FeelZing Energy Patch Review: Does It Work?

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

FeelZing Energy Patch Review: Does It Work?

FeelZing is a neurostimulation patch that helps increase energy levels and focus

Sometimes we all feel like we are lacking energy and can’t focus on the important tasks. We can get stressed and procrastinate instead of being productive. If it’s familiar to you and you’d like to change it, a FeelZing patch will be an effective solution. It was created to boost energy levels and keep you active in a natural way. Placed behind your ear, the patch stimulates sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems making your body generate energy with no artificial stims and no unpleasant feelings that may appear with the intake of chemical stimulants.


What is the FeelZing Energy Patch? 

The FeelZing Energy Patch is a device made of anode and cathode electrodes that stimulates the nervous system by sending electric waveforms. Thanks to thorough testing these waveforms were tuned to create an optimal nervous system state and speak your brain’s language. Thus the nerves and the brain are being gradually stimulated making you feel more energized and focused with no side effects.


FeelZing Energy Patch Review: the Pros and Cons


  • It is safe to use
  • It has proven effectiveness
  • The price per use is close to a cup of coffee price
  • It doesn’t require any connection or installation
  • It has no side effects



  • Only 3 types of packs
  • No free shipping
  • There is only email support




① It is safe to use 

More than 30,000 studies were conducted to prove that electrical stimulation can’t harm health in any way. 


② It has proven effectiveness

Laboratory tests and positive reviews from users show that the patch helps reduce mental fatigue, increase energy level, and helps retain focus.


③ The price per use is close to a cup of coffee price

FeelZing is reasonably priced and available in packs which are even more advantageous.


④ It doesn’t require any connection or installation

You don’t need to connect the device by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and you don’t need any extra software. It is fully autonomous.


⑤ It has no side effects

Unlike other stimulants like coffee or chemical supplements, FeelZing doesn’t have side effects like jitters and anxiety, or high heart rate.




① Only 3 types of packs

You can buy patches in 4, 12, and 24 packs. It would be great if there were other options.


② No free shipping

You will have to pay for the shipping. 


③ There is only email support

If you need any support, you can get it only via email. But their managers seem to provide helpful and timely assistance.


FeelZing reviews from customers



“I am blown away”

“I tried it this morning after a long on-call night where I had to leave the house in the middle of the night.”

“I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical but wow! I still have tons of energy without any coffee mid-day.”



“A good solution for me”

“A good solution for me. I’m a nurse and I usually crash after I drink coffee. From what I felt, there were no crashes or jitters at all!! Already recommended it to my friend”


Joshua N.

“Very effective, still have caffeine but find I need less.”

“I’ve been a customer of Thync for many years. I had originally come back on the site to purchase their headset again. I was surprised to see they’d moved on from that to the Feelzing but having had good experiences with their products in the past I ordered some to give it a go. It might be important to note I ordered the extra strength kind, but eRead more about review stating Very effective, still have caffeine but find I need less. Either way I’m sure the effects could be potent. I’ve taken to putting one next to my bed at night, then when my alarm goes off at 5.55 and I’m struggling to get up, I simply put a Feelzing on and 5-10 minutes later I’m downstairs and cracking on with work. It’s great to have something that helps you get the most out of a morning that isn’t caffeine. It’s not the same effect as a big cup of coffee, but it is one that makes you feel alert and very much energised. I’ll be getting another set of Feelzing next month. Cheers, guys!”


How does the FeelZing Energy Patch work? 

When you place the patch behind your ear and turn it on it starts sending impulses to your nerves, stimulating both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems which causes a balanced and stress-free energy level increase. 90% of users state that FeelZing gives them more alertness, helps them stay focused and motivated, and decreases anxiety and fatigue. As a result, you procrastinate less and become more attentive while working, studying or when you work out.

How does the FeelZing Energy Patch work? 
Photo: FeelZing official website

What makes FeelZing different?

The patch has undergone holistic laboratory testing and is an electrical stimulant with no side effects. Apart from that, you don’t need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or any software to use the patch as it is wireless and works autonomously. Placed behind your ear, it starts a stimulation that lasts for only 7 minutes boosting your energy and productivity for the next 4 hours. 


How to use the FeelZing Patch?

You need to apply it behind your ear, previously cleaning your skin in that part for better attachment. Then turn it on and feel the stimulation of your nerves for 7 minutes (the patch stops automatically). You can use the same patch twice within 24 hours after the first application by re-wrapping it.

What is the cost of the FeelZing Energy Patch? Any FeelZing Energy Patch Discounts?
Photo: FeelZing official website

What is the cost of the FeelZing Energy Patch? Any FeelZing Energy Patch Discounts?

Currently, the FeelZing Energy Patch is sold in packs with an option to choose one of the intensity levels or mixing Original and Extra types together. Some packs are available at discounted prices:


  • 4-pack for 8 uses worth $120
  • 12-pack for 24 uses worth $180 instead of $360
  • 24-pack for 48 uses worth $240 instead of $400


The company also offers a subscription with a 30% discount. This way one use will cost $3,75. You can choose between 15, 30, and 60 days delivery. 

What is the cost of the FeelZing Energy Patch? Any FeelZing Energy Patch Discounts?
Photo: FeelZing official website

All customers can take part in the referral program by offering friends to buy FeelZing with a 15% discount and earning 15% off if they make a purchase.

Conclusion: Is the FeelZing Energy Patch right for you?

FeelZing really works and helps stay more energetic during the day. It also has a positive effect on reducing mental and physical fatigue. The use of the patch boosts alertness and productivity, allows you to focus and concentrate on any task, e.g. when you are studying, working or just need extra energy for daily routine or training. It balances the nervous system releasing calm and smart energy without the feelings of stress and anxiety. You can be productive and attentive for a longer period of time but even if you use the patch in the afternoon it won’t affect your sleep. Furthermore, FeelZing doesn’t cause addiction and you can use it everyday – the stimulation lasts for 7 minutes but it keeps you energetic and focused for 4 hours. 


FeelZing Energy Patch FAQ

Q1: Is FeelZing safe?

Yes, it’s safe and has no side effects. With 10 years’ experience, the inventors of the FeelZing have tested the device in various ways and for different aspects. There are 30K+ studies that prove electric stimulation is an effective and safe technology that even prevents some disorders, e.g Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and other mental issues.


Q2: Can I still use FeelZing if I also take caffeine / drink coffee or energy drinks?

Yes, there are no contradictions for other stimulant intakes along with FeelZing. However, you can use the patch instead of coffee or energy drinks, especially in the afternoon, because FeelZing doesn’t affect your sleep.


Q3: What does the stimulation feel like?

The feelings may differ but they aren’t disturbing. You may feel tingling or a slight electric sensation. Your first response may appear stronger than the next ones because you get used to it with the passage of time. 


Q4: How long does it take to see the benefits of FeelZing’s stimulation?

Usually, the benefits are noticeable in a few seconds after you start using the patch. However, you may also feel the effect right after the end of stimulation. Anyway, FeelZing refills you with energy faster than caffeine or energy drinks.


Q5: Do different people require different levels?

Yes, the way people feel stimulation is unique. That is why FeelZing creators offer their customers a choice between the Original patch and the one with Extra strength. You may choose the intensity level that is the most comfortable for you according to your skin sensitivity.


Q6: Will all people experience a response?

Scientific testing of the FeelZing Energy Patch has shown that users feel alertness and a notable increase of energy in 84% of cases. Sometimes a few days are needed to feel the change. Nevertheless, the numerous advantages of the patch make it worth trying.

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