Splice: Create, Share, and Find Free Music


October 6, 2006   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

A pretty cool little community is being organized at Splice. Users have the ability to share, remix, and record music or sounds through their browser. Heck, you can make you own songs if you want to.

All content on Splice must contain an Attribution license (meaning anyone can do anything to any content as long as credit is given to the original creator). That’s the beauty of it – no one is looking for money, it’s all based on community creativity.

“Welcome to Splice. We would say welcome to the future of music, but modesty and serious self-restraint prevent us from it… either way it’s nice you showed up. So what’s the big deal? Splice gives anyone, anywhere the ability to collaborate on music right through a web browser. Users can upload or record sounds, make songs, listen to other user’s songs, make remixes, make friends and a whole lot more.”

Want to make some music? Sure –

Just care to listen or find some cool new stuff?

Give it a whirl at Splice [via Creative Commons] or here is a link to very good 5 minute demo.


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