Embrace These 15 Qualities And Success Is Yours

By Simona Rich

May 13, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


My friends think I achieved a lot. I’m a full-time blogger and I just moved to London from South India. I can live where I want, and I spend my days pretty much how I like.

It took me lots of hard work and self improvement to achieve this stage, and although there are many more things I need to learn, some lessons I already learnt and live by.

Here they are, and I hope they will help you to become a better and happier human being.

1. Stability. Most people are slaves to their emotions. With their emotions going down they also go down, and when their emotions go up, they rejoice.

Try to master your emotions – refuse to be affected by them. If you keep yourself stable no matter what moods you experience, this energy of stability will attract success. You have to be bigger than your emotions if you want to have a greater than average life.

2. Reliability. Ask yourself if you are a reliable person. If not, try to become so.
Success is like a friend. Friends don’t trust you and don’t visit that often if you constantly let them down. In fact, you’re risking not having any friends at all if they find you utterly unreliable. The same goes for success. You repel it if you don’t keep your word or don’t take your actions and behavior seriously.

To attract success, therefore, only give promises when you know you can keep them, and see your actions as sacred, as they are building blocks of your life.

3. Productivity. Success doesn’t come to those who sit back and wait. It’s important to both work and keep your focus on goals. Hard work alone will keep you stuck in average existence. You need to have a high vision as it will guide you to success.

By working hard you’re making life owe you. By having a high vision you’re showing life how to repay you for your hard work.

4. Understanding obstacles. Most people loathe obstacles and fear them. Such mindset makes it very hard to achieve success. Obstacles should be seen as helpful tools and relevant lessons. Learn what they teach, and see them as signs that you’re making progress.

5. Focusing on providing value. If you focus on providing value and forget about rewards, success will take care of itself. These are the words of Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motors company.

Success is a measure of how much value you provide. If you’re not that successful, it means you should look for ways to be more useful, instead of working out new schemes to make money. It’s a different mindset, a less selfish and more effective one to attract success.

6. Valuing yourself. Success can only come if you feel worthy of it. Most people don’t, because of their not –dealt-with past hurts. Whether these emotional pains were caused by parents’ discouragements, teachers’ close-minded criticisms or peers’ hurtful remarks, you should deal with them so that they would stop affecting your self-esteem.

8. Finding strength within. How you think and feel about yourself always clothes you with energetically similar reality. When you get in touch with your strong and authentic self, life’s difficulties don’t seem that discouraging anymore.

The easiest way to connect with this inner core of strength is to read inspirational stories, because they help you understand that no matter where you are in life and no matter who you are, you can become as great as you choose to be. You are the sole creator of your life – the sooner you understand this, the quicker you will feel empowered to change.

9. Spending time and energy on fruitful engagements. Studying, building your business, associating with successful people are good ways to use these two precious resources – time and energy – to invite success. The more wisely you spend your time and energy, the more successful you become.

10. Focusing on success. Every high achiever that I know had someone highly successful to look up to, be it a living person, a legend in ancient stories or some high achiever of the past. Reading books written by people who were giants in their field of work is like absorbing their essence. The more you think about and learn from their takes on life, the more alike you become.

11. Being ready for success. Everybody wants success but few are ready to receive it. Success doesn’t enter your life until you’re ready.

It’s easy to find out if you’re ready for it or not. Visualize as realistically as you can living your ideal life. See it happening now and here. Really try to get the feeling that you’re living your perfect life.

What kind of feelings arose during the vision? Any feeling of being uncomfortable or feeling awkward, like that you’re not supposed to be there, is a sign that you’re not ready. If that’s the case, investigate why. Maybe you need more self confidence or more knowledge.

Feeling like at home, relieved or happy, on the other hand, is a sign that you’re ready for success.

12. Being your own cheerleader. Do you get angry or disappointed with yourself when you make a mistake? That’s an attitude that keeps you small.

Only when you’re easy on yourself and encourage yourself, can you start respecting yourself. Self-respect is important, because it allows you to get more joy and abundance out of life. If you keep yourself small, on the other hand, you will deny yourself a higher level of life.

13. Never giving up. Let difficulties toughen you up and polish you. They’re forming you into the person who will be ready to meet success when it comes.

People who avoid difficulties at all costs are weak. They think that by avoiding difficulties they somehow outsmart life. Life, however, gives them exactly what they deserve – mediocrity, because there’s no way to get anything for free in this life.

There are certain laws that govern our lives, and you can’t outsmart them. The smartest thing to do is to understand and work with them. One of them, as it’s probably obvious by now, is persevering no matter what life throws at you, as it’s a price you have to pay for success.

14. Following your conscience. Only you know what’s best for you. Following experts’ advice is dangerous if your inner expert is not counseled with. Always check if advice resonates with your inner self before acting on it, so that you’re walking the right road to success and not the one that someone else defined for you.

15. Shifting desires to the goodness of all. When you see success as impersonal, as a way to bring more goodness and light into the lives of others, success becomes much easier to achieve. For example, if you want to get a very expensive laptop to faster create value-packed YouTube videos, it’s a totally different intention than wanting to get a pricey laptop to look better in the eyes of your friends.

Success can very much inflate the ego, but some people become much more human and bring immense goodness into the world when they achieve more success. I hope that the more successful you become, the more light you will bring into the world, as the world now is filled with suffering, and it cries out for hope and inspiration.

Be that hope; be the best you can be. Because if you are, your presence alone can lift someone up from deep depression and make them understand that they, too, can become successful. It’s your duty to become successful. Don’t see it as personal. See it as something that will help the world. Such a way of looking at this goal will make it easier to achieve.

Simona Rich

Simona Rich is a self improvement blogger and an inspirational speaker. When she's not blogging, she runs spiritual workshops in London. When not in London, she's likely to be found in South India.

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