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November 6, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Earlier this week I told all of you about a site named Service Beacon. If you own a car and haven’t checked it out, you should. As usual, my post gained some legs and was picked up by a ton of other blogs including Lifehacker – one of the biggest.

I admittedly get a kick out of this. I love the fact that DLM shares enough credible information to make us some kind of resource for other blogs. It’s great. As for Service Beacon, here are their comments:

The one day (now into day 2) traffic on the site as well as the sign-ups have surpassed even our wildest expectations. In case anyone is wondering, a new car is being added, on average, every 45 seconds. Pretty incredible.

Not bad right? Well Service Beacon appreciated the domino effect and sent me a $50 Amazon gift card. If you are a serious DLM reader, you’d know that I don’t accept gifts. So, it’s yours for the taking.

I am going to make this simple. Here is a dilemma that I just received from a reader (literally 2 minutes ago). The best response wins and I am the sole judge. Just leave your response in the comments by 11/08/07 and be sure to leave a way that I can reach you.

Hey Jay,

Today after driving 8 hours already (north) and as it got progressively worse on the roads (snow, slush, etc). I had an awful feeling in my stomach.

I had a truck almost get side swiped right in front of me, then not even 5 minutes later I seen a Ford F-350 get hit by a semi 1 car in front of me.

Luckily myself and the other car were about to slow down and stay out of the way, the semi hit the truck, spun it around and out of the way then continued, hit a telephone pole (completely destroyed it) and ended up in a field.

I will not try to deny it. I froze. I didn’t know the first thing to do. I threw my shoes on but before I could even react 3 others were already at the truck and on their phones calling 911.

I felt worthless and didn’t know what I could do to help.

I am young (somewhat) 20 years old and never seen something like that and hope I never do again.

God forbid, if I do, what are some suggestions on what to do, things to look for, maybe even survival things for people out on the road in general.

Thanks Jay.


So there you go. The best response gets the $50. What would you do? What should you have done?


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