How To Get Back a Normal Life After a Loss

By Robert Bruce

April 8, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

graveWhen someone close to you dies, it often seems like life can never be the same again. Yet loss is a natural part of life, and it is also something we all have to face. Of course, it is never easy, but there are ways to prepare yourself and ensure that things can return to normal in time. To help you through these difficult times, here are a number of factors to consider.

Prepare For Deaths

As grim as it sounds, death is an inevitable part of life, so you should always be prepared for it. While you might not always expect it, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. This is especially useful during the period following the immediate death. For instance, if memorial services are planned in advance, you don’t have to worry about it when the time comes. This is one less thing for you to worry about straight after losing someone, allowing you to move through the list of tasks that much quicker.

Think About What Others Would Want

When you care about people, you only want the best for them. The same is true for people who care about you. As such, you should always try and do your best in life for those around you. It is at times surrounding death that this should, perhaps, be remembered all the more. Would you want people to give up on life because you have left? When you think about it from this side of the argument, it’s easier to see that the people you love (and, in turn, those who love you back) would not want you to drop everything you have.

Don’t Suppress Your Emotions

While we all mourn differently, emotions are often high during this period. However, even long after the funeral, people can still feel emotional affliction due to their loss. Many people, for instance, are familiar with the various stages associated with death, but who’s to say how long this lasts for? Whether it’s a week or a year away, don’t feel bad about having strong feelings of any sort. In fact, it’s better to let these out in a safe environment, such as with loved ones or a professional counselor, than hold them back. Exploring these sensitive issues and moving past them is a key part of getting your life back to normal, so never be afraid to talk to others about how you’re feeling.

Make Every Day Count

If there’s one thing people often learn from death, it is that life itself is something worth cherishing. This is something we learn from a very young age. In fact, in a study of bereaved teenagers, 58% said we should be nice to those we care about, because there’s no guarantee how long we will have them in our lives. As such, if you focus on what you have – such as the people still in your life – rather than dwelling on the past, you can often be in a much better position. At the very least, you will have less regrets when somebody dies, knowing that you knew them as well as you could.

Embrace Your Spirituality

When deaths occur, studies have suggested we often embrace our own existing religious and spiritual views. We are reminded of our own mortality, and thus look to our existing faith for support. If this is true, then why not do this all the time? Why wait for a tragic event to remind us of what is important when we could live everyday this way? Not everybody has religious beliefs, of course, but many people often have a sense of spirituality. This could be as simple as embracing nature more, coming to terms with the idea of our own death or exploring possible religious beliefs in the first place. If you start thinking about this more freely, there will be less of a change when you lose someone close that will help you to keep your life a little more stable.

Recovering from a personal loss is a very close subject, so it’s only natural that everyone handles things differently. You may find some of these tips relate more closely to you than others, but all of them are useful pieces of advice to bear in mind. How do you feel when recovering from a loss? What pushes you to get your life back to normal? Please share with us and let like-minded people know.

Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce is an American mortician who has worked in all aspects of the funeral industry with in the state of Ohio.

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