The Evolution of Men’s Fashion

By Neha Shukla

April 13, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Time has been the biggest witness of the evolution of men’s fashion. Every period, both wearers and designers experienced immense changes that led the industry to what it is today.

men's fashion

In this article, we made sure no era has been overlooked. We’ve listed down the time frames and the respective fashion must-haves that made men look stylish for each period.

Late 1800s

Also known as the Victorian age, you’d find men wearing frock coats with pocket watches, long chains, and walking sticks during this period.

frock coats

These things were considered as a gentlemen thing. With the 19th century coming to an end, the Georgian age followed where you would find men getting a hang of pantyhose, high heels and more.


Fit didn’t matter a lot during this time. What mattered were athletic silhouettes and 3-piece suits that included a sack coat, identical waistcoat, and ill fit trousers.

1900s fashion

Although there was no hard rule when it comes to matching, there were common trends during this period.

Generally, when the waistcoat matched the coat, the trousers were the ones with the contrasting shade. There were times when the trouser and coat matched and the waistcoat stood with a different color.


This was the time when the World War had come to an end. During this period, the classic rules of luxury dressing faded, too. One probable reason was that the war had taken a lot of workforces that the ones left were too tired to give importance to formal wear.

1940s fashion

For the same reason, America saw an upsurge of brands that offered ready-to-wear clothing articles which needed no alterations and changes. The good thing about this period was that clothing became highly accessible at inexpensive prices. The variety, however, had gone down the drain.

1950s- 1960s

Often called as the Age of Conformity, the late 1950s saw the return of form-fitting clothes. When things started to settle down after the war, the then-designers focused on providing fitted suits to men for the formal wear.

age of conformity

For example, Ralph Lauren Polo & Tees were born in this decade. It came along with the other brands that still are luxury labels providing fashion solution even today.

During the 1960s, the younger generation leaned towards unconventional styles which were used for self-expression. Elders who desired to look more appealing and younger than their age looked up to the younger generations of this period.


Ever wondered where the term Power Dressing came from?

power dressing

This was the decade where men invested in clothing articles that showed off their authority in the industry. This included trousers with suspenders and bold accessories that called for power and attention. Brands like Burberry and Hublot were established in this era.


It was in the 2010s that men’s fashion became widely available online. Although online shopping had started earlier, it was during this period that major luxury labels began to set up their online stores to help more men with fashion issues across the world.

It this period, men can easily find form-fitted suits, crisp shirts, and versatile trousers as well as statement accessories. Everything is available online with slashed down prices.

The evolution of men’s fashion might look like a roller coaster ride to you all, but every decade had its own sunshine and rains. If they didn’t experience what they did, you all wouldn’t have these options placed in front of you today.

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