   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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One of the challenges we face in life is realizing when we have enough. Often there are times when we think we need more of something only to find out that we had it all along. Other times, we feel our lives are missing something – we feel an emptiness that we can’t identify. That emptiness is often a sign that we are missing or don’t have enough of a certain item in our life – be it enough family time, education, happiness or a myriad of other things.

Let’s take a look at the eight most common “do we have enough” items and see why each is important in our lives and how we can work at achieving the perfect balance to help us life our lives to their full potential and purpose.

    1. Love. This doesn’t have be a deep, physical relationship that we often think of when we think about love. It can also represent the relationship you have with family, friends, business associates and the community in which you live. Forming these relationships is important in all our lives because they allow us to interact and get to know people and understand who they are. Social networks are an important part of our lives and it can often to be argued that there is no limit on “enough” for these relationships. 
  • Expressed Feelings. Do you speak up enough and tell those around you what you are thinking or how you feel? Do you do everything you want to do for others in our lives? All too often we can be the best speaker in the world when it comes to business or career topics, but when it comes to personal and family relationships we fall deafly silent. Speak up and talk to those around you and make sure that through your words and actions you are doing for others around you to support and help them. Communications is the key to any successful personal or business relationship. Don’t leave anything unsaid. 
  • Time. It seems that we all have a fascination with the clock. We often use the concept of time to define things that we want to happen, or wish would happen. We also think that time is the defining factor in whether or not we can do something. How often have you heard, “I’m too old to be doing that” or “If only this would happen, then I could do that”? Don’t let time hold you back in life. You are never too old to do anything and the only person holding you back from doing something is yourself! 
  • Faith. Do you have peace of mind and serenity? Do you go to sleep at night without worrying about exactly what will happen tomorrow? It is necessary to have faith in our lives in order to live a fulfilled life. Sometimes we just have to let things happen and not worry about them. We have to believe that things will work out. Spend less time worrying about what will happen and instead focus your energy on helping to make things happen. 
  • Happiness. How many of us are truly happy? How many of us know what happiness is? Everyone defines happiness differently – it’s what makes us unique. Find what makes you happy in life and then pursue it and enjoy it to its fullest extent. Find out what makes others happy – and then do it! Most of all, be grateful for those around you who bring happiness into your life. 
  • Professional Development. Never stop learning in your career. Take advantage of every opportunity to grow and become more knowledgeable in what you do. Look forward to every day as an opportunity to help you learn more and grow more professionally. Make sure that you have a clear roadmap to success defined for your career. Know what you want to achieve as a professional and every day take another small step towards making that happen. 
  • Personal Development. Do you have a purpose in life? What makes you tick? What makes you wake up every morning and go, “I can’t wait to start today”? Discover what you your passion is in life and then pursue it with a vengeance! Your life is a journey that is unlike any other you will ever embark on – so make sure that you take the time to enjoy it instead of worrying about every turn off the road.
  • Money. For some people, it all boils down to the money. Make sure you have enough to live comfortably and to do what you would like to do in life. At the same time, make sure that you give back to the community and people around you through donations of money and time. Don’t get caught in the trap so many people do of always wanting more “stuff”. Consumption is not the road to happiness. Material possessions don’t make you happy – only your passions and goals in life can lead you to happiness!

So do you have enough? Or are there areas in your life where you have too much of one thing and not enough of the other? How can you balance your life out to make sure that each of your needs in life is being met and that you know when you have had enough?

Written by David B. Bohl


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