Could You Survive a Major Disaster?

By K. Stone

November 29, 2007   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


For many humans today, but certainly not all, life is quite cushy. The average life expectancy in the world today is 67.2 years. In the United States it is 78.2, 79.4 in the United Kingdom, and a world high of 82.6 in Japan. Compare this with the Ancient Greeks who lived an average of 18 years, the Puritans life expectancy of 33 years, and the average American life expectancy in 1900 was 49.2 years. There is still a lot of suffering and hardship in the world, but compared to our ancestors of only 100 years ago and beyond, life is very good.Because we live in this golden age of relative ease, we worry about things our ancestors never did such as eating too much, not getting enough exercise, and the ultimate “getting things done” system. These everyday concerns distract us from thinking about and preparing for possible disasters. Now, large disasters don’t happen that frequently, but when they do, they usually arrive without warning and often serve up a devastating blow. So the question is: Are you and your family prepared to survive if disaster strikes?

Below you will find links to articles on different types of disasters and how to survive them. The goal of this article is not to worry you about large events that can’t be controlled, but rather to offer resources that can help you be somewhat prepared should disaster strike.

Survival Guides and Information:

Tsunami Survival by
Wikihow Tsunami Survival Guide

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