How Do I Get A Tam Card In Las Vegas?

By Jay White

May 15, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


The Michigan Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA) is an organization dedicated to providing advocacy for those who do business in the American liquor industry. Years ago, the MLBA created a program called Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM), which aims to promote public safety by providing education to workers who handle liquor in the hospitality industry.

Various states have chosen to adapt the TAM program into their legislation. In Nevada, the TAM program is handled by the Commission on Post Secondary Education. Chapter 369 of the Nevada Revised Statutes includes a section describing the provisions related to TAM, which includes issuance of an Alcohol Awareness Card to hospitality workers who complete TAM training.

In essence, bartenders, wait staff, and hosts who handle and serve alcoholic beverages in Nevada must complete a TAM course, pass a test and obtain a card for the purpose of business compliance. Those who work in counties with populations under 100,000 do not have to worry about this requirement; however, even cashiers and store clerks who handle liquor are required to get the TAM card if they work in counties where the population is greater than 400,000.

In addition to the occupations mentioned above, certain casinos in Las Vegas require dealers and valet parking attendants to have an up-to-date TAM card as a condition of continued employment.

<strong>TAM Card Class Details, Requirements and Locations</strong>

Students must be at least 16 years old to attend TAM training. Classes may be taken online or in person, but the certification exam is always administered in a classroom under the supervision of an instructor. The worker’s photograph must be clearly displayed on the TAM card, which is good for a period of four years.

There are many state-approved vendors dedicated to TAM card training in Las Vegas and Reno. Some major casinos contract vendors to provide on-site training and testing for their employees. Job seekers in Las Vegas should take the initiative of obtaining TAM cards on their own so that they appear more attractive to employers.

The cost of attending TAM training, taking the exam and getting the Nevada Alcohol Awareness Card should be less than $30. Taking online classes followed by a live test is very popular, but workers who are new to the hospitality industry will certainly benefit from classroom instruction. The majority of TAM training providers are located in Paradise, Las Vegas and Reno.

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