6 Ways Happiness Can Help You Be Better At Work

By Rayanne Dany

September 7, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

happiness in the workplace

For most people, happiness is hard to achieve. There are insecurities, stress and life problems they have to overcome first before they can truly be happy. However, once the storm has passed, happiness can’t only make your life easier; it can also make work a lot more enjoyable for you.

Here are some of the ways happiness can positively affect you at work.

1. You Stay Positive

Being happy at work can help you stay positive about your tasks. No matter how overwhelmed you become with your workload or how stressful your work environment turns out, you can still finish all your tasks with a positive attitude. You’ll be able to resolve problems in the workplace easier, too.

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2. You Build a Friendly Rapport With Coworkers

friendly rapport

When you exude positive energy, people get attracted to you. They look forward to being with you and they sincerely enjoy your company.

This attraction can help you build a healthier relationship with your coworkers. When you get along with them really well, there’s a lesser chance for petty arguments and misunderstandings to happen. You’ll have no enemy at work, too.

3. You Are In the Good Books of Your Boss

Aside from being able to build a good relationship with your co-workers, you’ll also find it easy to get the approval of your boss. If he sees you as a likable and happy person, he’ll likely keep you in his company for a long time to radiate the same energy to his company.

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4. You Learn Things Faster

Happiness makes you feel more enthusiastic about your work. With your high energy and motivation, you’ll be able to assimilate new skills and information quickly.

And since you can learn things at a faster rate, you increase your productivity and you get more work done.

5. You Make Better Decisions

make better decisions

By being happy and maintaining a positive attitude, you’ll be able to make better decisions that can help improve your work. When you make good decisions, you’re also helping out your coworkers and company to grow.

6. You Learn from Your Mistakes

When you’re happy with your work, you’ll find it easy to adjust and adapt. One good example is when you commit mistakes.

Compared with other people who’ll sulk and get anxious about occasional mistakes, you grow and learn from them. You admit your mistakes and apologize for them without feeling bad for yourself. You don’t allow your errors to bother you too much to the point that you can’t work properly.

By having a positive perspective, you can use your mistakes at work as stepping stones to get better in life.

Being happy doesn’t mean there’ll be no problems. It simply means that you have a different way of addressing them. Problems will not stop happening at work or even your life. Do not let it deter you from feeling good and experiencing happiness.


Rayanne Dany

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