Fight to Win!

By Kris Barnes

April 23, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

‘Deep within all of us there is a fight, so powerful so strong, it can overcome any fear, any obstacle, any challenge. It can even intimidate and stave off death itself, even when death is at your doorstep staring you in the face, if your reason for living is big enough’

In every unfortunate extremity that life can dare to throw at you, there is an inner fight that will bludgeon, scrap and force its way through. Deep inside your head is the ‘fight’ and when your circumstances are plotting against your purpose, dreams or the very continuation of what you consider your idealistic essence and backbone to be, when your habitual subsistence is provoked it will give you the commanding jolt you need. A distinguishing shove of mental reassurance and firmness, the physical brawn you desperately require or the sheer clarity and prominence in your thinking. These heady dormant attributes are triggered in moments of threat and adversity.
There are people that operate their entire lives in the heightened ‘fight’ attitude, energetically punching, kicking and slamming their way through every single day. Such an amplified disposition has the potential for outstanding and hugely impressive mental and physical achievements of power and endurance. Winners, champions and incomparable protagonists of success use their ‘fight’ to accomplish their goals, an electrifying trigger that gets them off the starting block every waking day and enthusiastically firing on all possible cylinders.

So, where does such a fight originate?
And more importantly what do you need to do to harness such a substantial power?
The answers lie in the word itself – F.I.G.H.T. You already have it within you, to bludgeon, scrap and force your way through any conceivable challenge. To harness your blessed power you need to grab your FIGHT and take FLIGHT!

F Fear
I Inspiration
G Goals
H Habit
T Tenacity

We are all doomed to be fearful of something or other, living lives fretting the worse, which undoubtedly never happens. There is no escaping the debilitating power of fear. Accept it, embrace it and take it as part of your human life-time conditioning. However, you must understand that on the other side of fear is all the things you desire from the escape of a dangerous and threatening situation to the ultimate success we’re chasing, involving the ability to overcome the fear of rejection and failure.

What do you want, what do you desire, how will you feel when you achieve these things or those states of mind? Inspiration is the bridge between FEAR and your DESIRE. That elevated sense of being will become the fuel that charges your rockets and drives you away from the fear you possess. Find inspiration within yourself, it’s already there, it is your emotional awareness, the very essence of what creates your feelings. Harness those and slip them to the forefront of your brain and let it be a shining beacon lighting your path through the darkness and mire of a world designed to fight against you.

These will define you, recreate you and focus you. However, you don’t have any do you? They’re not strong enough are they? Are you disagreeing with me? If so, ask yourself these questions?
1. Are you on track to achieve them?
2. Do they have a deadline?
3. Are you regularly working towards them?
4. Do you think about them EVERY day?
5. Is there a plan to achieve them?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the above then you DO NOT have goals, at least not substantial, mind-boggling ones that keep you motivated and on track to achieve whatever it is you want.

‘Your habits will either make you or break you. Build you or destroy you. Become you or fight you. Habits are your best friends or your worst enemies. Define them, control them, work them and success will be YOURS’
Easier said than done you might think, however with such gravitas apportioned to your habits it’s worth considering the simple fact that if you put in even a small effort day, after day, after day, the habit of that daily routine will inch you closer to your desired place. Its pure common sense that achievement takes daily input, the amount of input is another topic all together but input is vital nevertheless and will encourage the completion of your journey. Probably more important than the actual physical habit of action is the mental habit of conditioning your mind to imagine your goals on a daily basis, many times during the day, until the imagining becomes clarity. 80% of your journey is the habit of your imagination.

With all your mental modifications creating habitual images that revolve around your mind and build the foundation of success, completing 80% of your journey, get ready for more riveting news – the other remaining 20% is an ABSOLUTE DOG-FIGHT!! The physical fighting endurance and determination that will get you ahead of the race, out of your comfort zone and into the winning mile is a fight to the death, a fisty-cuffs of sheer brawn, and sheer dogged persistence but the competition is a big-fat ZERO. There are very few on the last leg of your journey, they’re all too scared, they all gave up, just when they were winning, just when they were perched on the edge of glory their tenacity crumbled and they re-joined the mass world of mediocrity.
Is that you? Are you mediocre? No? Well Fight, Fight, Fight!! For your place in the world, for your blessed rise above the hordes of nothingness.

Kris Barnes

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