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Top 12 Best Free Prison Dating Sites for 2024: Date an Inmate Today!

If you’re looking for a way to release some of the tension you’ve been carrying around, prison dating might be the perfect solution for incarcerated people.

Prison dating sites allow you to meet inmates from all over, and in many cases, they’re just as interested in meeting new people as you are.

Plus, many of these sites are free, so you can start dating today and see what all the fuss is about! If you’re looking for a date or a new friend, then check out these free prison dating website sites today!

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12 Best Prison Dating Sites For Free

Check out our top picks below:


#1 hookup site with large member base! In business for 20 years! Free to Try!


If you want a website with a unique combination of options, and a customer-oriented site, consider Match.com.

You can even create your own space within the site, so you’ll never feel like everyone else is taking over.

You’ll fill out a brief profile and choose how many potential prison pen pals matches you wish to view per week when you register.

Once there, you select the qualities that you look for in a partner, including looks, personality traits, hobbies, religion, and so much more.

With more than 0 million registered users worldwide, Match.com is certainly one of the largest websites available today.


◉ You can show interest and communication for free in different ways

◉ Several tools empower singles to get partners

◉ Users from different parts of the world


◉ Subscribers are the only ones to send unlimited messages

◉ Time-consuming to search all through choices


LoveAPrisoner allows users to browse inmate profiles of their local prison population and send letters and messages directly to each other. It provides information about prison laws and where to report site fraud. All communication is entirely free of charge.

No credit card is required to create a profile or continue using the website.

The website is very straightforward in its approach, so if you’re looking for a way to meet someone interesting behind bars in your area, this is probably the best option right now.


◉ Freedom to narrow down the research results to as specific results as possible


◉ It looks more like a prison pen pals website than a dating site, although you need to be expectant of anything

Write a Prisoner

Write a Prisoner helps you communicate with those living inside prisons and jails across the country, and it’s all completely free.

It’s one thing to hear about people doing time from pen pals and family members; another altogether to find out that there are a lot of prison inmates living nearby like yourself. So do some digging on the app to find out where they live, what their sentence may be, and how long they’ll spend inside.

Once you’ve found a possible match — or you receive one — you can message back and forth and maybe even start visiting. If you’re interested, see if Write a Prisoner has an inmate pen pal near you who wants to date you.


◉ No credit cards are needed to sign up!

◉ You’re able to meet people in person through a virtual tour if desired

◉ Easy to navigate

◉ More interactive with artwork, poems, and very important members


◉ There are more male than female inmates

Inmate Classified

At this site, you will find thousands of male and female prisoners. Why pay for a standard membership when you can receive everything for absolutely nothing?

Their aim isn’t to bring people together who want to talk to others behind bars; it’s to develop meaningful relationships with people like you that can help to improve prison life while serving as a positive influence on society overall. Inmates classified no longer accept applications from convicted sex offenders.


◉ Very simple yet effective layout

◉ Compassionate and understanding site


◉ Not large user base with many male profiles

Canadian Inmates Connect

Like Inmate Passions, it connects people behind bars with others interested in getting together outside prison walls. Just sign up here and start browsing.

However, the best tool is to enter specific queries into the search bar at the top of the homepage when searching for someone.

As far as we are concerned, CanadiansInmatesConnect is great for people wanting to chat or meet an inmate.


◉ The best in helping people regain their dignity and self-worth

◉ Easy to use


◉ Allow people with more than 18 years of age


You’ll find thousands of profiles in one place, including photos which make it easy to sort and search filters, including state, lifers, and death row.

Everything you enter into the database (except email addresses) remains private and secure. All contact information provided is verified before anyone receives access to it to protect you and your privacy.

So, find a potential prison pen pal, message them, arrange to visit, and keep the conversations going until things progress to the next level.


◉ Simple and intuitive interface

◉ Easy to use

A large number of users


◉ Too many users cause traffic leading to system slowness Inmate Mingle

If you’re currently in jail and seeking a partner, why not check the inmate mingle site? With over 60 million registered profiles in federal prisons and millions of new ones every day, this site promises to connect you with someone who shares your same interests and beliefs.

You’ll never have to worry about whether or not the other inmate shares the same values as you. Whether you need to find a pen pal or friendship, there will always be someone eager to connect with you.

In addition to basic profile creation, you can upload images, so everyone knows exactly who you are.


◉ You can down the app for a more convenient experience

◉ It is more of a dating site than a pen pal site


◉ It has a lot of grammar errors and mistakes


This dating site offers a free trial membership and paid plans starting at $60 a month for any prisoner who wants to meet an inmate. Their site boasts over 73 million members. The website has many features, such as viewing pictures of other members and rating your matches, sending gifts, instant messaging chat, etc.

Once you register, you can search for people nearby, make new friends with other users, and even go into private chats.

The site itself doesn’t offer any dating opportunities, so if you’re looking for love while inside prison, you’ll probably have to keep searching


◉ Huge user base to give a wide range of options

◉ Easy-to-use interface


◉ Time-consuming browsing thousands of results

◉ Some features need subscriptions


Friends Beyond Walls

Everything is pretty much self-explanatory with this site, from entering your profile details to searching for matches. Like most other memberships, most inmates pay to get extra benefits enormously such as premium content, but the main attraction of this website is its simplicity.

While there aren’t any additional features aside from chat rooms, the best part about this site is the ability to view inmates near their current locations. As far as security goes, this site claims a high level of anonymity, so your data stays safe; hence they maintain reliable data.


◉ Different prisoners available on the site


◉ Preferred for friendship but also a romantic relationship happens


Women Behind Bars

You’ll mostly find incarcerated women looking for men in the “outside world” on this site. However, if you still prefer to find pen pals instead of romance, this particular website is just perfect for you. You don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a detailed profile since most information is already pre-filled for you automatically. This way, the people you come across will have no problem knowing how to reach out and interact with you.


◉ Ideal for connecting inmates with female partners


◉ You can’t find male inmates here

Inmate Passions

Inmate Passions is a dating site that pairs those who share similar interests from their prison cell. The site doesn’t just focus on prisoners – it also allows other users to browse profile pics without being matched up with anyone in particular. It’s like Tinder meets Match.com, except you get access to millions of profiles and only need to swipe right if an inmate catches your eye.


◉ It can match up based on your qualifications and it is more of a dating site

◉ Ideal for those who are formerly or currently imprisoned


◉ Mainly for those who have been incarcerated in prison

Jail Babes

According to their About Us page, “Jail Babes is a community built around people who have experienced some form of incarceration. Its members include both men and women who have spent time in jail.

However, the profile section includes information such as previous offenses, sexual orientation, current charges, length of stay, and whether they were released or not.

Whether for a short duration or long term, we believe that the membership will help enhance each person’s experience while staying away from the negativity associated with being an ex-con.


◉ Involves women who are or have ever been incarcerated


◉ There are no men on this site to be contacted


How to Avoid Scams When Dating Inmates

Many websites offer inmate dating services by connecting them to other people in the “outside world,” but there are some drawbacks to using these websites. Here are some tips to help you avoid scams and fraud while searching for an inmate mate.

◈ Personal Information

Never give any personal information on inmate dating sites, whether you use paid or free websites.

◈ Money Transactions

Don’t send cash because you might end up losing all your savings due to scamming.

◈ Website Authentication

Always verify the website’s authenticity before meeting an inmate and giving out personal details. Don’t trust everything you read on a website; it’s best to go directly to the source by visiting the site yourself.

◈ Unknown reach-outs

Don’t respond to messages from unknown email addresses. Instead, only reply to emails sent to your main contact address.




Top dating site with over 16 million active members. Free to Try!

◈ Site Reviews

Avoid sites with poor reviews because you could land yourself in trouble.

◈ Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions on the website well before signing up. Once you have signed up, check the offer provider’s official website for the terms and conditions diligently to know the deal fully.

◈ You shouldn’t expect too much from inmate dating websites.

Most websites are designed to provide easy access to millions of users. Editorial opinions expressed on these sites are their own and not approved by advertisers. To avoid future disappointments, it would be wise to check the website thoroughly before joining.

◈ Verification

You must verify the profile before sending messages to anyone. Otherwise, you risk being a victim of identity theft while dating prisoners.



Dating an inmate is not easy, so please beware of online criminal activities if you’re planning to meet an inmate. If you plan to meet an inmate on the “outside world,” you come across dozens of websites offering such services.

Some of them charge hefty fees, whereas others require registration and membership. It’s better to search for true love rather than wasting time on scams and frauds. The Internet provides a haven for criminals to commit crimes. Be cautious when you’re doing so. Avoid illegal activities, fraudulent schemes, and scams.


How can I talk to a prisoner for free?

By signing up for any of the above dating sites, you’ll get access to all the features. Most of these sites also offer chat rooms so you can talk to other members online without having to pay.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Many of these sites list inmates and offer free memberships, but other packages allow you to choose how much you wish to pay per month for your membership. That said, if you can pay something towards your account, then you can have access to all of the perks, including chat rooms, members lists, and all of the other features.

Why do prisoners use online dating sites?

Many prisoners are lonely after being forced to spend long periods alone in prison. Many of them are interested in finding new friendships while behind bars. They may also be looking for romance and to build new relationships in prison.


#1 hookup site with large member base! In business for 20 years! Free to Try!

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