Fantasies or Reality?

By Vidya Suresh

November 12, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

What if I told you, you could do anything you want, be anyone you want, buy anything you want and go anywhere you want and no one will judge or criticize you, for a day.
What would you do? Who would you be? Where would you go?
If this one day was your Everyday, you can actually live your Fantasies.

Fantasy has a different meaning to each person. Reality also has a different meaning to each person. But since childhood, we were taught and told that there are miles of difference between a Fantasy and a Reality.
We all want to run away from our realities, we want to avoid facing our harsh and bitter reality. Given the chance, we would want to get rid of our realities, any day! But what if there was no difference between our Reality and our Fantasies? What if both were one and the same? Sounds Exciting, right?

We all seek adventure,passion and excitement and that ‘KICK!’ in our lives. We want to… We wish to… but we never actually do.
Personally, I fear living a ‘Normal life’. I fear being just another homo-sapien on this planet Earth. I fear not leaving a mark in this world when I leave.We’re born here because we have a purpose. Sounds cliche? I know, right. But it is true that each and everyone of us have a part or character to play in this ‘Universal-Act’.
We keep thinking we’ll have time in the later years of our lives, but little do we realize, we won’t be having.

What keeps us away is ‘FEAR’.
3 Main Fears that keeps us away from living life to the fullest:

Fear of Obstacles.
Fear of the Unknown.
Fear of being Judged.


The MOST common fear is the Fear of Obstacles. We are afraid that we don’t have it in us to face and overcome the obstacles thrown on us. But again, little do we realize that Life gives us the obstacles that we have to face only because even Life knows we’re good enough to handle them. When such a pessimist like Life thinks that you are strong enough, what’s your excuse?


We all fear what we do not understand or do not know. The fear of Possibilities. When you’re in a class and the teacher wants a volunteer to help her, what keeps us from volunteering? We might think, what is she going to ask me to do? What if it turns out to be something that I’m incapable of doing?
“What if’s”Everywhere! Well, I’ll tell you, what if you could? What if you volunteer and win something? What if everyone applauds at what you’ve done?… Tuck your chin up and be optimistic!


One thing Everyone unitedly hates is being Judged. But we all enjoy judging others, nevertheless. You didn’t wear the combat boots to school because you feared of being judged by your friends. You didn’t listen to the rock song because you were afraid that you’re relatives would judge you. You didn’t wear pajamas to the park because you were afraid your neighbors would judge you. Only when you stop being afraid of being Judged, you will finally be able to live the life you like and wish to live.

The last,but not the least thing that’s keeping you away from your Fantasies is the lack of ‘Drive’.

You are even afraid of dreaming because you’re afraid someone would wake you up.
You don’t want to fight against the world and be a rebel, but trust me, it’s worth it!
You are afraid to stand out and show the Real You!
You are just being a lazy ass to even move your thoughts around.
If it’s a yes to all the above symptoms, then I’ve got one thing to tell you:

“If you don’t stand up for the one thing that you believe in, you’ll fall for everything.”

If you don’t have it in you to chase what you want and transform your life into what you want it to be, don’t stop others from doing what they want. If you ain’t got it in you, stop telling others that they can’t.

Vidya Suresh

A 15-year-old teenager from India. She is a 'Promising Bard', wonderful speaker, bookworm, gamer, badminton and volleyball player, gadget lover, budding author and looks to inspire others.

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