7 Ways to Get More Comfortable With Feeling Uncomfortable

By Joseph Piñeiro

August 25, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

feeling uncomfortable

Our minds naturally hate change. Change makes us uncomfortable. Anything that involves risk or confrontation makes us tremble.

Despite the negativity, feeling uncomfortable is one of the signs of adaptation and growing. It may feel bad but, in reality, it’s  actually a good indicator. In order to keep it from making you feel inadequate and filled with doubt, here are some of the ways you can ease the discomfort it causes.

Find an Outlet

Write about what is making you uncomfortable

This is my favorite method and is perhaps the most useful out of these options. Writing about what is bothering you, even if you do not reach any sort of positive conclusion, is helpful. Writing helps to release tension, organize your thoughts, and expel negative emotions. Think of it as a massage for your mind.

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Learn to love a certain form of exercise

It doesn’t have to be especially intense; it can just be walking. I would, however, recommend something more intense and competitive. Such sports and exercises can motivate you to push past your limits to become more comfortable in extreme situations.

Just meditate


This is a form of spiritual exercise that you shouldn’t miss. Meditating can give you an overabundance of benefits that can help you be more comfortable with any situation.

By learning to be in tune with your breath for a few minutes each day, you can decrease your anxiety and stress. It can also improve your concentration and overall brain function and make you more appreciative of those around you.

All of these benefits make feelings of uneasiness easier to manage. They can help you not only in surviving through the discomfort but to thrive in it, too.

Celebrate small victories

When we make progress towards our goals, we are often consumed by overthinking. We take one step forwards and then two steps back. Because of this, progress is almost never fast or easy.

However, despite how slow we feel, there are still signs of progress that can be seen on the outside. You may not be able to see the progress you have made, but others will surely notice them.

Stay connected with other

No one can be the best version of himself on his own.

You need to share your journey with people who support you and your journey. Connection with others can make each step towards your goals more fulfilling.

From your perspective, it is difficult to see how you have changed over the course of pursuing your goals. You may even see stagnancy. But for the eyes of the people around you, they can see your progress and it appears much more simple for them.

Purge yourself of excess habits and goals

Your mind is not built to learn several new habits at once. Although it’s conditioned to pursue several goals at a single time, having too many things to adapt to at once can discourage and tire you easily.

Before you decide to pursue a new goal or adopt a new habit, you should first get rid of the excess habits and goals taking your time and energy. Ridding yourself of these things can help ensure that your new habits can actually be adopted and sustained.

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Complete tasks you are good at

If you are feeling especially uneasy, one of the easiest ways to get back on track is to do something you’re good at. It’s a simple way to feel fulfilled and get back into a more positive mindset.

Pursuing a goal that makes you uncomfortable can be frustrating, so you need to mix challenging pursuits with fun and easy goals. This brings me to the last and possibly most important method to get more comfortable.

Have fun–for heaven’s sake. HAVE SOME FUN.

have fun

Completing goals goes against the very nature of having fun. It gives you so much pressure that you feel confined, stiff and uncomfortable.

Engaging in activities that give you fun won’t stop you from achieving your goal. In fact, it can get you back to your spontaneous and creative mindset. It can put you back in control of whatever it is you need to finish and be more comfortable in situations that would normally make you feel uncomfortable.


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