First Access Visa Credit Card Reviews: No Credit History Required?

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Having poor credit is one of the reasons, customers fail to qualify for credit cards or Mastercards. It’s hard to hold stable credit all the time and your spending ability and lifestyle greatly impact it.

If your deposit bears most of your spendings, your credit portfolio remains in a bad reputation. Unlike big capital owners, most people need to worry about groceries shortages, monthly bills, and even tank filling.

With such financial chaos, you can hardly win the credit card facilities at your locals. Can First Access Visa Credit Card help in this? Let’s know the detailed scope of the card in this review.

CardBest ForFee & CreditMore Details
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Best For Bad Credit and Credit Building

Annual Fee: $0 • APR: 34.99%  • Feature: No Credit History Required

What is First Access Visa?

first access credit card review

First Access Visa Credit Card is an unsecured genuine visa credit card issued by The Bank of Missouri permitted from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The credit card issuer, the Bank of Missouri has been serving for more than 125 years and BauerFinancial, Inc. has awarded it a 5-Star Rating.

First Access Visa is available at millions of merchants and accepted at ATM locations nationwide and online. This full-featured credit card has an easy, quick, and secure online application.

You can receive the result in 60 seconds once you complete the application. Unlike others, First Access Visa doesn’t need perfect credit or credit score for approval.

Customers with bad credit also can qualify for First Access Visa and can improve their credit history or portfolio. You can receive the card quickly with optional Expedited Processing, though some additional charges may apply.

First Access Visa also offers a card design option through which you can get your favorite customized card. Once you get the card, you can have a $300 unsecured credit limit.

The card reports monthly to all three major credit bureaus or agencies. With this, it has an Online Customer Center available 24/7.

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How does First Access Visa work?

first access credit card review

Photo: First Access Card

First Access Visa is an unsecured credit card that is available throughout the US. It helps customers who can’t qualify for credit cards for their poor credit status.

You need to be 18 years old to get this card. First Access Visa Credit Card has an easy and free online application.

As soon as you submit the application, you’ll receive the result in just 60 seconds. Once you finish selecting the card design, they ask for a one-time set-up program fee, $95.

After that, the shipping will start and your card will reach your place in between seven to ten days. You can then use your card at all places tender at the card nationwide and online.

While using the card, you can avoid the charges on the new purchases. For this, you need to make a payment prior to the due monthly billing statement.

This is called a grace period. It will be at least 21 days from the billing cycle closing period.

What are the Features of First Access Visa?

first access credit card review

First Access Visa comes with several broader features that help you know what more you can get with this card.

Simple Online Application Process

You needn’t visit the physical branch to request a card. You can apply easily by filling an online form and can receive the result in just 60 seconds.

Easy To Qualify

Unlike others, First Access Visa doesn’t require strong credit or an excellent credit score. Even customers with bad credit can easily qualify for this card.

$300 Credit Limit

Unlike a secured credit card, First Access offers unsecured credit. Once you’re authorized to have a card, you’ll get a $300 credit limit, which is pretty much standard. You can get this credit without depositing any amount except, one time set up program fee.

24/7 Online Access

Customers can access their accounts from anywhere via the official website and mobile app. First Access Visa has 24/7 support so customers can’t wait for the date if they face any card issues.

No Introductory Transaction Fee

This is a welcome offer for the card cardholder for the first year of card membership. You needn’t pay any cash advance fee but after a year, either $10.00 or 3% of the amount from each cash advance is applied.

No Introductory Monthly Fee

There is no monthly fee for the first year of card membership at First Access Visa. After that, you need to pay $99.00 annually and $8.25 per month.

What is the Credit Score Requirement of First Access Visa?

First Access Visa aims at customers who have bad or poor credit. Through the use of this card, they can rebuild their credit history and portfolio.

Unlike others, it won’t require a high or perfect credit score to qualify. 300 FICO score will be enough for anyone to have this card.

How much does First Access Visa Cost?

first access credit card 6

When you decide to use First Access Visa after qualifying, you need to watch out for the card fees. Let’s tour a pack of fees and charges that come along with the card.

Set-Up and Maintenance Fees

Before your card is in full use, there comes a $95 set-up fee. Besides, the card has some maintenance fees including an annual fee and a monthly service fee.

Once the card is activated, you need to pay a $75 annual fee for the first year of the card membership. After that, only $48 will be charged for an annual fee.

Though during the introductory first year, you needn’t pay any amount for the monthly servicing. When the introductory period expires, you’ll be obliged to pay $99 annually or $8.25 per month.

Transaction Fees

Like monthly service fee, cash advance fee has also no obligation during the first year of card membership. After that, they impose either $10 or 3% of the total amount from each cash advance.

Penalty Fees

If you miss the minimum payment due as per your monthly bill, you’ll be fined a late payment fee. Having no issue regarding the late payment fee during the prior 6 billing periods lets you pay less than $29. Otherwise, you need to pay up to $40.

Like the late payment fee, there is also another penalty fee, called returned payment fee. This happened when any checks or items included in the payment of the amount dues are returned unpaid. You can be charged up to $40 for this no matter whatever the reasons are.

Additional Card Fee

If you need an additional card, you can request it via mobile app or online. For this, you need to pay $29 annually.

Premium Plastic Card Design Fee

Though the available customizable card designs are free to choose from, Premium Plastic Card Design costs. However, it won’t be greater than $10.

Credit Limit Increase Fee

Once your card gets activated, you receive a $300 credit limit. Once your bank account is one year older, you can increase your credit limit. For this, you’ll be charged 20% as a credit limit increase fee of the increased credit.

Express Delivery Fee

They include $35 for express delivery of the First Access Visa Credit Card.

Copying Fee

If you need duplicates of your monthly bills, or monthly statement, or any document, $3 may apply as a fee.

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Who is First Access Visa Best For?

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The target customers of First Access Visa Credit Card are those who have a bad or poor credit history. The card can be helpful for customers who can’t secure good or excellent credit scores.

For people who prefer easy to qualify for a visa credit card, First Access Visa can be a good hope. The US citizens can greatly leverage the First Access Visa Card

Also, for customers who want to improve their credit portfolio, this card can help a lot. Once they enhance their credit score, they can apply and qualify for other credit cards easily.

First Access Visa Pros and Cons

Though First Access Visa has relatively more charges or fees, we can’t deny how useful it is for people with bad credits. Let’s know more advantages and improvement areas of this card below.


Easy to Qualify: First Access Visa has an easy and secure online application. You can get results quickly and get qualified easily for the card.

You need no perfect or excellent credit to qualify. Even customers who have bad or poor credit can qualify and use this card.

Best for Credit Improvement: First Access Visa can be the credit rebuilding tool if you have poor credit status. Once you improve your credit portfolio, you can apply and qualify for other credit cards easily.

No Introductory Monthly Service Fee and Transaction Fee: The card is beneficial in having no monthly service and transaction fee for the first year of the card membership. So you can feel somehow relieved from some charges.


High APR Charge: First Acess Visa has 34.99% APR for purchase and cash advance. So, the card belongs to the group of credits that has a high APR rate.

No Bonus or Reward: We notice that the visa card has no bonus or rewards except unsecured credit. For those who look for bonus or reward earning cards, First Acess Visa won't be a good option.

Low Initial Credit Limit: First Acess Visa offers an initial $300 unsecured credit limit. Customers can feel this amount low if their need consumes more credit.

First Access Visa Compare to other Cards

Credit CardAnnual FeeCredit RequirementWelcome Bonus
First Access Visa$0NoneNot Specified
Indigo Platinum Mastercard$75 - $99NoneNot Specified
Petal 2$0NoneNot Specified
First Progress Platinum Elite$29NoneNot Specified

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First Access Visa vs. Indigo Platinum Mastercard

first access alternatives

First Access Visa and Indigo Platinum are similar in several facilities including no available credit requirements and credit limits. Both cards also don’t offer rewards or sign-up bonuses.

Though both cards are easy to qualify for, they are different in some terms. They both have an annual fee but First Access Visa has less than Indigo Platinum.

Indigo Platinum starts the transaction fee with the first year of card membership. But First Access Visa makes monthly service and transaction fee-free for the first introductory year.

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First Access Visa vs. Petal 2

first access alternatives

Petal 2 can be the best for those who want the credit with a $0 annual fee. It also offers rewards, and cashback from your purchase (though they’re complicated).

However, Petal 2 card has no introductory APR and no sign-up bonus. It also needs a 630-850 FICO score to qualify, which is average to excellent scale.

Unlike Petal 2, First Access Visa Card is easy to qualify for even if you have bad credit. This helps rebuild the impressive credit portfolio and qualify for other credit cards.

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First Access Visa vs. First Progress Platinum Elite

first access alternatives

Progress Platinum Elite has also an easy application process and is easy to qualify. Like First Access Visa Card, Progress Platinum Elite helps improve the credit score.

The card offers credit based on the deposit that cardholder makes. Unlike other secured cards, it has only 19.99% APR, which is relatively lower.

However, First Access Visa Card ultimately wins the race in offering unsecured credit. Besides, no introductory monthly fee and transaction fee are another plus point for First Access.

Conclusion: Is First Access Visa Worth it?

Though First Access Visa has a long list of fees and charges, it definitely helps you. Those customers who can’t qualify for other credit cards can leverage First Access Visa.

Also, the no introductory monthly service and transfer fee makes it perfect to use for starters. Once, you can achieve higher credit, you can shift from this card to another easily.

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First Access Visa FAQs

Does First Access credit card give increases?

Yes. First Access Credit Card provides a credit increase after your account has been a year old. For this, you need to pay 20% of the total increased credit as a credit increase fee. For example, if you request a $100 credit increase, $20 will be deducted.

Can I use First Access credit card anywhere?

First Access Credit Card is available to millions of merchants. So, US citizens can use it anywhere in the country.

What is the APR for First Access credit card?

First access Credit Card includes 34.99% APR for purchase and balance transfer.

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