Dating in Med School in 2024: Pros, Cons, and Things To Know

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Dating in medical school is a thought that comes into the minds of every med student.

If you have just started medical school or you are in your third year, having a long-term relationship is everyone’s wish and necessity.

When you spend time learning medicine in medical school, you realize that you need some kind of distraction. Whenever you have free time, you want to spend it not discussing medicine, but rather talking about other things.

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Medical students often think that it might be bad to start dating in medical school, but they forget that a partner can sometimes help us with things.

Everyone has their own experiences when it comes to dating in medical school. That quality time that you spend in your personal life instead of talking about medicine will surely help you relax.

Of course, during medical education, spending time on other activities might seem negative in the mind of a medical student. But there are also many positives that most people forget when it comes to having a committed relationship.

Relationships in medical school create a type of support that med students need. With all the busy exam schedules, career thinking, study time, and countless hours of practicing and learning, having a partner is a blessing. If we focus on both the pros and cons of having a relationship in medical school, we can see that the pros are more significant than the cons.

So let’s see and discuss how relationships affect med students in medical school. Let’s get started.





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Dating in Med School

The Pros

⫸ Discuss medical school experience

Every medical student in medical school talks about medicine all day. It’s like it’s the only thing on their mind all day and night. Weeks pass by and you can still hear them talk about medicine and not other stuff. Reason? Because studying medicine in a medical school is really difficult. As a matter of fact, it’s really challenging and requires primary care in order to succeed and become a doctor. But there is more to life as well even when you are learning medicine in a medical school.

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A relationship with a partner means you can discuss that with them as well. Whether it’s the new challenges that you face in med school or if you learn something new, having a partner to come home to who can hear about your day is great.

Dating a person who will listen to you for hours and talk with you about how your class was, what happened in med school today, do you have a new schedule? Things like that would surely help you relax a bit, wouldn’t they?

You have to meet people and hang out with them while focusing on your career or medical education. In your free time, having a partner with whom you can discuss your medical worries can create a healthy environment for you. Whether it’s exams or plans for college or university, you can tell your partner all the time.

Without dating, you won’t have a relationship, and without that, you can’t find a person who will make your life easier. So, if you do get free time, look for a person who is not related to medicine at all and have a relationship with them. Go on dates and talk with them, they will listen to them all.

Telling them about your medical studies will give you different reactions than your friends at med school. They will reply in a different manner and their way of seeing your days will surely be different as well. Which is exactly what you will need.

⫸ You will have proper support

Medical people spend their days studying medicine. They study for hours at medical school, in the library, prepare for exams, etc. They are busy students and their schedule is always so tight. Studying medicine is not a joke, and that is why having a partner at home is important. Since they won’t be a part of the system, it will help you clear your thoughts and relax for the coming days ahead. You can declutter your mind and focus on your relationship, which can distract you from the stress of medical studies. A few hours with your partner at home will clear your head and forget about school life.

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Having a relationship with someone who understands you and supports you in your dreams and goals is truly a blessing. Being a medical student already puts a weight on your shoulders, and having someone who can lift it off of you is truly amazing. All relationships in medical school should work that way.

Having someone who pushes us towards our dreams and goals, allows us to conquer exams and difficult studies, and assists us in finding a new job is priceless.

Talking or having face time for a few minutes even helps relax a med student in medical school. They can distract you from your tight schedule and show care, affection, and love. Surely, it will make your life at medical school more fun and easier.

Medicinal school is where you spend most of your time talking about medicine, but having a relationship will take your mind off of things that most medical students think about. Relationships have partners who support, encourage, and love us. And that is what makes our lives happier at medical school as medical students.

⫸ Partners help a lot

Every med student makes lots of friends in med school. These friends sometimes become your life-long friends, who sometimes even become your family. Now, friends and family are both great to have relationships with, but, having a partner at home who is both your friend and family is something else. Someone who is not related to med school at all. Someone with whom you spend time and enjoy every moment of it. Student life in med school is hard because all they do is think about studying. By having relationships, you can get rid of that issue.

You don’t want to be stuck in a library all day and night, right? You do want to know about the outside world, get married, or have a family, right? That’s why partners are important when you are in med school. Dating in med school will help you connect with the outside world as well, which you really need in your life. Trust me, you don’t want to feel alone or left out. Whether it’s college, university, or med school, student life can really separate you from the outside world.

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When you see people hooking up left and right or having relationships at medical school, it will make you feel that intimacy and will make you long for it. Being in college or university, you might find it difficult to do all that because of your different schedules. To make a relationship work, you have to play a dating game and hang out with people. So, if you have a partner in med school, you can always come to them for your sexual, emotional, and physical needs. They will satisfy your cravings and be there for you when you need them.

You might also feel that you don’t need all that but at a certain point, you will feel really happy that you did find a partner while studying medicine in med school. So, whether you are a first-year medical student or a fourth-year medical student, find a partner. It will make things awkward in the future if you don’t.

⫸ Free diagnosis and treatments

Another pro example of dating in med school is that you will always get free treatment if you have questions regarding your health. Your med student can tell you whether you have to go to the hospital or not after observing your issue. Now, this may sound negative as well, because it will feel like you will be leeching off their knowledge for free. But most people don’t think of it that way. Having a partner who is a medical student is nice. Who doesn’t want a doctor in their family?

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You can see that most doctors are married to people who are not related to medicine. The reason for that is that when you are married to a doctor, most of your conversations will be all about medicine. Of course, there might be some other topics too but the majority of them will be related to your four years of studying in college or university, residency, work, discussing other doctor friends who are married, how your class was, etc. And we also know that doctors make the worst patients. So, if you go on a date with a medical student, you can learn about the medical world as well.

Going on a first date with someone from medical school will surely bring up the topic of diagnosis. It is fun too, like trivia! You can ask them just to have fun on your date about certain things, and you will be surprised to know that they can answer them right away. Doctors are really knowledgeable and smart, so they can tell you things that you do not know. So, having a partner who can work in a hospital in the future is surely a great thing. They are of high class, they dress well, they are always clean and they take their health very seriously.

⫸ It creates balance for medical students

Balance is very important in a medical student’s life. Because taking class after class, having a tight schedule, studying week after week, and the endless cycle of exams surely put a burden on anyone. Whether you attend an engineering class or a medicine class, whether you are at the college level or in a university, you should always have a balance in life. That balance will only come if you have decided to go on a date with a person and have a relationship.

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Dating a fellow medical student can be nice but you must know that you can’t always be relaxed with your partner. The reason for that is that competition is always high in medical school. You won’t be able to manage residency after graduation if you don’t have a sense of balance in your life. Residency is very important because that’s where you will practice medicine, and without balance, you can’t even think about going on a date.

So, if you do get into a relationship while in medical school, it will help you find a balance in your life. When you decide to date or go to university, you can still do that. Remember, doctors who are the most successful are those who have good relationships with their patients. If you are constantly thinking about studying medicine, or future or residency, how can you know what’s going on in the outside world? Hospitals, libraries, universities, and exams will take most of your time during med school. So, dating in med school creates that balance in your life and lets you be more aware of other things besides medicine-related things.

The Cons

➤ Busy, busier, busiest

Med students are busy people. In med school, they are just busy. In college, they get busier, and in university, they get busiest. The reason for that is that when you progress in medicine, the studies get tougher. Finding time for romance, dates, and life outside of medicine-related things can often get hard. Maintaining a relationship while you have a tight schedule can often lead to fights or even breakups in a relationship.

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Med students have tight schedules all the time. They have exams and classes that can pile up in no time. So, dating someone from a medical school can sometimes be really difficult because of their studies. Maybe you will need to go on a date and have the same “No” answer every time you ask. That will surely hurt you too. There was no time for dates, no time for romance, and no time for other things. This creates fights, distractions, stress, and unhealthy thoughts in a relationship.





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➤ Priorities might create problems

Priorities are always different for medical students compared to ordinary studies. Maybe their priority is their career rather than having their first child or starting a family. Maybe they prefer the job more than a romantic relationship with a person. These things might get in the way when you are dating a medical student.

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What you consider a priority might not feel like a priority to someone who is in medical school. They won’t have time for activities even when you have. They will prioritize their studies over a date, or if it ever comes to a long-distance relationship, they might even prefer to break up on the spot instead of doing that. This is one of the main cons of dating someone from medical school.

➤ Creates extra stress

There is already stress in the lives of medical students while they are studying in medical school. Adding a relationship to the already stressful situation might create more problems for med students. A relationship shouldn’t cause stress in the first place, but if it does, it’s wrong. You should be relieved of the stress, not add to it.

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For example, one can forget about anniversaries or miss a special event because of a tight schedule of medical studies. Because of this, there might be fights or miscommunications in a relationship, which only leads to more stress in both lives. The tensions will be high, and the more you try to argue, the more oil you will be putting into that fire.

You should be aware of this before considering dating someone from medical school because they have very little time to give. Relationships are not worth it if it causes stress. Always remember that.

➤ A career weighs more than life

When a job or studies become more important than having a normal life, it causes relationships to fall apart. You should know that a medical student’s dream is to go into a medical school and make a name for themselves. This causes problems in relationships because your partner might be thinking of settling down while you are thinking about residency or having a job in a hospital. If your partner has expectations of you and you don’t meet them, they will be heartbroken.

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While having relationships in med school is all fine and great, if there are expectations present in that bond, then you should tell each other those from the start. It’s good that you can be close with your partner while studying in med school because of the availability of emotional and physical support. You should also know that if expectations aren’t met, you will be disappointed and left with nothing but regrets.

➤ Exam schedule, hospital, residency, doctor.

As we mentioned above, there is a pattern to the life of a med student. At first, they will be busy studying for exams. Then comes their dream of having a job at a hospital, then comes promotion to become a permanent resident, and finally becoming a well-known doctor in the city or country. By seeing this process, one can realize that this is a very difficult thing to achieve. But all doctors are career-driven from the start. Their priority is to be at their peak in their specific field of medicine, rather than settling down or having a family.

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Finding a gap in this process is often difficult, and managing it might create problems on both sides. Imagine wanting to have some physical intimacy moments, but they say I have to study for exams. Then they asked to go on a date but were turned down because of the call from the hospital. A doctor’s life is a tough life. And medical students are all aware of that. It’s scary, but they still seek relationships. Everyone deserves to have one to be at peace. Especially when they are in medical school.

So, you might meet someone from medical school, but be aware of how their future will turn out. Maybe you will be happy in the beginning, but later you might feel you made the wrong choice.

Successfully Dating a Medical Student

To have a successful connection with someone at a medical school, you should first discuss the future. What are your expectations of each other and how will you achieve your dreams and goals if you think about getting into a long-term relationship? You should talk about most of the things that will make your connection with your partner successful.

Like, you should maintain a healthy relationship by sending texts to each other. It might be a bit difficult at first because of the schedule of medical school, but still, send a text every now and then when you can. It’s a sign of showing how much this connection means to you. Make time out of your schedule for each other and enjoy every moment of it.

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3 Pieces of Advice for Med Students

1. If you can not hang out during the week because of studying, make time on weekends.

Go out of medical school and meet at a restaurant, park, or any place romantic. It’s good to clear your head like that. Make memorable moments together and that will help you with your whole week of studying at medical school. You will look forward to the weekend again so you can go out and have more fun!

2. Your ideal companion will be someone who brings balance to your life.

Having a long-distance relationship will work magic for both of you. It’s more successful because distance teaches us meaningful things. It makes the bond stronger, and planning to meet later creates more excitement in relationships. Texting or calling over the phone also feels much better because it creates less stress in a medical student’s life.

3. To have successful relationships, you must have an understanding companion.

And that companion will always put you and your needs first before anything else. Someone who understands your nature, dreams, goals, and wishes. Someone who respects all of that and is willing to commit to you knowing all that.

Advice for a Significant Other

Dating someone who is going to a medical school to study medicine sounds exciting! And it is rewarding, of course, as well, but you should be prepared to meet all their expectations when it comes to relationships. You need to be very special and understanding of them in order to have a successful relationship. Remember that their education will always come first before anything else.

If you have planned a date for a special occasion, then you should run it by them first because they are always trying to improve their performance by studying. They might miss your birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions because of this. They might come home late and be tired from studying or preparing for an exam.

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Successful relationships are built on trust and depending on each other when we are not present. Of course, it would be nice to spend most of the time together at home, but if both partners are equally busy, then it might create harmony in the relationship. One can do the job for the other, and both will be happy that way because it can save time for meeting each other.

Lastly, you have to communicate more often when you are dating someone from med school. The reason for that is to have a clear understanding of each other. Without proper communication, the relationship will burn to the ground in no time. So remember, communication is key for dating someone from a medical school.

Be clear, make each other aware of your feelings and thoughts, and don’t hide things from each other. Let it all out and put it on the table. Have logical discussions and plan on how to maintain this relationship. Build trust and make each other more comfortable in every way possible.

Wrap Up

Things are always different for every person. One thing may work like magic for one person, but not for another. That’s how life is. The same goes for med students. Some may believe that having a companion while studying will distract them from their studies, but others may believe that it will get in the way of their success.

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It’s all about what a person really wants or needs in life. Some want to balance it with a romantic relationship, and some want to focus more on their studies. It all comes down to having great communication, clear goals and expectations, and having a companion who understands you more than anyone. Dating should be fun and shouldn’t stress you at all.





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