First Date Blunders to Avoid

Image via Creative Commons, Geoffrey Chandler’s Flickr photostream. (Source)

7 years ago (to the day) I got married and thankfully left the dating scene. As a complete introvert dating was always awkward for me. I couldn’t decide where to take a date let alone muster the courage to go in for the first kiss. Gosh, I cringe thinking about it.

I know I am not the only one in this boat so if you want your date to go well, check out what Brad Isaac says. He lists 10 First Date Blunders that won’t guarantee success, but will put you on the path.

Here’s the moment of truth. You’ve met someone you really like. You’re excited. You’re nervous. You begin to formulate a plan. You mull over how you will dress, talk and act. You begin to think through what you’ll say, what they’ll say and then what you’ll say to what they said…

Good Stuff. 10 First Date Blunders That Blow It Every Time by Achieve IT.

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