FINISH!- 8 Important Keys to Finishing What You Start!

By Robin Oxford-Davis

December 1, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

I have to say it…I’m not a quitter. But those few times that I have, have been painful! Your self-esteem and even long term confidence can take a blow!
So I’ve discovered that there are 8 important keys to finishing what you start!

1. Why

Know why you’re doing it in the first place. Is it something you have to do or something you want to do? Whatever the case, the reason why has to be big enough that the benefits of finishing goes beyond satisfying any selfish intentions. Having something or someone you care about depending on you to finish is possibly one of the most powerful motivators there is!

2. Tell the Kids About It

If you don’t tell the kids, tell someone else that you love or respect. It’s easy to quit when no one’s watching and almost impossible to tell the ones you love, why you did!

3. Time

Be realistic and honest with yourself; either you have enough time or you don’t! Consider your strengthens and weaknesses as well as your personal and professional habits. So when you have a choice, these things will help you to decide whether or not you should take a project on in the first place.

4. Finish Line Tools

You are going to need a few basic tools that are absolutely necessary for getting to the finish line:
• Use Lists
• Get Organized
• Simplify
• Use a Life Line…Ask for Help!

5. Cheer Leaders

Stay connected to positive people and those that encourage you. Make your cheerleaders a part of your team. Their job is to keep you lifted up and reminded that, “YOU CAN DO THIS!”

6. The Nay Sayers

Stay away from the naysayers. Once you have committed yourself to a project, avoid anyone who has a habit of making you feel like it can’t be done!

7. Patience

Time and patience can sometimes feel like two opposing forces but try to harder to tolerate yourself as you work through the most difficult moments. If you can’t get over a hump, let it go for the moment and come back at it later.

8. “Treat Yo’Self !”

Find every reason to celebrate! Break your tasks into sections and give yourself something simple every time you’ve completed each one. Celebrate the little things by literally giving yourself a pat on the back. But, save the best and the biggest reward for the moment when you have FINISHED!
I know that finishing can be hard and that these simple tips are only a small way to help you get there. The fact of the matter is, if you really want to quit, you will!
But if you don’t want to be a quitter and who does?; learn to make a habit of finishing by making note of the seeming small things that you finish every day like:
• Completing a article you’ve read
• Completing everyday tasks & errands
• Completing simple to-do lists, etc.
All these things count! And once you realize that you actual finish things all the time, every day, you’ll have a greater sense of confidence and I can do it-ness when it comes to the big stuff!

Robin Oxford-Davis

Robin is a the creator of - a prayerful & practical guide to believing in yourself! She's also the author of the ebook How to Begin to Believe!

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