Financial Benefits Of Going Green

By Jay White

June 7, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

The financial benefits of going green are not always immediately apparent. For some people, this is why the notion of “going green” can be so difficult. Many want to see immediate, or near immediate, results of their efforts, and some benefits may take time to develop. However, when considering the financial aspect of choosing this particular lifestyle, there are several ways that going green can help to save money in both the immediate and long-term futures.

Benefits of Going Green at Work

While going green at work can be difficult to implement and may take some time to see immediate results, the financial benefits of doing so can be significant. By using green techniques around the office such as paperless options, cloud storage and energy usage techniques, companies can save hundreds of dollars every month. In addition, there may be several federal or state tax breaks available for business that invest into renewable energy. These financial breaks can come in the form of reduced rates before filing, refunds once taxes are filed or in the form of rebates. Generally speaking, the incentives for going green that offer the most savings for businesses are related to reducing traditional energy usage, and some companies may be entitled to a tax credit of 30 percent or more. In addition, more customers are turning to companies that embrace the green lifestyle, and moving a company in this direction could lead to increased sales or revenue.

Benefits of Going Green at Home

Individuals who go green at home are often likely to see financial benefits quicker or within a shorter period of time than those who are involved solely in green community or work efforts. Several home benefits that many people will experience are a drop in spending as well as a decrease in utility bills. Whether people make full-blown or subtle changes in how they use energy and the amount of energy they are using, their electric, water and gas bills will drop. This financial benefit will typically show itself within the first three billing cycles after the effective changes are made compared to yearly tax benefits for businesses. In addition, spending habits may also change as individuals begin switching from using disposable items to opting for reusable items, swapping out older appliances in exchange for energy-efficient models, and choosing do-it-yourself natural products instead of high-priced chemical items.

Regardless whether an individual chooses to go green at home, at work or in all aspects of his or her life, there are several significant financial benefits to choosing the green lifestyle. While some may not see an immediate return on their efforts, as people continue to learn about renewable energy sources and implement ways to become green, they are likely to see significant savings in every aspect of their lives.

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