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Home Loan Tips: 5 Things To Avoid After Getting Your Home Loan Sanctioned

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Are you looking for Home Loan tips?  Do you have a dream home and need a Home Loan to finance it?

Foraging for a lucrative online Home Loan and meeting the housing loan eligibility requirements are the first few steps towards possessing your dream home. But, if you’re thinking that your job ends here, you are wrong. You can easily find yourself neck deep in financial mess if you’re not careful with your own finances during the repayment tenure.

While it’s equally important that you keep paying your bills on time, it’s also essential that you keep the following points in mind so as not to lose sight of your finances.

Never apply for new credit

If your Home Loan just got sanctioned or is in the final stages of being approved, you should never apply for another loan. Signing up for another debt can change your credit rating, which in turn could mean a change in the interest rate you are being charged for the Home Loan. This could also result in a delay in the final settlement of your finances. So, it’s best that you don’t opt for another loan until all debts have been settled.

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Don’t delay existing installments or bills

This applies for individuals who have existing loans to be cleared or credit card payments to be paid off. Delaying these payments can result in a downfall of your credit ratings which can affect the status of your Home Loan application.

Avoid a major purchase

If you’re a new homeowner who’s still waiting for a Home Loan to be sanctioned, it’s best if you refrain from making any major purchases like an automobile or electronic items, in credit or cash. Buying on credit will affect your credit ratings whereas buying with cash will affect your savings and assets disclosed to the bank.

Any sudden changes to personal finance can have a negative effect on getting a Home Loan approved.

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Refrain from changing jobs

When you apply for a Home Loan, your job, employer details, income, number of dependents, and other personal details are taken into consideration. Changing jobs before your loan gets approved can turn out to be a hindrance. The final approval of the loan might get delayed or even cancelled if the institution is not sure of your job security. This is mainly because of the fact that changing your field of work can make your lender doubt the stability of your income.

Don’t move your savings and deposits around

When applying for a loan, your recent deposits and savings are considered to better judge your repayment capability. In such a situation, moving your funds or making huge cash deposits without informing the lender can push them to doubt your financial transparency.

Resorting to such activities might leave them no choice but to brandish a red flag and halt the loan approval process.

Good luck with your Home Loan and we hope you get the house of your dreams with these Home Loan tips!


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