How to Unlock Your Creative Mind: 5 Easy Steps

By Soham Amatya

July 29, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

creative mind

Have you ever wished you could use your mind in a more creative way without losing it? Do you want to have a more creative mind?

Let’s admit it – we’ve all doubted our creativity at some point in our life. But what if I were to tell you that today there’s a substantial amount of scientific evidence that shows creativity isn’t intrinsic at all?

Okay then, what is creativity anyway? Well, it’s a skill you practice, develop and hone over time, just like any other.

So, if you think you’re not creative because you weren’t born with it, chances are you don’t know how to use your mind yet. Building a creative mindset isn’t a doddle – it is far less inspiration than it is hard work.

Here are 5 easy steps you can follow to tap into that wellspring of creative energy within you.

1| Make time for Silence and Solitude

silence and solitude

Life moves at a crazy speed. So the problem is: we don’t often have time to stop and reflect at things that really matter. Getting caught up in haste and day-to-day bustle of our lives holds us back from those moments of silence and solitude that could otherwise be so rewarding.

So, set aside time each day solely for yourself, because nowhere else does a creative mind flourish than in the stillness of your own mind. Once you find some time to be alone, not only can you hear your thoughts, but also reach deep within yourself.

Your brain is your best tool but only when you know how to use it properly. Go ahead – give yourself a break.

Take a walk in nature. Carve out some moments for yourself. Get rid of social distractions. Stop being a crowd pleaser. Disconnect with the world and try staying in tranquility.

It’s a great opportunity to recharge yourself with more focus and good energy.

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2| Connect with your Body

Do you realize what exactly is going on in your body right now? How often are you aware of your own bodily tendencies?

The first thing you must remember is that your body contains the sensations and feelings that are the result of your own thoughts. Most people don’t realize this and spend too much time thinking and thinking alone which in turn gives rise to numbness, physical tension and chronic contractions in the body.

Stop thinking for a moment and focus all your attention on your inner energy field. Just limit your awareness to yourself. It’s time to connect with your body.

If you find it hard to get in touch with your inner body, focus on your breathing first. Try conscious deep breathing. Just feel your abdomen expanding and contracting with each inhalation and exhalation. This is a powerful meditation in itself.

Once you resume your thinking after being aware of the sensations in your body, you’re bound to be more fresh and creative.

3| Stop dwelling on the Past

stop dwelling on the past

Most people lose their creativity not focusing on the present moment. All they do is get hung up on the past or concern themselves with the future.

I can tell you it won’t take you anywhere. Maybe you have a history of broken relationships. Maybe you were fired from your dream job. Maybe you’ve screwed up big time and felt like you’ve had it all.

Well, guess what? Thinking about the problems won’t solve them. So move on. They were in the past – not here, right now.

Start today: If you feel like your past is weighing you down and influencing and impacting your state of mind and the decisions you make, it’s time to let it all go. Not only will it boost your creativity, but also infuse a better health and positive state of mind.

4| Always perform one task at a time

Stop multitasking. I know it is essential to multitask at times, but when it comes to sparking that creativity and getting it going, you should be really focusing on one task at a time.

It’s easier to stay present for more time throughout all your day if you single-task everything as best you could. This means you shouldn’t be browsing multiple tabs, answering your emails, checking your phone, or taking notes at one fell swoop.

Pick one task. Something that fires up your soul. Something that excites you like nothing else. Something that can have a huge impact on your work, life and business. And something worth your time and trouble.

Make it as fun as possible. This is going to be the only task you’ll focus on. Don’t switch back and forth. Give your everything to it. Don’t wait. Set the tone as soon as you wake up every day. Set your priorities right.

If you still need to multitask, set off a definite time for it during your day.

5|Practice Openness

The most creative people are the ones that are open to new ideas, concepts and experiences. A research from Emory University by neuroscientist Gregory Berns suggests that creative thinkers bombard their brains with new experiences, which forges new connections scrambling their existing ones.

So, does this mean you can’t be creative if you resist new ideas and experiences? No. It just means that developing a set of new habits can propel you toward greater results.

If you really want to be creative, never hesitate to try new things.

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Let yourself go with the flow. Don’t stick to the same old routine all the time. Try taking a different route to work. Listen to a new genre of music. Go talk to a stranger without a purpose.

A study from over 3,000 entrepreneurs and business executives shows that creative thinkers spend more than 50% of their time trying to think differently. Don’t run after pleasing people and seeking their approval – it’s only a waste of all your time and energy.

So there you have it. Follow these 5 steps and you will soon discover the fire of creativity that lives in you.

What kind of creativity are you expecting from yourself? Let me know in the comments.

Soham Amatya

Soham is a freelance writer, blogger and internet marketer. When he’s not working, he’s probably talking science and spirituality with his friends at some café around the corner in Kathmandu.

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