The Art Of Effective Visualization

By Shane Krider

May 28, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

effective visualization

There’s a difference between thinking about something and experiencing effective visualization.

When you look at a person living a lifestyle you envy and say ‘That’s cool’, that’s basically just thinking about it. When you envy their lifestyle and your inner thought goes ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if that was me?’ and you proceed to picture yourself in that person’s shoes and how it feels to be like him — that’s effective visualization.

Picturing things in your mind is just the start of the process. What you do next is what can make your vision more effective. It’s how you act and train your brain to work on what you visualize.

Once you have set up your initial goal, the next part should be pretty effortless. Despite being easy, however, it is what derails most people.

Culturally, we’re taught to second-guess and doubt outcomes that seem too good to be true. We are trained to believe in the statistics that are presented to us as the norm. This way of thinking and believing dampens our ability to create our own desires.

Enforcing what is ‘normal’ has spread so far within our society that we tend to make someone feel foolish or guilty for striving to go above and beyond the enforced ‘normal’ standard. If you grow up surrounded by this kind of thinking, you should expect to face some difficulties.

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How To Achieve Effective Visualization

By creating a vision of yourself that breaks out of that norm, you are essentially creating possibilities. The deal breaker now is how you can turn your beliefs around to concentrate on your vision.

This is where most people trail off the path. However, once you learn how to stay focused and on track, it’s actually easy. You must keep that mental visualization crisp and clear and visit it often. Be focused and proactive in reasserting in your mind who you want to become and what you want to experience.

This doesn’t mean taking extreme measures in pursuing your future self. You just have to continually revisit your vision so that it can become the lens through which you see everything.

And that is the magic ingredient that can help you use effective visualization to become a visionary.

When you step through your life aligned with a clear purpose and goal, every opportunity and event related to that goal will be highlighted for you and you’ll be able to proactively grasp it. Whether it’s money, health or love, as long as you hold your vision clearly in your mind, you will inevitably reach your desired goal.

The time from when you set your vision to the time you realize it will depend on the level of transformation the process requires. The more you hold that goal in your mind and the more determined you are to not allow anything or anyone to disrupt it, the faster the process will be.

You can either work hard to achieve it or work hard to stop it.

It’s human nature to want to fit in and belong. However, there are times when we feel that some of the things the people around us are achieving are far from our own reality. We feel that we could never get the same opportunities. The more we think of them as unobtainable, the more we close our minds to the possibility of achieving them.

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To some degree, we have all fallen into that category and this is why I love doing what I do. As a life coach, I help put hope back in people’s minds. By sharing these principles and life philosophies, I’m able to literally see people rekindle a connection to the truth we were all born with- that we are the creators of our own lives.

If you commit to the mental process of visualization on an ongoing basis, you are continually confronting life. In a proactive way, you are paying love to what you desire. Every time you give into the process of visualizing, you are rewiring your brain to push your aspirations into fruition.

The more love you give your vision, the bigger and faster it grows.

So, hold your vision clear in your mind and don’t doubt that outcome. Every decision you make from this point forward will either bring you closer to your goal or push you away from being the visionary you need to be.

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Shane Krider

Shane Krider is an entrepreneur, personal development and leadership coach. After adopting personal development practises in his own life and achieving some amazing results, including creating a $170million business, Shane now shares his extensive knowledge to help transform people's lives on his popular podcast 'Shane Krider's Mind Power' found on iTunes, Spreaker and TuneIn. Or at

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