Get Off That Lazy Couch: 8 Ways to Get Out of a Slump

By Martijn Nanne

September 15, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Recently I was in a bit of a slump. Things just weren’t going my way.
Nowadays I am absolutely great again. I feel wonderful and life is on the up and up again.
However sooner or later I will probably get into a slump again. It’s inevitable.
How did I get out of it..?

#1 First of all: stop stressing about everything that isn’t going well.
You will be fine. You are fine right now. You are just having a little down period in your life.
Life always comes in waves. There will be a positive wave after a negative wave. But this will only happen if you don’t quit.
Accept that things just aren’t going your way at the moment. I know it’s hard. Overthinking is also one of my weaknesses. But somehow you will have to get some peace in the situation you are in right now.
Things that helped me with this:
– Meditation
– Yoga
– Walking
My favorite: meditation.

#2 Always take consistent action.
Often times, it’s just a factor of not having enough practice. Taking action is the only way to progress in your journey to success. I know it requires a lot of self-discipline but you should really do it. Successful people take action whether they feel like it or not.
Not taking action equals losing momentum. Whenever you lose momentum, it will become harder and harder to get out of a slump. It will also become harder and harder to start up again.
Sometimes I don’t work out for a week. I’m always amazed about my motivation level to work out after a week of inactivity. I can barely get myself to the gym. It’s because I have lost momentum. As long as you have momentum going for you, it will make things easier and easier over time.
On the other hand, the longer you do nothing, the harder it will become to start something.
Maybe you just have to build some momentum again to get the ball rolling?

#3 Reflect on your behavior
Often, people are doing the same thing over and over again without getting any further. So if this is your case, reflect. What is going well, what isn’t?
If you are not getting the results you want, you might be just doing the wrong things. Think outside the box, try something new. Remember, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.
Don’t take this as an excuse to quit something after trying for only 3 days.

#4 Focus on the process
Focus on your actions, the results will follow. It’s important to have a long term vision and direction of where to go. But focus mainly on the next action you have to take towards your dream.
Life is a grind, and if you hate the grind, you basically hate your life. Learn to love the grind.
Be proud of the actions you take. Do this instead of beating yourself up for not achieving the results that you want.
The way to success is like a bumpy road. There will be everything you want in life at the end of the road. You will only have to keep moving forward. You can only focus on the step you are taking right now. So where is your focus? Do you focus too much on the place where you want to be? Or is your focus on the step you are taking right now?
I can tell you, the more you focus on the step you are taking right now, the faster you will walk your road.

#5 Keep a long term vision
Why did you start all this in the first place? Why did you begin your journey?
Yes that’s it, because you want to peruse your dreams!
Picture your success in your mind. If the picture is right, you should have a strong desire towards this picture.
Let it motivate you.

#6 Find inspiration
Read. Watch videos. Talk about your dreams with other people.
These are my favorite ways to get inspiration.
Look at the people you want to be like. Read autobiographies. Watch their videos. If you have the option, talk with them. It’s all about sparking that flame within you.

#7 Don’t take life too seriously, have a laugh.
This actually helped me a lot.
I learned this on my last vacation.
In my vacation, I had no worries. I wasn’t in my “serious mode”. I was just focusing on amusing myself 24/7. After my holiday I felt distressed and able to refocus on my goals.
In day to day life, switch on the “self-amusement mode” sometimes. Amuse yourself. Don’t be the “serious only guy”. Try to crack some jokes with the people you interact with during the day. Hang out with your friends and loosen up (not with alcohol or drugs of course).
Please, have some fun in life.
My tip: try to focus on amusing yourself whenever you are not working or any other serious activity.

#8 Fill your life with positivity.
Negativity is toxic. As soon as you observe a negative thought, change it with a positive one. Make this a habit.
You become what you think. If you have too many negative thoughts, your life is more likely to get into a negative spiral. On the other hand, if you focus on the positive, your life is more likely to go into an upwards spiral.
Think about what you would say to your best friend. You probably won’t be all negative towards him for not achieving the results that he wanted. You’d rather motivate him and be proud of the action he took towards his dreams. Tell yourself what you would say to your best friend.

Good luck!

Martijn Nanne

Hey there Martijn Nanne here. I'm the founder of I'm a self development junky and I want everyone to truly take action towards their drea

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