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How Do I Start a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service?

Now that marijuana is legal in some jurisdictions and under some conditions, budding entrepreneurs are looking for ways to profit from this lucrative industry. Some of the segments that are emerging in this regard include dispensaries, retail stores, growing operations, and delivery services. Of all the potential revenue channels in the pot industry, delivery services are often inquired about, and they happen to be the most nebulous.

Breaking into the nascent marijuana business in the United States presents a major problem: Cannabis is still considered a controlled substance at the federal level, which means that pot entrepreneurs may still face scrutiny by law enforcement, prosecution and possibly prison time.

<strong>Status of Pot Delivery Services in the U.S.</strong>

Marijuana delivery services already operate in some parts of the U.S., but their legal status beyond the federal level is uncertain. For example, in the Seattle and Puget Sound regions, a couple of marijuana delivery services seem to be pushing the limits of legality, but legalization activists and law enforcement officers seem to be at odds due since Washington is a state currently in transition with regard to making pot legal.

Speakers who lecture at marijuana business seminars insist on keeping the nature of the enterprise off public records. In Colorado, where marijuana is sold on a retail basis at select storefronts, prospective business people who wish to operate a home delivery service for medical pot will probably have an easier time in terms of compliance and staying out of trouble.

California presents an interesting situation insofar as storefront dispensaries, which are legal in certain municipalities, are constantly challenged by opposition activists and law enforcement officials. To this effect, some dispensaries have closed up shop and changed their operations to mobile retail outlets instead. In the Golden State, the Health and Safety Code specifically places limits on mobile retail outlets, which attests to their legality under certain circumstances.

In the end, starting a medical marijuana delivery business will require retaining a criminal defense attorney whose focus is on the incipient legalization of pot in some jurisdictions. The business principals should be ready to submit to the utmost extremes of compliance in order to see their enterprise come to fruition.

Even though this could be lucrative business, entrepreneurs should keep in mind the inherent risks of transporting something that the federal government still treats as a controlled substance.

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