The Essence of All Growth in Life


February 2, 2008   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

We can grow in many different ways – emotionally, physically, and mentally. When we talk about growing in life, we often talk about the qualities that help us mature and become better people. Yet, when we grow in various ways, is there a common thread that drives that growth? Is there one thing that we can say defines growth across all areas of our live and helps us become a better person in life?

I believe there is.

    1. The essence of all growth starts with a willingness to change for the better. As we go through life we form opinions and feelings on various situations based on past experiences values and beliefs that we all hold. However, many times we are faced with situations that are actually growth opportunities in disguise. We can evaluate them with the information we know to be true from the past, or based on our personal beliefs – or we can realize that there is an opportunity to change for the better.


  • The second quality of growth is an unremitting willingness to shoulder whatever responsibility changing entails. The buck stops, and starts, with ourselves. It’s important to realize that changing for the better sometimes will not come easy. You will sometimes have to shoulder tremendous liability to make it happen. Yet your enthusiasm to do so is one of the critical qualities of growth. You are showing that you are willing to do what it takes and are a person of action, not just words.


Being willing to change and then taking on the responsibility to make that change happen are the two components of growth in our lives. Each one of these qualities is a milestone for change, and each one a critical element of change.

Written by David B. Bohl of Slow Down Fast.


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