Why You Should Consider Enhancing Your Persuasive Powers & How to Do it Effectively

By Zdravko Lukovski

July 10, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

This article will not make you a master salesman and top influencer, but it will certainly provide you with some great insights which in turn will enhance your persuasive abilities and skills.


How Can You Enhance Your Persuasion Power?

Are you a person with lots of persuasion power or do other people make you do their bidding? Are you the one who makes things happen or do you work for other people’s interests and goals? Are you the “seller” or the “buyer” in life? (This doesn’t refer only to “traditional” commerce – you can “buy” and “sell” ideas, thoughts, emotions…)

Regardless if you want to improve your personal or professional life – effective persuasive skills are the way to go!

Let’s begin…

A Warning at the Beginning!

Please do not mistake “persuasion” with “manipulation”. These two terms are very different in their nature! What is the main difference?

Well… to manipulate someone is to make them think, act and do something that is against their liking or their interests, usually through effective lying or false promises. Persuading others is exactly the opposite! You make others think, act and behave in ways that ARE in their own interest and liking, and on top of that, you benefit along with them!

In order to persuade other people, you never need to LIE!

The Advantages of Having High Levels of Persuasion Power

· Persuasive people are literally winners in life. When you are persuasive you can win people more easily – be it your boss, your business partners, your friends, your kids, or your spouse.
· Enhancing your persuasion power will make you a better leader in every area of your life. It can help you in negotiating with your partners or clients for multi-million transactions or it can simply help you in beating the competition for your next job interview.
· Your influential and persuasive skills will help you in your self-expression. From boosting your self-esteem and confidence all the way to motivating and inspiring others – you will be able to express yourself freely in any and every life situation!
· The communication with everyone will be enhanced and bettered. You will trigger curiosity and intrigue in everyone who is listening to you. You will be able to make others feel the same way you do – therefore – you’ll be able to market and promote on a more connected and deeper level.
· You will be literally set apart from all the competitors regardless of what area in life, be it your personal or professional!
· Your life success will increase dramatically. You will improve every aspect of your life! You will also gain lots of credibility and for this you’ll have to learn how to use a great argument – before even it becomes an argument at all!
This list goes on and on. I think I’ll need to write an entire book in order to elaborate the entire list of benefits that persuasive people get when they develop this ability in their lives. For now, this should be enough to convince you in taking actionable steps for learning and using this skill effectively.

The 2 Points you have to Understand Prior to Becoming a Persuasive Force

The first thing I want to make clear here (Point 1) is the following – You will never…Wait, I will repeat this because it is very important!
You will NEVERRR, EVER, EVER, persuade someone about something – if you first don’t evoke interest in what it is you are saying or selling. You have to grab people’s attention and interest, prior to being able to persuade them to behave in a certain way! You do this by creating effective “hooks”.

The second thing I want to make clear (Point 2) is the following – As human beings, we are all the same when it comes to our “nature”. Yes, there are differences in culture, in traditions and religions, in paradigms and belief systems, but one thing stays the same – We all have consciousness and emotions, and we all desire a more abundant, happier and healthier life.

Everyone wants to earn more money. Everyone wants to enjoy health. Everyone wants to feel love. You’ll have to learn to talk to people from all of these three aspects that they’re most certainly interested in. If you master this art, you will always win and sustain everyone’s interest and attention.

So Point number 2 can help you in creating a solution to Point number 1!

3 Tips to Remember

· People are repelled towards egoism and a know-it-all attitude. This can really ruin everything! The best way to avoid this trap is to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects (regardless of who they are). Try to perceive the situation, the problem, the solution, exactly as they would, from their point of view! Don’t position yourself as the guru that will solve all their problems. Just avoid being a smart-a*s and really focus on THEIR PROBLEMS and your SOLUTION.

· Always respect the people you’re trying to persuade. Do not judge! Even if you see that they have very little knowledge upon the matter, even if they are sort of “dumb” in a conventional way – you have to respect their attitude and their beliefs. You don’t necessarily have to agree with them, but you have to show understanding and listen to what they have to say. Concentrate on your final outcome. I recommend prior to approaching them and even starting the discussion you to picture and visualize the final goal already achieved! Concentrate on the solution and feel that everything turns out exactly as you desire it to be.

· Here’s the real biggie – Think, Talk, Act and Behave as if you were exactly in the position they are currently in! Connect on a deep level by showing them that you know EXACTLY what they are talking about, because you were EXACTLY in the same place, few months ago. You have the perfect solution for their problem, but remember, do not lie or make any false promises that you later on won’t be able to fulfill! Of course you’ll have to add some whipped cream from time to time, as you couldn’t have possibly experienced exactly the same problem as the specific person has – but you’ll have the general idea and feeling from what it is you are trying to sell or accomplish.

Always Set Boundaries and Stay Consistent No Matter What

· You will never master the skill of persuasion and be able to influence people if you change your mind in the middle of your pitch. So set your boundaries and be consistent until the end!

· Choose your objects of focus. The number should be between 2 and 4. These valuable points should be executed with confidence and assurance. For example, ask “When should I give you a call and help you decide which plan you are going to choose?” instead of “Is it going to be OK if I call you later on this evening in the hope that we can follow up and perhaps you to sign up for a plan with me as your agent?”
· Always close your sale and/or discussion. In this step, you should repeat the agreement you previously made. For example: “Awesome! I had a great time chatting with you and I really enjoyed our conversation! I sincerely look forward to talking and deciding which plan is most suitable for your needs!”

The Evidence Is Always in the Pudding!

· A good sense of humor and a sociable attitude is indeed important. However, the fluff, filler and empty promises will not do you any good when it comes to effective persuasion! You have to step out and show that you DO indeed know what you’re talking about.
· Show a proof. Bring testimonials and reviews from your previous successful deals. Do you have some facts and statistics to back up your claims? Can you prove your accomplishments? Don’t be afraid to present your past triumphs and victories – more often than not – this can be the number one hook which will grant you winning outcome!

A Few Last Words…

Nobody was born a successful persuasive salesperson! While certain people can have some sort of talent for communicating effectively with other people, this skill is certainly something that can be learned and adapted by anyone.

You can even go a step further and create certain tweaks in your “own” language and simply be unique. You can combine it with effective and original body language suitable for your character and identity.
Stop being walked over in life. Take control and decide that you’ll use these tips in your favor. They’re very simple and yet so powerful and effective!

Zdravko Lukovski

Zdravko Lukovski is a young personal development enthusiast who is always thirsty for new knowledge. Read more at http://enlightenmentportal.com/development/positive-thinking-exercises-and-activities/

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