7 Common Mistakes Making Your Home Prone to Burglary

By Ahmad Hamidi

January 19, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Did you know? An incidence of burglary happens somewhere in the USA every 18 seconds, adding up to 200 per hour, and nearly 4,800 burglaries every day.

And the shocking fact is that 30 percent of these burglaries are done through unlocked windows and doors while over 50 percent take place during the day when homeowners are at work. Many of these burglaries could be prevented by following simple home safety measures.

Don’t let your home to be the next target. Instead, reinforce your home security by not making any of the common home security mistakes given below:

Leaving Your Doors and Windows Unlocked in Your Absence

unlocked door

Given that 30 percent of burglaries happen because of unlocked doors and windows, make sure to lock these entry points every time you leave, otherwise, a burglar won’t even have to try very hard to get into your home.

Additionally, get your old and malfunctioning door and window locks replaced as soon as possible with quality locks.

Hiding a Key Under a Doormat

This old trick won’t work anymore as today’s burglars are more sophisticated and smarter than you think. A burglar knows well where a homeowner is likely to hide the keys—either under the doormat or the plant pot. This is why you should keep the keys with you or hand over them to your reliable neighbors (if you have any) after locking the home.

Not Stopping or Forwarding Your Mail and Newspaper Delivery

Mails overflowing from the mailbox or newspaper piling up at the front of your door hint of the home owner’s prolonged absence. Therefore, stop the delivery of mails and newspapers or ask your neighbor to collect them from time to time.

Not Having a Home Security System Installed

Homes without security or alarm systems are up to 300% more likely to be targeted by a burglar. Therefore, you must invest in a home security system to avoid the potential break-ins.

They let you monitor the property from a distance, send your home status via messages and alert the police in the case of a break-in, thereby ensuring your peace of mind.

Apart from burglary, they offer protection from fire breakouts, electrical faults, and other accidents. Remember, you might find them costly, but not installing one may cost you even more.

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Leaving Tools and Ladders Out

leaving ladder out

Do you leave the ladder outside? Is it in the backyard or placed under the window? Is your ladder leaning against the wall?

If yes, you are making the task easier for a burglar. An intruder can use your ladder to get inside your home through the windows or the rooftop. Similarly, the tools you leave outside may come handy for a burglar to remove the hinges of the gate or the bars of the windows. Secure and store your ladder, hammers, lawn clippers, and saws inside when not in use.

Announcing that You are Not at Home on Social Media

Sharing your vacation plans on social media alerts the burglars that you are away from home. No wonder 4 out of 5 burglars use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to pick targets. Be careful to update about your holidays on social media when you’re away, especially on Twitter and Instagram which are easily accessible to everyone.

Leaving Hiding Places Outside

Tall shrubs along your homes and dark areas in your yard are the perfect hiding spots for burglars. That doesn’t mean you have to cut down all the trees and shrubs in your yard. Simply trim larger bushes and tree branches regularly to minimize the dark shadows and shelters that cover intruders.

Remember these tips to make your home safer for yourself and your loved ones.

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Ahmad Hamidi

Ahmad Hamidi is an author and editor at Secure Guard Security Services, a leading security service provider in California region.

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