Here’s How to Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365

By Hrsh Sharma

May 31, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

In today’s world, emails are necessary for sharing & receiving data from another person. But sometimes, we delete emails by mistake! If you use Office 365 for your emails, don’t panic! There are ways to recover deleted emails in Office 365. Whether it’s a work thing or a message from a friend, Office 365 provides the solution to retrieving the removed content. In this article, we’ll show you how to bring back those deleted emails so you can access your removed files successfully.

Know the Reasons to Restore Deleted Emails in Outlook 365

Do you know the factors behind the same issue? If not, then go through these below-mentioned points & understand in what type of situation we need to proceed with restoring the emails task:

  1. Easily delete emails; recover them to avoid losing important messages from your inbox.
  2. Recover deleted emails containing vital project details, meeting schedules, or essential attachments.
  3. Ensure compliance; recover emails needed for legal purposes or regulatory obligations.
  4. Prevent data loss by recovering deleted emails, and maintaining a comprehensive history of communication.
  5. Recover accidentally deleted personal messages, preserve cherished memories, and maintain connections.
  6. Quickly recover deleted emails to minimize downtime, stay focused, and enhance overall productivity.

Is There Any Manual Solution to Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365?

Before starting with the steps to restore deleted emails in Outlook 365, the first thing to remember is you can’t recover your data if it is deleted permanently. But, you can retore your content, if it is kept in a deleted mailbox. Plus, it is advised to add retention policies to your mailboxes, so that you can avoid the “permanently deleted emails issue” effortlessly & you can easily understand how long does Office 365 keep deleted emails.

However, if you want to restore the data from the deleted mailbox, then you just have to follow the stepwise instructions which is given below:

  1. Log in with your credentials to access your Office 365 account.
  2. Open Outlook from the Office 365 portal or app.
  3. Find and click “Deleted Items” in the left pane.
  4. Use the search bar to find emails by sender, subject, or keywords.
  5. Select emails and choose the “Recover” option from the right-click menu or drag them to your inbox.
  6. Verify recovered emails in the designated folder.

So, with these steps, one can restore the data, only when if it is not deleted permanently from your mailbox. But, when it comes to recovering the data after 30 days of deletion then what would you do? Well! Come down, there is no need to worry at all since in the upcoming section we will learn the same in detail.

How to Recover Deleted Emails in Office 365 After 30 Days?

Restoring the data manually after the deletion of 30 days is not possible because Microsoft doesn’t provide any native solution for this. So, the question arises, what would we have to do in this situation? The answer is quite simple we just have to opt for a solution that can restore the content efficiently like SysTools Office 365 Backup Tool. With this utility, one can easily recover data even in large volumes simultaneously.

With its self-explanatory interface, one can effortlessly proceed with the restoring operation. Additionally, with this software users can backup their Office 365 data, to ensure information continuity even if it is lost. Overall, with this solution, you don’t need to worry about your M365 content.

Instructions to Restore Deleted Emails in Outlook 365

Here are the step-by-step guidelines to recover deleted emails in Office 365 using the specified tool:

  1. Run the solution & select the “Restore Office 365 Data” option.
  2. Opt for the source(Outlook) & target(Office 365) platform.
  3. Afterward, choose the categories for restoration like email, document, etc. Optionally: choose the date filter option for selective restoration of content.
  4. Next, select the destination path to store the resultant data. Click on the Validate button.
  5. Now, provide the Admin credentials(Admin Email & Application ID).
  6. For a perfect restoration, the tool offers three options for mapping: Fetch Users, Import Users & Download Template.
  7. After selecting any of the options, press the “Start Restore” button.

Bring it All Together

Many times, users are facing the issue of accidental Office 365 email loss. But they don’t know how to recover deleted emails in Office 365. So, to get rid of this issue we are here to troubleshoot this hassle with the help of one smart solution since there is no manual solution available for the same. So, from now onwards users don’t have to worry about how to restore deleted emails in Outlook 365 or how to take a backup of Microsoft 356 data because the specified solution can manage everything.

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