How Do I Change My Signature On My T-Mobile My Touch 3G?

By Jay White

May 15, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Now that you are the proud owner of the stylish T-Mobile My Touch 3G Android phone, you might want to learn how to change your signature. Your signature tells the world a lot about who you are and can be used for authentication. This is how you change your signature on your T-Mobile My Touch 3G.

<h2>More Elaborate Signature</h2>

The electronic signature can be a good way to customize your name or authenticate your identity when you interact with others. Whether text messages or email, your signature is unique. Signature experts can tell a lot about your character based on the curvature and format of your writing.

The first thing to note is that your T-Mobile My Touch 3G phone may or may not have its own “Signature” setting. If it does, these instructions will help you find this designation. If it does not, then you can always download an effective “Signature” application. These instructions will inform you of where to find the application settings on your phone.

This simplified Android phone might have the “With Google” words on the back of it. The compacitive touch screen is easy-to-use. The design of this phone is similar to the HTC Magic.

You can start to change your e-signature by pressing the “Menu” button on the lower left-hand side. This is the main way to access your primary features. Next, select the “Settings” button (hammer and wrench icon) on the lower right-hand side of the phone.

Now, if your phone allows for you to change your signature, you will be able to access this option through the “Locale & Text” option. Click on this.

Press the “Signature” option. Enter your email signature. Your phone should have a separate pad allowing you to write your name in cursive. Hit “OK” to save your signature.

<h2>Signature Application</h2>

Another option is to download an application for adding and modifying signatures. You should be able to find a free app at one of the online stores. This will give you more attractive features than the normal T-Mobile My Touch 3G standard system.

If you download this application onto your T-Mobile My Touch 3G, you can find it using the following path: Menu > Settings > Locale & Text > Applications. Your signature can be a nice added more professional feature.

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