How Do I Get My Dishwasher To Stop Leaving White Powdery Film On My Glasses?

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Wine Glass

Do you get that white powdery film on your glasses after you clean them in the dishwasher? Isn’t that annoying? Here is how to get your dishwasher to stop leaving white powdery film on your glasses.

<h2>Dishwasher Cleaning and Maintenance</h2>

The first thing you want to do is to ensure that your dishwasher parts are clean and in good working order. Clean out the dishwasher garbage trap of any old food, hair or dirt particles. There might be clumps of dishwasher soap in there also. Remove this trap screen and wash in vinegar to make for a more efficient cleaning process.

Second, get out a towel or brush and manually scrub the dishwasher interior. Remove any parts and clean them thoroughly. Check underneath them for caked soap. Soaking them in a hot vinegar water solution is a good idea. Use this same vinegar solution with plenty of hot water to clean the dishwasher interior. When the powdery soap cakes up, it leaves that powdery film. You want to make sure that all of the soap is liquified when you wash your dishes.

Third, wash a small container full of white vinegar by itself in the dishwasher. This will also remove any microscopic particles that you missed. Vinegar is the nemesis to powdery soap. Wipe down all the surfaces once again.

Fourth, if you want to remove any lingering smells, you can place some baking soda in a container in your dishwasher and wash another load. This will soak up any foul odors.

<h2>Clean This Way Every Three Months</h2>

Now, your dishwasher should be sparkling clean and ready to go. When you do the next dishwasher load, you might want to pre-dissolve the powdery soap to ensure that it is properly liquified. You can also shake and bust up any cakes that may form in the soap container when it is not being used. Any humidity could lead to the soap turning into clumps. A higher quality soap might help also.

Regularly clean your dishwasher every three months with this vinegar process to remove all of the powdery soap. Do your best to look for caked soap that is not dissolved properly. With regular cleaning and maintenance you can stop the dishwasher from leaving white powdery film on your glasses.

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