“Does He Miss Me?” (23 Clear Signs He Does)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

“I Miss You” are the words that we have seen or heard many times in our life. We might have used it many times for our friends, our family, or someone who we love or like. As simple as it sounds on the surface, there is much more to these three words. Missing someone is a way of telling the world and yourself that the person’s absence has an impact on you. It is making you feel a bit, overwhelmed in a sense. And that is completely true because when you truly love or like someone, you cherish the time you spent with them.

Missing someone brings a type of pain that can only be treated by seeing that person. For example, a long-distance relationship. When there is no communication happening for more than two days, you might be thinking about him all day long and at night. You will become restless and uneasy. You would just want to know what is the problem, why isn’t he texting me, why there are no phone calls from him, why did he suddenly stop talking with me? And when such thoughts come into your mind. The main question you will be asking yourself is that “Does he miss me? like I miss him?”

Sometimes you miss someone so much that it becomes unbearable at some point and you start to feel alone, managing your own feelings. When a few days turns into a few weeks, it starts to hurt even more and more and you just miss him all the time. Constantly thinking “whether does he miss me too or not?”

You see, when a guy misses you, he won’t tell you exactly or directly most of the time about how he misses you as well. Instead, he will give you some sort of a good sign that will make you realize or an action that will give you an answer whether the guy misses you or not.

A guy cannot tell you directly because they aren’t built that way. Most men find it very difficult to express their feelings to women. And they might give you a sign that he misses you out of nowhere, unexpectedly.

They just simply can’t tell you exactly what’s going on, but they can share their feelings through actions instead of words. Most men are like that. Not able to share their feelings but they do notice things about you.

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

They do realize that when you are in a relationship with someone, whom you love or truly like, they matter! No matter where you are or how far you have gone, they matter! And that is why for the sake of keeping the relationship healthy, they will sometimes tell you indirectly about how much they miss you. In the cheesiest and cutest ways.

When you bring love into your own life, you will want to cherish it, protect it, hold on to it until forever. And even beyond that. It’s not just love but a best friend as well. Because when you get into a relationship with someone, they become your best friend as well.

In any serious relationship, both feel the same way about each other. You will spend time talking about stuff. You will do fun things with and for each other when you are in a relationship. You will try to build a relationship and share true feelings with each other.

But as it is life, unexpected things might arise. Like distance. Or a boyfriend turning into an ex-boyfriend. From love to just friends. From playing video games to playing mind games. From talking about stuff to the silent treatment. For no apparent reason, some people might vanish from your life and you will be left wondering, what happened.

People come and go in our life, that is the harsh truth. Getting into a new relationship is very hard when you both go separate ways and say goodbye to your love life. This is serious stuff and we often have to tackle it with our feelings which often leads to hurt, pain, and eventually a break-up.

There might be times when someone is no longer interested in you or you will be no longer interested in them. But the stuff they left behind are memories, moments, happiness, little joys and that kind of stuff makes us start missing the person who made us feel happy, for some moments of our life.

Longing for someone, remembering someone, missing someone is a confirmation of you loving that person. It’s a clear sign of affection and true feelings. It has some value to it, this nostalgic feeling. The memories might rush in like waves and will make your heart weak. The only way that can fix it is by seeing a clear sign that he misses you too. When you know that answer, you can find some peace.

If you want to find an answer about “Does he miss me?” then you are at the right place. I will tell you exactly what you need. 23 telltale signs that a guy misses you as much as you miss him too. Every sign will be a sure sign to know whether a guy misses you or not. If you are wondering what those signs are then read till the end. There are many ways you can tell if a man misses you or not. So sit tight, relax, and let’s find the answer to “Does he miss me?”

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1. He makes excuses to see you

One of the ways to make a man miss you is by being not present all the time. And that really makes them wonder that what is going on with you. And for finding that, a man will do anything, anything to see you again. Let’s be honest here, can you go without a day without communicating with someone whom you love or like? Of course not! That should be the only valid answer when you are in a relationship with someone who feels the same way!

It’s simple if you want to know when guys miss you, then look for this sign. A guy who likes you would really come up with any way to see you, to talk with you, to communicate with you, to go on social media and see you what are you up to. No, it’s not stalking when you actually are missing that person. I am talking about real love, feelings, and the kind of relationship where there is less wondering and more doing.

Look for his behavior, what does he do when you are not around. Physically or on social media. How does he react? Does he cancel plans with his friends just to see you? Does he avoid everyone else just to see you? Does he say he was just checking on you wondering how you are doing?

You see, when a guy really likes you that much, he will make any type of excuse to have your face or your voice near him. These are just a few signs men show when they are missing you.

He can send you a random photo and ask about your opinion. He might ask randomly about how your day was or what your dreams are or what is your favorite color. Every question is just an excuse to talk with you just because in every moment, he misses you. Think about it, just what he is trying to say to you here. He is trying to establish contact with you in any way possible because he is truly missing you. There is no other specific agenda on his mind except to see your pretty face, to hear your beautiful voice, and show you how much he cares about you. Cute!

2. He is jealous of people surrounding you

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

A few signs that might indicate that a guy misses you are when he is getting jealous of the people surrounding you. That’s right. He might be feeling a bit worried that how you laugh with other people and not him. How you are making plans with others and not him. You might be having a good time with them but he is not them, right? Maybe you went to a family event and you couldn’t take him along. How will he feel? Of course, he will miss you have around. He will be jealous of people there whom you can talk to.

A guy acts jealous, very jealous when it comes to your relationship with him. He wants you to be talking with only him. But he might also think that he can be replaced by any other guy. That’s why he feels threatened and he misses you very badly.

You might be with your friends and talking just randomly about things but he will feel very jealous anyways. He acts jealous to let you know that he misses you. He thinks someone else will take you away from him and that really brings out his feelings towards you. When a person truly feels that way about you then you should realize soon that he is not actually crazy, it’s just his way of telling you that he misses you. Let him know and he’ll realize that he is also your only one.

Being jealous of people, especially boys surrounding you will make him realize that he misses you. Your touch, your laughter, your company. He wants you and needs you and that is why he misses you. A guy who wants a serious relationship with you will be jealous of the men surrounding you. No matter how you treat them. They will always be jealous. And you, only talking with them will make him miss you like crazy.

Sharing you with other men is really impossible for a guy who is looking for a serious relationship. No matter how harmless it may be, as soon as you go away from him, he will miss you. He always will miss you no matter how far you are. So, if you are asking “Does he miss me?” and he is jealous of the people surrounding you then yes, he does miss you. It’s a sure sign. A clear sign actually because a person who gets jealous, is a person who deeply cares about you. And wouldn’t trade you for the world.

3. He asks about you from mutual friends

Okay, so there is no communication happening lately. Maybe the busy life is having the same effect on both of you and there is just no proper way to tell each other that you miss each other. You miss him a lot but the question “Does he miss me too?” is still left answered. Then suddenly your friends tell you that he is asking about you and mentioning you every chance he gets when your mutual friends are talking with him.

Life is interesting, and so is a relationship. When you have someone, you won’t look for someone else but when you break up with someone, the same events might happen to both of you. Like look for someone else, get into a new relationship or a rebound relationship, or the most common, ask about each other through your mutual friends.

When a breakup happens, you both are left wondering how each one of you is doing. How you are holding up and you both are missing each other very much. But as you cannot communicate with each other, you seek the help of your mutual friends. They are there to help you both with the communication as a middleman.

When a guy misses you, he will go and ask mutual friends about you. He might be your ex-boyfriend but as there was something between you two before a break-up, he will still miss you and will want to know how you are doing. You might be just friends and mostly be in the same position but you both want the same thing for each other. Happiness.

Maybe the relationship just didn’t work out and a breakup was bound to happen. It’s life. It happens. But it doesn’t mean you should start playing mind games with each other, no. After a break up all you have is your mutual friends as the way to know about each other.

So, it’s a clear sign that he misses you when he asks about you from mutual friends. He wants to know. are you seeing someone else or not. He might not come straight to you but your mutual friends would always be there to give an answer. They will apply the same effect on both of you.

4. He is super happy when he sees you

You don’t even have to ask yourself “Does he miss me?” when every time you meet him or text him, he is super happy! It’s a sure sign that he misses you because you make him excited. You make him feel like the best guy in the world. It’s not crazy to think that he might be in love with you. As a matter of fact, he already is!

You might not notice it at first but you will realize it very soon. You won’t have to wonder for long, don’t worry. As we know how guys are, in due time, you will know how much you mean to him.

If you are wondering why does he smile so bright every time you meet him then the answer to that is he was missing you. He was so much missing you that he just can’t bring himself to stop smiling. He is excited, overjoyed, and extremely happy because you are there for him now.

When you get into a relationship with someone you really love, you will want to spend time with them all the time. A guy who will miss you when you are away for even a few seconds. A guy who will notice your absence and will notice his feelings towards you. A guy who will make you wonder things and will miss you like crazy all the time when you are not around.

He smiles when his phone ring because of your call, he smiles when you like his post or picture on social media, he smiles in the most unexpected places you can ever imagine when you contact him because his smile tells you everything. A clear sign of him missing you.

No person will be so super happy or excited to see you unless he wasn’t missing you very badly. Always remember that. So, if he smiles a lot and is super excited and happy to get in touch with you then know that he was missing you. That’s love life, for you, my friends.

5. He tells you exactly what is going on

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

As hard as it is for guys to express their feelings directly to you. Sometimes they do tell you when they miss you a lot. Even if you cannot read his mind all the time, his body language will do tell you exactly what is going on. When you miss a person so much so that you cannot hold or contain it anymore inside your heart you have to go and tell them directly how much you are missing them. And some guys will do that for you as well.

The more time he takes not telling you how much he misses you, the more he will want to come and tell you directly. He might have messages from you from a week ago and that itself is a sign when a guy misses you very badly. A week without you will feel like years to him and as he cannot keep it inside anymore, he will tell you exactly what is going on and will try to come up with any way to come into contact with you. And will tell you how dearly he misses you. You might be feeling the same way as he is because in a relationship most of the time such feelings are mutual.

He won’t wait for you to read his sign in order to know that he misses you but rather he will tell you directly about his true feelings for you. His body language, his manner of speaking, his behavior, and his expressions will all be there to let you know how much he is missing you. A message sent a week ago, a call made a week ago, a contact made a week ago or a photo shared a week ago on all social media accounts, in every possible way where communication was not happening will make him miss you. And that is when that person who was missing you like crazy will come to you and tell you that how he was thinking about your day and night. How he was longing and yearning for you. How he was missing his one and only. It’s true.

Most men will not tell you exactly but some just cannot wait and leave you wondering about how they are feeling. No matter where you were or how busy you were been in life. Sometimes he will not be patient and will tell you straightforward that he misses you. No need to look for a sign at all. His everything will you everything.

6. He talks with you about his day

Another way of knowing when he is missing you is by listening to him talking. If you find him talking about his day and how it was and where he went, etc. It’s a clear sign that he wants to prolong the conversation and keep talking with you because he misses you.

When you miss someone so much that you come up with any kind of random topic to talk about someone then it’s a clear sign that person is missing you like crazy. There are no other women for him except you in his life. Guys don’t talk much. You know that by now but if he is talking with you non-stop about random topics or about his day and events with you then he is just missing you. And he doesn’t want you to go anywhere else but just be with him for the time being and want you to feel the same way as him.

Even though he is busy as well with life, just like you. He still tries to come up with something so that he can talk with you. Why? Because you are the most important person in his life and he will try to tell you that in his way. He won’t hesitate to reply to you even when he is doing something important because you mean that much to him. And he will miss you. In the moments when you are not present. He will miss you when you are busy. He will miss you when you are away and cannot answer your phone. Everyday. Every time.

It’s a clear sign to know when he is missing you because instead of telling about his day to his friends or someone else, he chooses you all the time. And that shows how much he likes you. He can talk about his day to other girls as well but he doesn’t do that. He will choose you a million times over some other girls because you are not someone else to him. You are you! and he chooses you because of that.

Does he miss me? Yes, he does! Why else would he try to talk with you all the time?

7. He listens to your songs playlist

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Whether it is your current boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. If he listens to the songs you shared with him then he is missing you. Most of the time an ex-boyfriend will do that because he will be feeling nostalgic about you. All the songs hold a deeper meaning to him. A certain memory of happiness is associated with it. And when that ex-boyfriend misses you, he will listen to that song’s playlist. He will listen deeply.

It’s not just about an ex-boyfriend listening to your song’s playlist that shows if someone misses you, no. You see, songs are very meaningful when you are in a relationship. They become a part of your relationship, a certain factor that establishes a deeper connection with someone. And listening to someone else’s songs playlist may really tell you about them as well. It’s part of love life and every relationship nowadays.

So it doesn’t matter if he is your ex-boyfriend or current boyfriend. If you had a break-up or a new relationship. If your ex-boyfriend is with someone else or you are with someone else too. It’s just about missing a person and wondering about them listening to their song’s playlist.

To miss someone is a very emotional thing to do and sometimes songs help us feel the miss. It makes us wonder about that person a lot and it strums our hearts.

So if you want a clear sign about whether “Does he miss me or not?” then look for this sign in a relationship. A guy surely misses you when he listens to your song’s playlist when you are not around. A guy misses you very dearly because the memories are there and that won’t leave him alone, no matter what.

It’s a sure sign and you shouldn’t wonder about does he miss me anymore. Because what is your favorite, it’s his favorite too. And when he misses you, he has your song’s playlist. He can reminisce about you and think about you while he is missing you.

8. He is active on social media

Whether you are in a serious relationship or are you in a rebound relationship after a break-up, there is always a contact rule. A contact rule that has to be followed by both of you. A contact rule that might be either for staying away from each other for a while or contacting with each other at given times or place.

If you are wondering why I am telling you this well, it’s because of social media. Thanks to social media every person who is in a relationship with someone is using that for taking advantage. Like you can have all your friends connected with each other on social media. You can see what the other person is doing thanks to social media. You can establish contact on so many social media accounts easily. You can know what the person is up to by seeing their social media posts like Facebook status, WhatsApp story or Instagram story, etc.

When you get into a serious relationship with a guy and know about him for a few weeks or so, social media slowly begins to become an important part of your life. In any relationship, nowadays, it is used to let each other know about feelings. Not only does it help your wondering but it also helps you to communicate in the easiest way possible.

When the Facebook status is updated, when the messenger story is added, when the WhatsApp icon turns red, it brings out a certain feeling when you are in a relationship with someone. You know and wish that it is about you. It is from the person you love or like. It’s from the guy with who I am in a relationship with. It gives you a sense of excitement and love at the same time. Of course, you will have many friends on social media too but that won’t mean much as him updating his Facebook status, him sharing a story, or him sharing a photo saying ” I Miss You”

His activity on social media can give you a sign about him missing you. When you update your Facebook status, is he the first one to like? When you share a story, is he the first one to react? When you share a photo or anything on any social media accounts, is he quick to give you a like, comment, or reaction?

Then you shouldn’t be wondering about the guy whether does he miss me or not because he does and is missing you. His activity on social media clearly shows that the guy is missing you and you are always on his mind. If he shares everything with you there like tagging you in photos, comments, or funny videos. He is just telling you indirectly that you are on his mind and he wants to say that ” I miss you”

9. He asks for your photos

The thoughts won’t leave him alone when you are away. He will constantly miss you when you are not around him and he surely will miss you more if he hasn’t seen you for a while. That can be some days or a few weeks. Life brings in unexpected scenarios and we just have to accept them with a heavy heart. But it doesn’t mean we should get rid of our feelings, no.

A relationship is meant to have mutual understandings and lots of love. And if you love someone, you will do anything to see them, all the time. So, if the guy with whom you have a relationship asks you to send some of your pictures then clearly he is missing you.

Like I said, his thoughts won’t leave him alone until he sees you somehow when you are not near him. He wants to see his love, his girl, his only one because he is missing you a lot. His mind is full of your thoughts and he will only feel calm until he sees you.

Even though the distance might be insignificant, he still will miss you. So, if he asks for your pictures at such a moment then know for sure that the guy is thinking about you. And he does miss you a lot. By seeing you he might feel closer to you and that will make him really happy.

10. He messages you most of the time

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Texting you is one way of knowing when a guy misses you. It doesn’t matter how random or out of topic his messages are. As long as he is doing it often, it shows he is thinking about you and is trying to know about how you are doing, how was your day, or what are you up to.

When you miss someone, you will text them every day. That is the most common and fastest way to know when someone is missing you. Everyone has their own life and everyone may get busy once in a while. But during any of those times if he texts you just to know how you are doing then clearly it’s a sign that the guy is missing you a lot.

Checking the frequency of messages when you are in a relationship, checking the time of messages when you are in a relationship and lastly checking the content of messages when you are in a relationship are all important factors to consider when you are trying to bring someone in your life as a partner or a person to spend your time with.

When a guy is thinking about you and is missing you, he will most definitely text you. He cares about you and your life, just like his own life. He knows what is it like to miss someone and he certainly takes the step to message you, keeping that in mind. His day just won’t go by as long as he doesn’t hear from you. A relationship with such a guy will surely be quite happy all your life. Forget about a breakup with such a guy who texts you often just because he can’t stop thinking about you and is missing you. He is a keeper and you should not leave him alone at all.

He knows there are plenty of other women whom he can text but that’s not how he is. The guy who wants a relationship with you will only text you and you only. And if he says he misses you while doing that then what else do you need from such a guy? His text messages say it all when you are wondering about him. His mind is only thinking in one direction and that is towards you.

If you receive a lot of texts from him in your daily life, doesn’t matter how bland or simple it may seem. It surely shows one thing that the guy is yearning for you and he wants to talk with you as soon as possible. That’s why the texts. He is a guy, after all, he can talk about the most unexpected places in his mind and heart.

11. He is asking for forgiveness

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

It takes a lot of courage to ask for forgiveness from someone. Admitting your own mistakes and patching things up with the person you love is truly an important step in any relationship. Consider this as something only an amazing guy will do for you because most guys won’t even bother admitting their own mistakes or even say sorry to you at all.

In life, problems may arise in any relationship no matter how powerful or happy it is. It’s life, expect the unexpected. But when you love someone and like someone very much, you will want to keep that person with you all your life. You wouldn’t trade them for the world, right?

Self-esteem here will help you with the back burner. You wouldn’t want the problems to stay in the relationship that has been caused by you. You know yourself and your self-esteem limitations. You wouldn’t want the person to be suddenly vanished from your life all because of some misunderstandings. Instead, you would want to keep the relationship and make it stronger. Make it worthwhile and make it more concrete. And especially, make the relationship happier.

If he is apologizing to you and saying he is sorry for his actions and words then you should realize that how much important you are in his life. You have to overlook how the apology was reached to you. Whether it was through call, message, mutual friends, or a letter. It’s still an apology and shows how much you mean to him.

Put yourself in his shoes and think, what would you have done if you felt so much guilty about hurting the only person you didn’t want to hurt. You would have said sorry and apologized almost immediately! But guys are not like that. They battle with their emotions and summon up a lot of courage in order to say something as deeply as apologizing to you. Don’t belittle it. But focus on his words or he is telling you face to face, focus on his body language. It’s all there. The signs.

The sign that he is missing you. The sign that you meant the world to him. The sign that he misses you very much. You should appreciate his attempt to patch things up with you because he thought about it during all his time away from you and he finally was able to tell you his true feelings. He didn’t go for other women but instead, he chose you in his life still. All because your thoughts won’t leave him alone and he appreciates you because of that.

This is a sure way of knowing when a guy misses you a lot. His self-esteem and your presence in his life say a lot about your relationship and his character. His love will not waver for you if he apologizes to you, you should know that for certain.

12. He calls you often – A sure sign the guy misses you!

Whether you are a new girl in someone’s life or you are with someone for a while, in any case, when a guy misses you he will surely call you often. These most frequent calls to you are his way of telling you that he is thinking about you and is missing you.

Does he call you in the middle of the night when you are about to sleep or sleeping? Does he call you when you are at work or having a break from work? Does he call you when you are out with your friends at a restaurant or someplace else? Does he call you at random moments, almost unexpectedly, and ask you how you are doing?

This sort of behavior and clinginess is a sure sign of knowing that the guy is missing you too much. As random as it may seem, it just shows that the guy is only thinking about you all day, all the time, and is missing you. It’s not just a phone call but it can also be a video call. Just to see your face will lighten up his day. He is missing your voice and your company. As you cannot be with him at the moment, all he can do is now call you.

But keep in mind most guys will not call you often as they are often clumsy doing that. Texting is easy but keeping a conversation going during a call is often difficult for guys to manage. It may turn awkward for them as they get anxious and lost for words. So when they do call you to check up on you and try to keep the conversation going for as long as they can then you should know his sign that he is longing for you.

When you answer his call, and say something to him, a simple hi or how are you or what’s going on? All these simple words mean the world to him at that moment because hearing from you will make him super happy. His missing will stop for a while and he will feel much closer to you when he can hear your voice over a call or video call.

If you miss someone, you should call more often. That’s how it should be in any kind of relationship. That’s how you should let them know that you are missing them and they are the most important person in your life.

13. He sends random gifts to you

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Sometimes the way guys tell you how much they miss you can get tricky. They might not be able to tell you with words or texts bur rather they will choose another way to tell you how much they miss you and how much they care about you. And that is through giving you gifts.

It doesn’t raise concern for guys if you are a new girl in his life or not. It just matters to them that you exist now in their life and you deserve to be treated with respect, love, and care. And that is why they will shower you with gifts to show their affection.

But when there is distance inbound, things might get a little sad for a while. As much as communication will be happening, it wouldn’t feel right with guys to not gift you but only talk. So, when they are lost for words and cannot tell you directly. They will send you or buy you a special gift. It will always be something that you mentioned to him during your date or random text messages. He will listen to you deeply when a guy loves you so much. They will try to catch everything you say. Your favorite color, your favorite dress, your favorite perfume. It can be anything that is related to you which you love or like.

And then words seem less, they will take action of buying you a perfect gift that you love, telling you how much they miss you! Their affection, their love, their care will all be there, in a gift that is meant for you. And it won’t always be just one gift but a series of gifts actually because when guys take action. They take it all the way so be ready for a shower of gifts that you love. That is why you should make him miss you too, just to tease him. And he will give you things that you love in your life.

This random gift-giving is an act of love and to love is something very beautiful. It’s his way of telling you indirectly that “I Love You” and “I Miss You all the time when you are not around”

14. He is sharing his deep feelings with you

When a guy loves you, he wouldn’t want you to leave him alone. That will tarnish his self-esteem. That’s all guys have sometimes, their self-esteem. And if they start to doubt themselves, it will cause problems in a relationship.

You don’ want him to chase other women right? And he should not chase other women anyways because he has you, right? Nobody has to do a battle of self-esteem or go for a rebound relationship when things get sour in a relationship. Instead what we want is to know and understand each other more. Know about each other every day as time passes by slowly and gradually. We want to have “The One” in our life and that can only happen when someone deeply cares about you and loves you with all his heart and soul.

Guys don’t open up easily about their life. You have to be extraordinarily special in order to let guys open up to you. Don’t take it personally, it’s not because of you though. That’s how guys are naturally. They are buffoons who are clumsy and shy when it comes to feelings and emotions in a relationship. They will try to hide it far away from letting anyone know but except one person. You! He doesn’t want to up to his friends or family but you. That’s his way of telling you that he misses you. He wants you. He needs you. Sharing his deep feelings with you shows how much worthy you are to him. Imagine a guy, sharing his darkest secrets and deepest feelings with you. Doesn’t that make you feel special or wonderful?

Someone who finds it so difficult to share lets you know all about it is a sign that he considers you someone very important in his life. When he has something to share, he doesn’t go look for other women but instead comes straight to you and tells you exactly how he is feeling. And when you are not there to listen, he will miss you like crazy.

And it’s not just about him either, but he wants to know deeply about you. And that curiosity makes him miss you as well. He wants to know more about the person he is missing all the time when she is not around. He wants to miss you and want you to miss him too. Because love is a bond that needs to be strengthened by any force necessary and sharing deep feelings is one way of doing that.

A guy will miss you my friends when they want to share their feelings with you. That’s something you should know.

15. He is there whenever you text him

You text your friends but their replies seem to come late. There is a delay or some sort of pattern when you are texting them. Some of your friends might reply soon, some might reply late or some might just leave you hanging for a few weeks, Ha!

But when it comes to him, it seems he is always there to respond within a few minutes. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, whenever you message him, it seems he was just waiting for that and will respond to your text message as soon as possible.

Now, what does it mean? Do you think he is displaying that behavior to you just for fun? Or do you think is too overly attached to you? Or do you think he is giving you more attention than you actually need? Well, the right way to think about it would be he is simply, missing you.

All the reasons why he is doing that do not matter when you are in a relationship with a guy who actually waits for your messages to arrive. Someone who doesn’t make you wait and responds to you within seconds or minutes. He might be missing you so much so that the thought of replying to you late is just out of the question for him. He wants to cherish every moment of his life that he spends with you. In the same way as any true lover will do.

Answering quickly to your text messages is his way of showing that whenever you need him, he will be there. And he loves to do that for you anytime, any place. That is what most men should do. So, if you find him replying to you quickly and more frequently then surely the guy is showing a sign that he misses you a lot.

16. He wants the conversation to last for hours

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

He doesn’t want to talk with someone else except you. That is why he will try to keep the conversation going with you for hours and hours. He will say anything to keep you with himself because he will miss you when you hang up or stop texting him for the day. His day starts with you and ends with you. He will miss you the moment you are offline which is why he will try talking with you as much as he can.

He doesn’t want minutes with you but countless hours. He wants as many moments as he can with you because he just cannot stop thinking about you. The thought of you you being away from him already makes him miss you. He loves to be near you all the time even when there is a distance between you two. By calling you and messaging you and keeping the conversation going, he just wants to be close to you in any way possible.

The love life of people who really love each other is always like this. No matter where you are, you want to be as close as possible to each other. Thanks to social media, the distance somewhat feels less when you are able to video call, call or message each other. The emojis in there are fun to use as well and a lot of gifs can be shared to express your feelings to one another.

As you might have experienced or seen somewhere, some couples even talk with emojis alone which can last for hours. They will share photos, memes, emojis just to keep that person to themselves and engage in all sorts of lovely topics to talk about. And when you do that, it has the same effect as missing someone. To yearn for someone, to long for someone. Anybody would keep the person they love to themself for as much time as they can. And when you are in a relationship like that. You should know that when he will miss you, he will do this to you more frequently.

As you occupy his mind throughout all day, he will miss you more often too. And that is why he will text you, call you or video call you and keep it as long as possible to show you how much he is thinking of you and how much he wants to be near you and how much you mean to him, in every possible way. When such a guy misses you, he deeply cares about you and finds you the most interesting girl there can be. He enjoys his conversations with you, thus, when he misses you, he keeps you engaged with him. It’s a sure sign!

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17. He talks about the beautiful past and nostalgia

Nostalgia is one way to miss someone and most men will do that in their life. Talking about the past, how he misses it with you is his way of reminding you how special you are in his life. The happy moments that he spent with you draw a certain picture in his head which always makes him happy. He misses spending time with you, he misses the way you talked with him, he misses the wonderful laughter that you shared with him, and most certainly, he will always miss the love you shared with him.

If he brings up the beautiful past with you then know for certain that he is longing for you. And not just for moments but for a long period of time. A guy is not someone who easily brings up the past without any reason. It’s not just like “Hey remember that?” No. He thinks about it more than you can imagine. He thinks about you, how he spent his time with you. He thinks about many things that are related to you, not just the moments in his head.

For example, the old pictures that you shared with him. Or your first date or something funny that happened and only you two know about it. Discussing that with you during a conversation, bringing up a past that makes both of you smile, and sharing what he thinks about all that in a good way is his way of telling you that he misses you very much

Bringing up the good old days to someone you love or once loved is a very personal thing to do. Its attachment runs very deep down to the very core of his soul. And where is a soul connection, there are soulmates. He might be just missing his soulmate and that is why he is telling you about how wonderful the time was when you were with him. Maybe it’s just his way now to appreciate you even after what has happened afterward in both of your life. He is telling you that time is just a simple constraint on what we can have, it hasn’t stopped him from thinking about you one bit. And in that, you can know for sure that is not resentful either because why would he bring up the good old days with you if he doesn’t miss what you both had?

So sharing the happy past with you is one of the signs a guy will show you when he misses you.

18. He shares pictures of quotes, poetry, and couple goals

If he sends you a picture after picture, portraying someone missing another person then it is quite clear that he misses you as well. The picture can be in the form of quotes or some lyrics or anything funny. It doesn’t matter. If he keeps sending you those photos then there is a reason behind it and you should know that he is not crazy, actually. He is simply thinking about you and wants to share those pictures with you in a way to let you know that he is missing you.

It doesn’t only have to be those pictures. It can be his too. Like he might say “Hey, have you seen me wearing this, funny right?” Like he will try to talk with you through picture sharing. Letting you know through those how he miss your presence. How he wishes you were near and close to him right now. How much you meant to him. All those things just with simple photos of couple goals, quotes, and poetry.

If he keeps this rhythm of sending photos for a long time then it’s a clear sign that he misses you too much.

19. He indirectly tells you on his social media posts.

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

We all are aware of how important it is to have social media accounts nowadays. All modern couples or old couples even have taken an interest in the rising trend of sharing stuff on their social apps. Whether it be pictures of some scenery with motivational words on it or a funny screenshot taken from a sitcom. Anything can be shared online and with the help of the internet, life has never been easier. Communication is a way of sharing thoughts, feelings, and imaginations with one another. It helps you dream, it helps you reach your goals and it helps you understand each other better.

Now coming to the relationship and to find an answer to “Does he miss me?”, you should know that when a guy who is in a relationship with you shares pictures, quotes, poetry or any sort of couple goals or images on his social apps might be an indication that he is missing you.

Most often, we might think that it is not meant for the person he wants to share with but in reality, it is. Most men will do this when they miss you. They will share a deep meaningful photo with some quotes about missing someone or an image of somebody sitting lonely thinking about someone or it can be lyrics from a sad song. Anything goes on social media and you should be aware of this sign as soon as possible because as social apps have become a part of our lives, anything that is posted there might hold some meaning.

If his social apps are filled with nostalgic songs, his old photos, quotes about missing, or any kind of poetry then he might be indirectly telling you that he is missing you.

If he shares a couples goals video, it’s actually meant for you. If he shares a meme, it’s also meant for you. He doesn’t want to look alone but instead, he wants you to know and become aware of his presence. He is telling you something that you should look at his sign very carefully.

Your answer can be found in the photos that he shares on social media. He might be missing you a lot if he is sharing a lot of stuff on his social apps.

20. He is doing the things that you love

Another good sign to know whether he is missing you or not is by looking at his behavior and the things he is doing. Does he play your favorite game on his mobile or on PC? Does he enjoy baking all of a sudden which you use to love? Does he go out to your favorite spot daily for walking as an excuse? Anything that he does which you loved to do is him telling you that he is missing you.

Does he watch your favorite movie or TV shows? Does he listen to your favorite songs? Does he like to draw, sketch, paint, etc which you loved to do? Ask your mutual friends and they will you what he is up to. No one will do the things you love unless he is missing you. It’s about reminiscing. Your presence, left a mark when you did all those things around him. That’s why he does the same things as you love to do because your thoughts are all in his head.

As most men will not show their emotions easily, they will show you through actions. They will give you signs like these to let you know that he is thinking about you and yearning for you. It’s not just that it’s a part of love life but it’s actually a very meaningful thing to do when you are genuinely missing someone. If doing those things helps him smile then why not, right?

So, if you know about such behavior about him then be 100% sure that he misses you very much.

21. He gives you small, unexpected surprises.

Surprise! It’s a good sign to notice when you are in a relationship with someone. Whether he gets in contact with you in unexpected places or when he gives you the things you wanted as a child. All these small, unexpected surprises lead to one thing, him missing you.

He wants to let you know by showing up at unexpected places that he misses you. He might come to the same events as you, he might show up at your favorite restaurant or even show up at your family’s home. It’s a small world anyways and he takes his advantage to make sure his presence is visible to you in any way possible. Only a guy who truly likes you will do that.

He wants to be close to you, near with you, be connected with you and if you are wondering why he is doing that then you should know it’s because he truly loves you and he misses you with all his heart and soul. Popping up at the same events, out of nowhere in which he doesn’t even seem interested is a sign that he misses you a lot.

It’s not showing up at unexpected places, but sometimes he comes up with small surprises as well. For example, he creates a collage of your photos, a memento to remember, maybe he writes a song or poem for you, or he sings a song for you, or he buys you something that you admired for a while. All these sweet gestures and small surprises are for you to know that he wants to spend time with you. Because he misses you a lot.

22. He talks to his friends and family about you in your absence

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Trying to know about you through mutual friends is one of the signs he is missing you. This clearly shows how much he cares about you. Even though you are not in touch with him, he still makes an effort and summons up the courage to ask about you from his mutual friends.

And not only friends, from your family too sometimes. He just wants to know how you are doing, what are you up to, and what’s new in your life. Probably he simply cares about you and likes you, to that extent.

Getting information about you from both of your friends is his way of telling you that he will always remember you. It doesn’t just show that he only cares about you or likes you, but it shows genuine affection for you. His concerns are valid when he is missing you so damn much. And getting to know about you will bring him some peace of heart and mind.

Always remember, when you are absent from the life of people who genuinely love you, they will ask around people, no matter what about you and how you are doing in life. They won’t just have the “Whatever” attitude, instead, they will do their very best to make sure that you are happy and smiling.

23. He cherishes the things associated with you

When you miss someone a lot, you will want to have something associated with them. A photograph, a gift, a certain memory that can remind them of you. There are plenty of ways to tell people that you miss someone. But one thing that is for certain when you are alone is that there are things which remind you of the people whom you are missing.

When a guy misses you, he will cherish the things you gave him during a relationship. It doesn’t have to be something super fancy or expensive, no. Anything that will remind him of you will make him miss you more and more every day. He will appreciate that you left these memories with him rather than asking them back for some reason.

Things can make a man miss you very much. And if you wonder that is crazy then no, it’s not crazy at all. A simple keychain that you gave him will hold greater meaning to him than anything that he got in his room or home. The simplest of things holds great significance in a guy’s life when you are in a relationship with him.

He will cherish everything that you shared with him and will miss that, once in a while when pick those things up or look at them. All he will do is think of you, you and you only. And the memories you gave him, he will cherish those.

💕 Ways To Make A Guy Miss You 💕

❣️ Be absent for a day

You can make him miss you by being absent for a day or two. He will be wondering about you all day and night what happened to you. He will want to know as soon as possible and his curiosity will grow as minutes pass gradually.

If you leave him alone, even for a day. He will extremely miss you. He will be constantly thinking about you and will be genuinely concerned as well. By giving him space to miss you, he will be craving for you even more. You don’t always want to be available for him whenever he contacts you. Because you if don’t give him space to miss you, he simply won’t. He will know that you will always be available for him therefore there is no room for missing at all.

You can make him miss you just by spending your day without him. You should be aware though you should be patient with guys anyways. You can’t just make things happen so suddenly. Give him time to miss you and see how he comes running to you the next day.

❣️ Be mysterious

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

When you get into a relationship, you want to know everything about each other. From how they were as kids to their darkest secrets now. You want to know and have a mutual understanding of each other on a perfect level. But if you tell him everything about you, he will get bored. He will find you not interesting and will probably not miss you, even when you are absent for a while.

So what you can do here to make him miss you is by being mysterious. You can take this to your advantage when you don’t give him everything about you, he will want to know more. And when you don’t give him that information right away, he will miss you and will be thinking about you. Like what is she keeping from me that I still don’t know.

Don’t open up too soon or too easily. Leave some room for the mystery which can make a guy think about you and miss you for some time. It’s a great way to keep the conversation going on as well. He will find you super interesting if you become mysterious.

❣️ Dress superhot!

Dress to kill. It’s an expression that you should use in real life when you want to make him miss you. Put on your most expensive and hot dress, do a little make-up, make your hair, and apply that lipstick that makes you look super hot! And simply walk by him, and see how every one eye is locked on you only. Make him realize that you are not so easy to catch and you are “The One” for him.

By letting him notice your sexy side and hot dress, he will find you irresistible. His eyes would be glued to you, his heart will start racing fast, his mind wouldn’t be able to think about anything else but only what is in front of him. A gorgeous, cute, breathtaking, hot girl that he is dating or has a relationship with.

When you do that to him, you will paint a really memorable picture on his mind and he will be slain, every time he thinks about you. And when you are not around during that time, for sure, he will miss you a lot because of how beautiful you are.

❣️ Make him believe that you are the one

Show him that you are worth chasing. Show him that you are unique and one of a kind. Show him that you are worthy of his time. By making him believe that you are the one, he will find you very attractive and will need you all the time. Guys are built that way. The more unique you are, the more interested they will be. Make use of his curious mind about you.

You have to make him realize that you are perfect for him. An ideal girlfriend or partner if you want to put it that way. Someone whom he should be in love with, all his life. Someone whom he should look after with care and support. And how can you do all that?

By giving him the things he needs. By doing the things he wants. For example, know about what he likes when he wakes up, what he loves to eat, what he loves to do at certain times of the day, what are his hobbies, what are his plans or goals. When things matter to him, concerns to you as well and he notices that about you, he will know for sure then that you are the one for him. And he will miss you because he knows that you care about him and you know about his likes and dislikes. He knows that you love him dearly so when you are away from him for some moments, he will miss you like crazy.

Show him what you got and tailor your personality, he will crave for you any time of the day then.

❣️ Post stunning photos on social media accounts

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Another way you can make him miss you is by posting your super cute, hot, and sexy photos on your social media accounts. When he sees those stunning photos, his mind will run blank and all that will be there is you. Share anything that is related to your life on your social apps and see how he reacts. Know that he will be there anyway. When a guy likes you, he will be online most of the time on social apps as well. He will be constantly checking for an update from you.

Let him see about your daily life there. Share photos of yourself with your friends or just yourself. Look absolutely stunning and use photoshop as well. It doesn’t have to be extraordinary, as long as the picture is just good. Show him your fun side. Don’t let him chase other girls but show him that you are worth chasing for. Share as many photos as you can on social apps and make him realize how amazing and wonderful you are.

You can take great advantage of social apps nowadays for almost everything. And one thing that we need right now is to make him miss you. And we can do that by sharing photos of you. For example, did you go to some event or a concert with your friends, upload a picture. Did you buy some new clothes for yourself, upload a picture. Did you achieve something at work? Share that photo immediately. When you do that, he will notice it and will want to be there with you but he couldn’t and that will make him miss you a lot.

❣️ Be the first to end the conversation

Don’t be too much when you are talking with him. Whether it’s while texting or a call, be always the first one to end the conversation. Let it be hanging up the call or saying good night, be one step ahead of him, and leave some room for mystery. When you do those things, the guy will think there is something more to you. Something important and that is why he will crave for you and will look forward to seeing you or talking with you again. And until that happens, he will miss you.

When you show to him that you are worth chasing for, believe me, he will follow you everywhere you go. No men like easy girls. While some might be looking for a one-night stand or a hook-up but genuine men who truly like you will chase you for as long as you need them to.

Be the first one to say goodbye, be the first one to stop talking, be the first one to say “I have to go” Playing hard to get here will give you an advantage. Ignoring someone who likes you is a trick you should use in order to keep them interested in you. Don’t be too clingy and talk whenever you are available but make him miss you by ending the conversation sooner. That way, you will make yourself mysterious, create an aura that will make him attracted to you, and he will surely miss you when you end the conversations with him. He will always look forward to seeing you again.

❣️ Leave something “Accidentally”

One of the oldest tricks you can use to make him miss you is using the “Leaving something accidentally” trick. It’s a pretty straightforward and easy thing to do. All you have to do is simply leave something of yours in his home, in his pocket, or anywhere he can see it. When he picks that thing up associated with you, it will bring him happy memories, moments, and thoughts of yours. And he will start missing you. It can be your nose pin, a bracelet, a ticket to a movie or a shawl, etc. There are no limitations or standards for leaving something accidentally in his home. Just let it be something that can remind him of you and he will surely miss you when he gets a hold of that.

When he sees that, the first thing that will come up in his mind will be you. He will smile while thinking of you and will try to remember you all the time. These may seem like little things but truly it holds a deeper meaning to guys. When they like you, they like everything about you and everything that is related to you. A small thing like that will let you be in his memories and thoughts for a lifetime.

❣️ Smile bright wherever you are

One thing that guys love about girls besides their beauty is how mesmerizing their smiles are. How stunning they look when they show their white sparkling pearls. It’s known all over the world that a sing smile of a woman can pierce a man’s heart easily. A smile that is so stunning that when a guy doesn’t see it for one whole day, he will start to miss you a lot.

Whenever you are with him, smile bright. Laugh a lot at his funny and witty jokes. Be yourself with him and try to show your secret weapon as much as you can, your white beautiful teeth. A guy will really love you when you smile and laugh with him. He will appreciate you and will take care of you. And when you are not with him anymore for a moment, he will start to miss you. Your smile and your laugh. He will miss you very much. So smile, and smile a lot. That makes the guys miss you when you are not around.

❣️ Make him crave for you

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Let him crave for you. Let him see your beautiful side. Let him peek inside your divine soul and show him how wonderful and amazing you are. You can make him drawn to you by being mysterious, playful, and exciting. Don’t give him all of you in one go, instead let him know you little by little.

Another way you can make him crave for you and miss you is by showing your sexy side to him. Telling him about your fantasies with him and how you want to do things a bit differently, which is unique. Teasing him about things, being playful with him, having deeper conversations with him, etc will make him crave for you so much. And because of this craving, when are you not near him, he will miss you.

Be seductive, be naughty, be thoughtful, be intelligent. Let him see how interesting and mysterious you are and you will see him running to you all the time. Your presence will mean a lot to him and the smallest distance can make him miss you like crazy.

❣️ Focus on your own goals and dreams

Making yourself busy and focusing on your own goals and dreams is another way to make him miss you. When you can’t give him time as usual or when you can’t go out with him to events at tight times then clearly he will miss you when you cannot be there for him.

It’s not just one person’s life when you are in a relationship with someone but your both lives are important. So, if you have something planned to get in your life, if you have a degree to obtain or if you want to get the achievement you have been dreaming about for a long time then going for that purpose will make you spend less time with him. And that will make him miss you.

You don’t have to leave him alone completely but just be busy with your life. Go out with your friends and family, study more with focus, and spend some time away from him. Making your absence for some time will make him realize how important you are to him and how much you mean to him as well. Becoming busy with your own life will make him spend some time away from you and he might feel lonely. That loneliness will trigger the longing for you and the more you are not contacting him, the more he will miss you.

💝 Reasons why someone misses you 💝

◉ They are missing your presence

One of the main reasons someone will miss you will be because you are absent in their life. The time you spend away from them is the time they will miss spending it with you. And that will make the long for you. People often mistake missing and always associate it with love. It’s not always because of love that you miss someone. It can be just the company of a person, a random act of kindness, or something that they have given you to remember them.

Missing someone means you want to continue the thing you had once with that person. You want them to last with you forever. And when it doesn’t last for long, it hurts. You start to miss those things because they are not present in your life anymore.

So, if you were the type of person who leaves a great impact on someone’s life. Then your company and presence will be missed by that person because they liked hanging out with you. They liked the way you talked with them and they most certainly were attracted to your personality. You meant to them in a way that when now you can’t be there with them, they have started to miss you.

There can be many reasons why someone misses you which we will discuss now but the main reason is always your presence. When you are not there, it just hurts.

◉ They can’t get rid of the memories

Another reason they miss you is because of the memories you gave them. Their life became happy when you were in them and it’s not anymore because you are far or distant. Even though they might be trying to not remember you and will try to get rid of the memories you gave them, they can’t. When you make someone truly happy in their life the memories are etched into their souls, not stored in a brain. And the soul is something that can never be altered or changed in any form or shape. It remembers everything that you feed it.

Whenever they think of something, your face pops up in their head. They want to try new things in their life, you come up. They want to move on, you come again inside their head. Wherever and whatever they want to think, you are always there, in their memories, thoughts, and head. And because of that, they miss you. They miss having you around and they miss the memories you gave them. They want more, they crave for more and they need you all the time. Which can be a valid reason for somebody missing you.

When you give a pleasant time to someone, make them happy and make them smile how can they not miss you when you are not around anymore? Wouldn’t that be crazy for anyone to think that they won’t miss the guy who made them feel that way? Exactly. Memories are something we as humans hold on to. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad. But great memories, you can’t get rid of them. You can try as much as you need to but your effort will always be in vain.

So, if somebody is missing you, it’s because they are holding onto your memories, still and always.

◉ They appreciate the time you had together

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Just like memories and presence, the time you spend with people is also of great significance to people. Time is a very important thing in our lives and we get to decide to spend it with people whom we love, care about, and want to be with them for a long period of time. Probably forever.

The question is how do we know that the time is good or the time is bad. How do we put a label on time and how do we believe that the person will appreciate the time we spend with them. These are the type of questions that need a very thorough and valid answer because we are here to talk about why somebody misses us, right?

The answer to that is pretty easy and clear actually because to make time good, we have to do positive things that make both of us happy. We can’t be selfish all the time in our lives because it is meant to be shared with people, this time. We have the power to make it good by doing loveable gestures, surprising each other with random acts of kindness, and providing support at any stage of life to people who are important to us.

To keep people happy requires a heart that can truly love and is genuine. To keep people smiling requires being kind and thoughtful. To keep people in your life requires trust and honesty. And if you have given all those to people then why do you even need a reason for them, missing you? When they become an important part of your life then you also become an important part of their life as well. So, they miss you because they appreciate you. Appreciate your time and appreciate your personality.

◉ They miss you because you are a part of them

Some people are connected spiritually. Yes, I am mentioning soulmates here. Soulmates come and go in our lives and they always teach us the most important lessons that we need in order to move forward and get along with this world. Soulmates are connected in the most divine way possible. They are not only each other’s best friends but they are more than that. It’s an unexplainable feeling when you are someone’s soulmate.

They are often called better half or another half as well. It can be used for soulmates as well besides your life partner. Soulmates don’t necessarily mean that they will be your life partners. It’s not like that. There is a clear difference between both a life partner and a soulmate. A lifter partner stays forever with you and supports you while a soulmate comes into your life to teach you something that you need.

◉ They are missing you because of the love

They miss the love you gave them. They miss the kisses. They miss the laugh and smile. They miss the happy moments you shared with them. They miss every part of you because of the love you shared with them. One of the most important things in life is love and everybody seeks that from the moment they are born till their last breath. To love someone requires great time, effort, and understandings. You want to build a connection with people that is based on love. Because when their mutual love is present, happiness is present as well. And in our lives, all we want is to be happy all the time.

So if you are wondering why does someone misses you and what could be the reason behind it then it can be because the love that you gave them is not there with them anymore. Not in the sense that they have lost it, no. But you cannot give them anymore because you are far from them or you cannot share it with them because of any reason.

When we truly love someone, they leave a great imprint on our lives. And just like that, you have almost left that imprint on somebody because of the love that you gave them. Your absence will bring solitude in their lives and for certain they will miss you wholeheartedly when they try to remember the love you shared with them before distance made them miss you.

◉ They want happiness, for you and them

Sometimes things don’t work out in our lives. No matter how much you try to keep things, it fades away from our lives. Things that we try to hold onto suddenly vanish right before our eyes. As much as we want to keep them with us, as much as we want to hold them firmly, and as much as we want to keep things the way they are right now, we can’t control any of it. It’s not in our hands anymore when destiny plays mind games with us. We might be planning something together but suddenly all those planning and dreams seem meaningless.

And it’s not always that we don’t try to build or keep things by ourselves. Other people may also feel the same way as us. Maybe we can be a problem for them and that is why things have to change.

When letting go is the only way possible then there can only be one outcome that both of you can agree upon. And that is to be happy without each other. As hard as it will be, you both will want to live your lives with a smile on your face and that is why you will miss the time you spent together with each other. Memories will rush in whenever you think of them but you would always want them to be happy. To be moving forward and to be feeling peaceful. And in such moments, the missing will be intense. When everything reminds you of each other, it will get even more intense.

So, why will somebody miss you? Well, because of the happiness that once was there.

◉ They remember how great you were

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

There are many people in our lives that we are in contact with. Whether it be our close friends, family, or people at work. All are special people in our lives and hold great importance to us. But there is always that one special person who is different from everyone else. A guy that is just extraordinary and a guy whose only specific agenda is to be “The One” for you. And just like that how he is important to you, you are important to him as well. And they know it. They know and appreciate you because of your personality and character. The love you share and the way you treat that guy specially and differently than other people who are around you.

They do notice that about you and they treat you the same way as you do. When they realize that you have given them a special place in your heart, they give their special place to you. And that just shows how great you are. And not having a great woman like you around them will surely make them miss you a lot because the reason being how fun and enjoyable you make the time for them.

When you are not around then they will remember the beautiful time they spent with you and will want that to be more frequent. When you are an attractive woman and have that personality that is demanded by all the genuine guys then clearly your absence will make them feel lonely.

The reasons to miss someone can be unlimited but the real reason for missing someone is always associated with the company and the time they share with other people. And if you are that great of a human then you know the reason already why somebody will miss you.

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📱 Cute and funny ideas for how to respond to I miss you from someone you care about 📱

  1. I think a long and tight hug would be perfect right now.
  2. That’s very nice of you, very kind of you, and very sweet of you.
  3. What I miss most about you is seeing you smile. What I miss most about me is being the reason for your smiles.
  4. But I thought you would be glad to get rid of me.
  5. But, I just saw you like a second ago.
  6. I’m telling you, you’re not the only one who misses me. I have a lot of fans around the globe.
  7. You’re kinda, sorta, basically, always on my mind.
  8. If you think missing me is hard, you should try missing me.
  9. Why? I didn’t go anywhere!
  10. Hello, police, someone weird is telling me that he/she misses me.
  11. I always wish you were here so I could tell you how much I love you.
  12. I miss you a little—a little too often, and a little too much!
  13. Of course, you do! I have that effect on people!
  14. Thanks, I appreciate that.
  15. And you are in my inappropriate thoughts.
  16. Ah well, I’ll see you pretty soon so you won’t have to miss me anymore.
  17. Although my right hand is here to accompany me, I prefer that you be here by my side.
  18. Well, If I had lost someone as awesome as me, I’d miss myself terribly too!
  19. Would you mind staying away longer? That’s because I would like to miss you even more.
  20. Awww…here, I’ll send you a flying kiss.
  21. There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you.
  22. Three syllables, three words, eight letters, one phrase—I miss you.
  23. Did you cast a spell on me? I can’t stop thinking about you.
  24. I think a long and tight hug would be perfect right now.
  25. Days feel like years when you are not with me.
  26. Being with you and not being with you are the only ways I have to measure time.
  27. I miss your gaze, your voice, your smile, your laughter.
  28. I want to be with you. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.
  29. Why? I’m not dead yet!
  30. Where you are, is where I’m meant to be.

🥴️ Symptoms of missing someone 🥴️

⫸ Dreaming of them

One of the symptoms of missing someone you can catch on to quickly is when you dream of them often. There can be a lot of reasons for a dream to come while we sleep. Sometimes it can be the surroundings we are living in or the deja vu that happens which makes us dream about things. To this day, we still don’t know for sure what causes the dreams to come or what is the right pattern we have to follow in order to have the dreams we want to see.

But one thing that is known to everyone is that when you think about someone for a long time or when you miss someone a lot, you might see them in your dreams. It’s a trigger that you can do whenever you want. You have full control over it but it doesn’t mean that the results will be always positive.

When you are missing somebody, they will come in your dreams often. It’s one of the symptoms that comes to you when you are yearning for someone. The dreams are telling you the signs that you are missing them. It doesn’t have to be continuous dreams but once a week or two weeks, dreaming about someone is a sign showing that you are longing and missing someone.

⫸ When they are the first to come into your thoughts

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Another symptom that is quite easy to identify that you are missing someone is by reading your own thoughts. For example, when you need someone to fix something, which guy comes to your mind first? When, you need to share a movie or song with someone, who comes first into your mind first? When, you want to go try new things, who comes first into your thoughts? If it’s the same guy in any scenario then clearly you are missing that guy a lot.

Whatever or whenever you think of something, the same guy comes up. Everywhere you look, the answer is always the same. And it’s not just the similarity but the frequency of how he comes into your mind first before anyone else. There might be other people in your life that can also be in your thoughts but if it is always the same guy, then surely you are longing for that guy. And it’s a clear symptom of missing someone.

⫸ When things remind you of them

Things have sentimental value to them. It doesn’t have to be big or small, expensive or cheap, single or many of those things are. It just simply doesn’t matter when it has been given to people with feelings and hearts. Its value exceeds anything that is expensive in the world because it has feelings attached to it and that is the most beautiful gift you can give to anyone. A thing that will remind you of them. A thing that is so important that even seeing it reminds you of happy and great memories you spent with that guy.

That is why you should check for the symptom of missing someone if you have such things with you as well. People come and go in our lives but they leave behind things for us to remember them by. And then they are not with us anymore, those things become a very important memento for us.

⫸ Always thinking about them

If you find yourself always thinking about a certain someone whenever you have free time or you are busy then clearly the symptoms for longing are there. Always thinking about someone you love or like is a good sign of healthy relationships. If they come into your head for no apparent reason, if the thought of them eats you up inside, if the distance makes you worried and restless, if the sky seems greyer and darker when you are thinking about them then you might be missing that guy too much.

When you are lost in your thoughts and every thought is of him or her then you are in a phase which is what we call missing someone. Anyone can tell that to you if you are missing someone you will always be thinking about them. Whether are still in this world or not. Memories and thoughts are one thing we can’t get rid of, like things that help us to remember them.

So, whenever you have free time, or when you are relaxing or when you are sleeping or waking up if you are always thinking about them then you might be in the mode of longing for someone.

⫸ Need for a talk with them

When it seems that there is only one guy you want to talk to, under any circumstances, you won’t share it with anyone else but to only that guy then you surely are missing him. When you miss the company of people you like or love, you will want to talk with them a lot. You would want countless hours to spend with him because he makes you wonder about things that nobody else does.

So, if you feel like there is only one guy for you to talk to and he is not present at the moment then clearly you are missing that guy. And the symptoms of missing are already there which is having a conversation with him as soon as possible.

■ Does silence make a man miss you? ■

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Of course. Being silent or not answering his contact attempts can make a man miss you a lot. We all are aware of how much girls enjoy having conversations with people. We all know women are chatty and love to talk a lot. But when you are with someone and suddenly there is the silent treatment, he’ll realize and notice it. Because women love chatting and when unexpectedly they stop doing that, it makes the man miss you.

As we all are aware, not all men are built the same. But a man who truly loves you or cherishes you or appreciates you will most certainly miss you when you are silent for some time. He will actually be worried about you and will try to know what is the cause of such silent treatment.

He maybe not say to you that face to face but he might be trying to express that to you through actions. And that is when you will know that your silence can really make him miss you.

■ How does a man feel when you ignore him? ■

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Men have layers of emotions. They don’t suddenly let all their feelings out which is why you have to be very patient with men. When you ignore him, at first, he will be irritated. He will be asking you what is wrong and what’s on your mind. He will be wanting to know exactly what is the reason for such behavior. He might feel a bit too much irritated if you ignore him for long but after that part, there comes the next layer. He will start showing concerns.

He will be thinking about what he did wrong. What did he say to you has made you upset or offended. He will start thinking of scenarios based on his own assumptions which may not be true at all. Maybe you will be just teasing him for some time but he will behave like there is something wrong and he probably made a huge mistake.

He will never want to make you sad or unhappy by upsetting you or offending you. And when that layer has given some time, there comes the next one. The missing one. He will start missing you. He will try to win you back by doing anything in his power whether it be making funny faces, buying you gifts, or apologizing just.

He will truly miss you when you ignore him on your phone and in public. Ignoring can also be used to increase the attraction between the two of you. Being a bit distant for some time and ignoring might make him chase you a bit harder. He will try to get in touch with you and will be wanting to know how you are. Because he will feel worried, concerned, and sad at the same time because he will be missing you very hard.

■ Can someone sense when you miss them? ■

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels

Yes. This world is a mysterious place and humans themselves are a mystery. They have extraordinary skills and senses which sometimes are beyond anyone’s understanding or imagination. When two souls are intertwined with each other, they share amazing energy. That energy makes the bond so strong that when you are apart from each other, you can sense the other person’s feelings.

As I said, the universe works in many magical ways. When you have a deep connection with someone you love, you know that person more than any other guy out there. It’s what you can call a spiritual connection because of how your souls are strongly connected to one other.

But it’s not for everybody. Not all can sense or feel the same way as others. It can only be achieved by establishing a very deep and strong bond with the person on a spiritual level. You have to be in sync with each other in thoughts, body language, and knowing your own feelings.

So, the answer is yes. When you are connected with someone with a deep bond like that, you can sure sense each other thoughts and know when they miss you or you miss them. They will reach out to you in direct or indirect ways. They will talk to you when you think about them. They will meet you when you have a desire to meet. They will dream about you when you are thinking of them. People can sense such stuff as well.

■ Will he miss me if I leave him alone? ■

If you leave him alone for some time then for sure he will miss you. But if you leave him for a longer period of time then he won’t miss you that much because it will give off the vibe that you simply don’t care about him.

If you want him to miss you while leaving him alone then just do it right and for some time. He might be needing that time to do his own things as well and it may come off like you are caring about his hobbies or things he wants to do. He will appreciate you for it and while he is busy doing all those things, most certainly he will miss you because hobbies are not you and neither are things.

So yes, he will miss you a lot if you leave him alone for some time.

🧐 Conclusion 🧐

So what we learned today is that men are not easy to read and neither are they expressive with words when it comes to emotions and feelings. We have to look for signs which can answer all our questions about men and we have discussed that thoroughly in this article. You should know that a guy does miss you when you are not around and his way of telling you that can always be a mystery. Just read the signs and know for certain.

🤔Relevant Questions 🤔

Do guys miss you during no contact?

Yes, almost all guys will miss you when there is no contact. Some guys might not be feeling that way about you because they are players and only wants to use you but genuine guys who truly like you will miss you extremely when there is no contact from you. They miss you like crazy! Their minds are full of your thoughts and all they think about is just you. They want to know about you and since there is no contact, they miss you a lot.

How do you know if he thinks about you?

There can be many ways to know whether a guy is thinking about you. One of the ways to know is through social media. If he shares sentimental or nostalgic stuff there then clearly he is thinking about you. Or if he asks about you from his mutual friends, it’s also a sign that he is thinking about you. Another way to know can be when he sends you a text or call you by mistake. It will be just an excuse to get in touch with you because he was thinking about you.

How do guys show they care about you?

By texting you every day. By showering you with love whenever you are near him. By giving you gifts. By sharing romantic and lovely photos with you on his social media accounts. By taking care of yourself whenever you need something. By taking you on dates and giving you good times. By keeping you smiling and happy. By looking at you with a deep gaze, filled with affection and warmth. They will show you in many ways or forms that they care about you when they truly love you. You will know it naturally. When you occupy their mind almost all the time, they will care about you in any way possible.

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