How To Help Your Heartbroken Friend Become Normal Like Before

By Karan Bhagat

October 6, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

I exactly know how it feels, the pain is really unimaginable. No matter how cheered up person you are in your daily life, once your heart breaks everything comes to rest. You literally then don’t wanna enjoy life or should I say you almost forget how to enjoy life.
There was a time when your friend used to be the heartbeat of everyone, the shining star of every party, the person full of life but now your friend is unable to smile even.
There are different reasons for being heartbroken, some get separated due to their family pressures or some get separated because one of them ditched the other. To be very true I have seen one of close friend of mine being in this condition, every time he used to stay depressed because he was ditched by his girlfriend, only I know how I used to made him laugh, he once said even – “Bro, if you wouldn’t have been with me, literally I would have gone mad till now”. These tips below can bring your friend back to life.
Tips To Get Your Friend Back To Life

1.) Don’t Leave Him/Her Alone:-

An empty mind is devil’s workshop. Why I am calling it a devil? The work which old memories do to a heartbroken person is not less than that done by a devil. He/she will only think of the old memories they spent together, the way they used to love each other, the way they used to talk to each other, every sweet (now sad) memory will make him/her cry every time.

2.) Tell Your Friend That He/She Didn’t Deserve You:-

Tell your friend that you have lost the person who never loved you but he/she has lost a person who loved them the most. Encourage them to forget their past and move one as there is something more beautiful which god has planned for them.

3.) Don’t Send Them Love Messages or Songs:-

You will do the silliest mistake by sending this kind of love stuff to your heartbroken friend. Unknowingly you are forcing them to remember their past, on one hand you are trying to cheer them up and on the other you are again making them fall in the same pit of depression. Instead of it send them something funny, something like they couldn’t control their laugh after reading or watching.

4.) Take Them Out:-

Its the time for some outing. Plan a friends get together, call every close friend of his/her and plan a day, a day full of fun, a night out will also do the work. Before that strictly inform everyone that no one will speak of love related things in front of him/her, nothing such which could freshen your friend’s wounds.

5.) Does Your Friend Like Porn:-

Is there any person here who would disagree with the fact that at the time of sex or after masturbation the stress is relieved completely? I think no one, its a fact. Yes, it might happen that your friend would resist it for sometime, or he/she will just stop liking these things but nobody can stay away from such things for long. Use it as a weapon.

6.) Remind Him/Her Of Family:-

For most of the people, their family is their weakness and strength both. Every youngster know that how much their family loves them and what they mean to their family. Remind him/her of the family, say “How they will feel if they see you like this, you went into depression for that love of yours so can’t you cheer up and come back to life for the ones who gave you birth, who love you unconditionally”. Trust me this can give your friend a reason to cheer up.
Although its very easy to say “Forget Him/Her” but its really extremely difficult to move on, to give someone else the place once you gave it to your ex. Once who was your present and future, today the same person has turned into past and memories only, this is the most hurting feeling and friends have the power to heal these wounds, use it.

Karan Bhagat

He loves to write for people seeking invaluable information.

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