How To Find A Dose Of Clarity In Your Life

By Alexx Sloan

September 30, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


Do you ever wonder why we are here? Why at times, if feels like we’re on Cloud 9? And other times, it’s as if the World is crumbling below our feet?

Beauty and chaos, progression and destruction… these things are present everywhere we look and we’re expected to keep our cool? To be present, zen, or whatever you wish to call it?

Personally, I say: screw all that.

It’s all happening whether you give a shit or not. Our World is moving at a faster vibration every day. It can feel as if time is speeding up… as if the minutes are being compressed into mere milli-seconds.

Yes, I am yogi, as well as a yoga & meditation teacher. And yes, I do teach methods and practices to create a more peaceful and healthy lifestyle. However, that’s in class. And Life is different from class.

Most people confuse class and (the classroom of) Life. Here’s a very basic example to shed some light (no pun intended).

Meet Stella, a “faketicious” character of 27 years of age. Stella eats well and loves working out as it helps her develop a healthy body and mind. She works for a PR firm that’s only a 15 minute walk from her apartment.

Last month, Stella began taking kick-boxing classes, and she absolutely loves them. Today, she attends class three times a week. After her sessions, she either heads home or meets with friends to “hang out” with them.

At times, she feels like speaking to her friends about her experiences and other times, she doesn’t. Either way, the kick-boxing classes have led to the happy consequence of a healthier mind-body-spirit.

At no point does she ever feel the need to push her newfound love onto others or start a street brawl on every corner—to go down dark alley to kick some mugger’s ass or apply her new kick-boxing skill onto anyone’s face, for that matter.

To clarify, she hung up her skill and simply allowed it to be a part of who she is. She simply digested her new skill.


Therefore, why is the western culture around yoga, mindfulness, and personal growth so different? Why do we feel the need to take what we’ve learned in the classroom and spread it onto everyone else in our lives?

Obviously, I’m generalising, but you get the point, right?

We’ve missed the boat. Where is the digestion period?

We don’t allow the teachings from classes to simply settle and patiently allowed to be digested into our being. Instead, we regurgitate, spray, preach, and wonder why we still feel empty or strange.

Wake the fuck up. Take a sec to realize that all you’ve done is puked up a bunch of (mostly awesome) information without even having taking the time to explore what it means to you.

The name of the game is Reflection and Digestion. When in doubt, look to Nature.

Do predators hurry with anxiety to their next meal after a fresh kill? Do neuro-patterns in the brain form new patterns after applying a thought or technique only once?

The data says not likely. So why are we in a rush to puke our newfound ways that we still haven’t yet grasped ourselves?

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We know for a fact that we are made up of roughly 70% water. This figure is approximately the same as our Mother Earth. It is also known that in the world of spirituality, we can become beings of light.



How well can you see through a body of water when it’s agitated? What happens when you allow that same body of water to find a few moments of stillness?

Look to Nature.

It’s simple, and it’s a question I get all the time. My advice to someone who’s feeling lost, confused, or agitated by a bunch of new pertinent and life-changing information—to anyone searching for Clarity in the truest sense of the word…

First go to Nature for as long as you can. A few days should be plenty.

And I don’t mean your friend’s cottage with jet-skis. True Nature. As in animals, trees, sounds, water, views, and mountains. Make it anywhere you won’t hear or see human language.

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If you do, I encourage you to contact me with your personal story. Because going to Nature is not only awesome, but it’s also the beginning of your new journey.


Alexx Sloan

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